What’s So Great About Snap Fitness?


It seems like more and more people are getting into the fitness game these days and trust us when we say that nothing makes us happier than seeing people take their health seriously. One of the questions that we always seem to get asked by new fitness converts is: what gym should I sign up for?

While it’s true that there are many gyms to choose from, there are only a handful that we believe to be effective and worth try. One such gym is Snap Fitness, a privately owned and operated fitness chain that was founded by Peter Taunton in 2003.

Specializing in smaller fitness gym set ups, Snap Fitness has grown exponentially over the years. Growing alongside it are the number of gym devotees enjoying their services and franchises. But hey, don’t just take our word for it. Check out just a handful of reasons why you should consider getting a Snap Fitness membership.

They’re Practically Everywhere

Despite being one of the smaller fish in the pond, Snap Fitness boasts thousands of locations across the globe. Not only is Snap Fitness represented in 48 of the United States of America, the gym also has locations in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, India and even the Philippines.

The best part is that your membership grants you access to every single Snap Fitness location around the globe without having to shell out any additional cash. While most gyms charge a premium to access multiple branches, Snap Fitness saves you the grief of having to spend even more money just to stay healthy.

So whether you’ve got to head out of town for a business trip, visiting relatives in another state, or off to explore a brand new country, you can still keep up with your fitness routine as long as there’s a branch around.

Work Out Anytime You Want (Literally!)

Some people work graveyard shifts, some people can’t even think about squeezing a work out in until after the kids are at school or have been put to bed, and then there are people who just don’t like working out during the busy hours of the day. Luckily (or should we say thankfully) Snap Fitness gyms are open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can forget about being kicked out of the gym at closing time or having to wait for a late gym attendant to open up club in the early mornings. No matter what your schedule, all you need to do is swipe your key card and you’re well on your way to a great work out.

Snap Fitness Offers Flexible Membership Options

We can’t even begin to count the number of times that people have complained about the long term binding contracts that some gyms require you sign for membership. Some gyms even charge you to end your contract early.

We have one word for gyms like this: opportunistic. What we love about Snap Fitness is that instead of committing to a contract, you commit to results. With that in mind, Snap Fitness offers great membership options for those who aren’t quite sure that they want to sign on for 6 months or more. For example, you can opt for a one-month membership plan or a 3-month one.

If you want to sign on for longer, you can definitely do that too. Snap Fitness also has great online deals and offer reduced rates for people who refer friends to the gym. One of the plans that we personally love about Snap Fitness is their Family Plan, which is good for 2 adults and 3 minors and offers over a hundred dollars’ worth of savings. Bond with the family and get a great work out in at the same time? Yes, please!

High Quality Equipment and Fantastic Fitness Coaches

If you want to be the best version of you that you want to be, then having the best tools and coaches on hand is definitely a huge help in reaching that goal. Snap Fitness adheres to a high standard when it comes to their gym’s over all atmosphere, equipment and personnel, so you can look forward to a great experience every time you head over for a workout.

When it comes to weight machines and other fitness equipment, Snap Fitness uses only the industry’s finest. Coaches and personal trainers are also held to a high standard of excellence, which means you get the top notch training guidance that you need to bring your fitness game to the next level.

There’s No Doubt That They Care

On a more personal note, we love how invested the staff of Snap Fitness gyms are in your health and wellness. They know that everyone has fitness goals and that many seek physical transformations, and while the coaches and staff at Snap Fitness help you accomplish these things, they also pay attention to your emotional health and wellness. You can rely on the staff to get and keep you motivated, and you can bet on world-class support as everyone is there to help you achieve your goals at every step of the way. Whether you’re on a fitness high or can barely get yourself to the gym, you can bet that someone will be willing to help you get out if you ask for it.

They Also Offer Business Opportunities

snap fitness

We’re not surprised at the number of people who fall in love with Snap Fitness. From their top notch equipment to their caring staff, it’s no wonder so many people sign on for long term membership plans. What’s even more awesome about them is that they offer business opportunities to those who are passionate about helping other people get fit and live healthier lives through franchises.

Snap Fitness is perfect for an entrepreneur looking for an affordable investment and since Snap Fitness is a proven concept, individuals interested in franchising are looking at a high chance for success. Additionally, Snap Fitness offers world-class support for first time business owners and savvy business owners alike including financing assistance.


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