Workouts At Home Ideas and Tips


To workout at home is an excellent alternative to going out to the gym, or to going out to fitness classes. Firstly, working out at home is cost effective; it is a lot cheaper to workout at home, than go to the gym or go to fitness classes. Another benefit that you gain with working out at home, is being able to workout when you want, and whenever you want. There are no routines and schedules to do workouts on your own, like there are with the gyms. Which makes working out at home a lot more flexible, than working out at a fitness center, or working out in any other way.

There are many ways that you can workout at home. Here, we are going to list some common ways that you can workout from home. These are the best ways that you can work out from home.

Working Out From Home

#1 Fitness DVDs

Using a fitness DVD is a great way to workout out from home. They do not cost that much, and you can reuse them. Therefore, they are more value for money that paying for a few fitness classes. You get much more out of a fitness DVD.

Once you have purchased your fitness DVD, schedule some time into when you will do your workout. When do you have the time? The best time to fit it in, is sometime during the week in the evening. Or, sometime during the weekend.

Try and do these workouts twice per week. So, say, one in the beginning of the week, such as a Tuesday. And then, another at the end of the week, a Saturday.

#2 Yoga DVDs

Yoga DVDs work in the same way as fitness DVDs, except, their pace is a bit slower than the fitness DVDs. Yoga DVDs offer you to work on both your body and your mind. It’s a slower pace of workout, but, the rewards are better, because it is both a mind focused exercise and a body focused exercise.

There are different levels of yoga that you can do, and different styles of yoga that you can do. Watch a few short minute clips on YouTube about the different styles of yoga, or, read about about them. The style of yoga that you choose will depend upon what you want to achieve and your personal tasts.

#3 YouTube

YouTube is a modern way to get fitness and exercise routines and classes. There are Youtubers who create their own online routines for free and upload them regularly, sometimes on a weekly basis. This is an excellent way to work out from home.

For example, if you love to dance, and want to be working out from home doing dance routines, but you don’t have the time or money to go to a class, then you can go on to YouTube. Things such as Zumba are uploading frequently on dance routines. Which means you won’t have to worry about becoming bored, which can happened with fitness DVDs.

So why not try YouTube and do some Zumba classes from home?

#4 Gym Workouts

workouts at home

Gym workouts can be done at home, as well as at gyms. Suprisingly, you don’t need a lot of money to buy many forms of gym equipment. Things such as dumbbells, weights and Swiss balls, are relatively cheap. You could buy these things collectively for under $100. So, it’s really a bargain! Especially when you think of the fact that you can use them again and again.

This doesn’t happen in a gym.

Having your own mini gym at home, can work out a lot cheaper over the years than routinely buying gym memberships. A good idea would be to try and find a free way of exercising for one or two years, such as going outside running, walking and jogging. Then, saving up for a mini gym throughout the year.

You won’t need to save up long for small gym equipment, like weights and Swiss balls don’t cost that much, so these will be easily affordable. It’s bigger stuff, such as a treadmill or indoor bike, which you will need to save up for.

Treadmills and indoor bikes for gyms can cost a few hundred, therefore, you might need to save up over the year, or half a year to buy these items.

Once you have purchased your mini gym, you will need to find a space for it. Since it will be a mini gym, you don’t need a lot of space, but it depends on how much equipment you get and how big it is. Getting bigger equipment needs more space, however, you can always fold it up and put it away once you stop using it.

The same with things like weights and Swiss balls can be put away into a cupboard when you are not using them. Having a mini gym doesn’t require a lot of space, and it doesn’t mean that you have to keep it out at all times.

In many ways, working out from home is a lot more preferable to going out to workout. It saves you time from travelling backwards and forwards to your fitness class or gym. It’s also a cheaper way to do fitness and exercise.

It fits around your life, and means that you don’t have to spend time away from your family. This is particularly helpful if you have a very young family. If you have a very young family, then finding that time to go out and exercise can be a problem. Therefore, choosing to exercise from home is a good alternative.

Another benefit from working out at home, is that you can do exercise when you want. Some people work unconventional hours, which means going to the gym or a fitness class is feasible. Working from home is. Plus, it’s more enjoyable because you don’t feel under pressure to perform.


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