What to Eat on a Low Carb Diet?

a low carb diet

If you eat more carbs than what your body needs, you’re basically ruining your health. Yes, this is how bad cars can be for your health.

High carb foods such as rice, pasta, and bread contain too much carbs in them and largely contribute towards weight gain. Therefore, there are many diets out there that focus on reducing carbs to as less as 5%. Now, these diets do not completely cut off carbs, but reduce the intake and encourages to consume foods that are rich in proteins and other nutrients.

What Is A Low Carb Diet?

A diet that restricts the intake of carbs is a low carb diet. While the recommended amount of carb intake on a daily basis is around 200 to 300 grams, a low carb diet is focused on restricting it to 50 grams or even less.

There are many types of low carb diets that a dieter can choose from. Some effective ones are:

The Ketogenic Diet: Cuts of carbs and encourages proteins and fats so as to trigger ketosis in the body and help reduce weight.

The Atkins Diet: Again reduces carbs to help shed weight and then gradually increase the carb intake to the point where the weight remains steady.

So, a low carb diet is a diet that includes foods such as fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, oils and fats etc.

Foods To Eat On A Low Carb Diet


Unprocessed meat, organic and grass fed meat are low in carb which is why you’ll find them as healthy options to eat in many low carb diets.


Fish are an essential part of a low carb diet since they contain no carbs and are loaded with a good amount of proteins. Fish like mackerel, tuna and salmon are beneficial since they are fatty-acids rich and provide a lot of proteins.


Organic eggs contain lesser amount of carbs which is why you can eat them boiled, butter fried, made into an omelette or scrambled.

High-fat Sauces

Most of the low carb diets say to take calories from foods that are high in fats such as meats, fish and poultry. You can blend in a few high fat sauces with these foods such as garlic butter, bearnaise, coconut fat, butter etc., to improve the taste.


You’ll find vegetables in almost every low carb diet because they contain smaller amount of carbs, especially green vegetables. Cauliflower, avocado, cabbage, broccoli, zucchini etc., can do wonders.

High-Fat Dairy

Most of the low carb diets encourage to take high fat dairy such as butter, fat cheese, high-fat yogurt in smaller amounts since they are high in fat.

The list excludes milk because it contains 15 grams of carbs in a single glass, however, skimmed milk in smaller amount can be used in coffee.

Sugar containing yogurts should also be avoided since they can contribute to weight gain.


Nuts that are low in carbs can be eaten such as pecan nuts, macadamia etc.

Other Foods

Pesto, mustard, broths, seeds, mayonnaise, sriracha, fermented foods, pickles, coffee can be eaten when you are on a low carb diet.

Benefits Of A Low Carb Diet 

Quick Weight Loss

A low carb diet helps you burn fat rapidly and aids in losing a lot of weight quickly. The reason for it being so quick is because when you restrict carbs from your diet, the insulin levels begin to drop and the fat burning process speeds up.

Suppresses Hunger

Overeating is a major cause of weight gain. As you calorie intake increases, so does your carb intake and it causes your weight to rise. However, a low carb diet improves this as it suppresses hunger and you do not feel the urge to eat something every few hours. This is because your body begins to use other sources of energy and you do not feel energy deprived either.

More Energy

A low carb diet means turning your body into a fat burning machine rather than deriving energy from glucose. It’s a fast way to receive energy in greater quantity.

Better Mental Health

Most of the low carb diets trigger ketosis in the dieter.  This releases energy and sends it to the brain, improving concentration and focus. As a result, your overall mental health improves and so does your attention span.

Balances Blood Sugar Levels

A low carb diet lowers insulin levels in the body as a result of which blood sugar levels are balanced.

Controls Type II Diabetes

Since a low carb diet balances blood sugar levels, diabetes can be controlled.

Less Diseases

Dangerous diseases like cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's can be prevented when a person follows a low carb diet.

The Verdict

All low carb diets are designed to lose weight, but they offer other benefits as well. While they may be a bit difficult to follow, especially in the beginning, they definitely are a good option due to how effective they are.