Why Is Diet Soda Bad For You

why diet soda is bad for you

Why Is Diet Soda Bad For You? When we talk about soda primarily, it is quite bad for you on different aspects. Drinking sodas is bad for your overall well being. Further to this, it is bad for your teeth and weight. It is believed that a regular can of soda (335 ml) contains about 39 grams of sugar and 140 calories. To be fair, that is an excessive amount of sugar intake within a couple of minutes.

To further illustrate this point, on average an individual can easily gulp down a soda can within 5 minutes or less. While doing this, they are actually consuming nine teaspoons of sugar. In reality, would anyone be willing to consume that much sugar by choice? Certainly not!

To help counter this, companies came up with diet soda that contains little to no sugar. But is it really good for your health? Let’s find out:

What is Diet Soda?

Diet soda is one of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages that are the choice of health conscious individuals who wish to shed some extra weight from their bodies. However, recent studies indicate that there is a link between weight gain and diet soda consumption even though it is called ‘diet’ soda.

There are several reasons behind this which we will explore later in the article. It is important to know that if an individual decides to keep sticking to diet sodas for a long period of time, they are at higher risks of suffering from deadly diseases including cancers, diabetes, and heart attacks.

Why Is Diet Soda Bad For You?

Initially, when people who love sodas planned to go on a diet, they replaced regular soda with diet soda. What they were not aware of was that diet soda could be as bad as normal soda, if not more.

Regular consumption of diet soda can lead to increased food cravings resulting in weight gain and other such issues. Let’s talk about these problems in detail:

Reasons Why You Should Give Up On Diet Sodas

Let’s get one thing clear, diet sodas do not help in weight reduction by any means. If you are planning to go on a diet, it is critical to give up on diet sodas. However, if you are not convinced why diet sodas is bad for you and your overall health, continue reading!

Creates Confusion In Your Body

It is believed that diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners which are responsible for creating confusion in your body. The sweet taste confuses the body and forces it to believe that it is getting a full meal. While your body expects to consume good amounts of calories and energy, it only gets something that is useless. In addition, other studies suggest that diet sodas lead to metabolic dysfunction.

Not Suitable For Weight Loss

Instead, diet soda can to weight gain despite being calorie free. According to one study, experts reported that regular diet soda consumers noticed an increase in body mass index (BMI).

Is Diet Soda Bad For You

No Nutritional Value

It goes without saying, but diet soda drinkers are ‘technically’ not taking in any calories. Experts believe that the best ‘no calorie’ beverage is plain water as it keeps you hydrated, to say the least.

Associated With Depression

Recent studies have proven that people who drink at least four soda cans are more likely to develop depression compared with individual who do not take in any sugary drinks. American Academy of Neurology conducted a similar study after which they concluded that diet and regular sodas are associated with depression. Even though the condition is associated with both variants, researchers believe that diet soda drinkers are at higher risk of developing this condition.

Bad For Bones

Diet soda can weaken your bones and even lead to osteoporosis, especially in women who are more prone to the condition. Researchers at Tufts University found out that women who are 60 years or older and consume regular or diet soda have severe bone issues.

Bad For Teeth

Carbonated drinks and beverages are bad for your teeth. Excessive intake of soda, regular or diet, can destroy your smile due to tooth erosion. According to a survey, it is believed that mouths of a diet soda drinker, cocaine user, and methamphetamine user have the same tooth erosion. Why? The primary reason is citric acid that reduces the quality of your tooth enamel and destroys it over time.

Associated With Type 2 Diabetes and Other Diseases

As discussed above, drinking a can or two of diet soda means your sugar intake is ‘way’ higher than usual. University of Minnesota found that an individual was at 36 percent risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome if they consume one can of diet soda on a daily basis. When we talk about metabolic syndrome, it defines multiple conditions that include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, large waist circumference, raised glucose level, and more. Any of these conditions may lead to diabetes, stroke, or heart disease.

Fizzy Trouble

As the name suggests, diet soda seems to be a healthy choice for people looking to lose weight. This is because you can satisfy the same sugar rush in fewer calories than found in regular cola drink. However, one must not forget that there is more to diet sodas than what meets the eye.

Soda has been used for decades to treat an upset stomach, but new reports indicate that it is not a good idea as diet soda, like other fizzy drinks, can lead to an upset stomach.


People who are on a diet prefer items that have either no or fewer calories. This is where diet soda replaced regular soda as the total calorie count was lesser. Despite being used as a ‘diet’ item, the beverage has been associated with weight gain among other harmful effects it may cause to individuals. Therefore, it is critical to give up on diet sodas and move on to healthier alternatives or at least reduce its consumption.