What is The Best Diet to Lose Weight?

Best diet to lose weight

What is the best diet to lose weight with? There are a number of diets that can help you lose weight. While they all have one common aim, most of them work differently and include different foods in different proportions.

The demand for such diets is on a rise with more and more people gaining unhealthy weight. According to reports, about one-third of the US population is obese and the condition is common among both men and women.

While there are many ways to lose weight, you cannot achieve results without changing your diet. Let’s have a look at some of the best weight reducing diets:

Here is a list of Best diet to lose weight with

Ketogenic Diet: This diet is based on eating foods that are low in carbs, moderate in proteins and abundant in fats. When you eat a lot of fats, it triggers a process called ketosis in your body which helps to burn the fat stored in your body, thus resulting in weight loss.

Atkins Diet: Another popular weight reducing diet which is followed by many people is the atkins diet. This diet was designed to limit the consumption of foods which are high in sugar and carbs because both are said to contribute to weight gain. The diet encourages to eat protein and fat containing foods instead.

3-Day-Military Diet: This is one of the most toughest diets out there but it quickly helps to lose weight. This diet shows amazing results in just 7 days. The goal of the diet is to lower the consumption of calories for some time to reduce weight. You consume just about 1000-1300 calories for the first 3 days and then increase calorie consumption to 1500 for the next four days. This diet can help you reduce up to 10 pounds in a week, but is very difficult to follow.

HCG Diet: This one works on two things. One, reducing calorie intake and two, using a hormone called the HCG. The combination works to reduce weight quickly and in a healthy manner as well.

Low Residue Diet:low residue diet is recommended when a person is to go through a specific treatment such as an intestinal surgery, colonoscopy etc.

Determining The Best Diet To Lose Weight

There is no ‘best’ diet as the best diet changes from person to person. What works for one person might not work for other. You cannot just blindly follow any diet as you must know your body type and condition to find the right diet for you.

First of all, know why you are gaining weight. It might be due to various reasons. Once you know this, you will be able to find the right diet without any trouble:

Here’s what you need to do to figure out the best diet to lose weight:

Seek An Expert’s Advice

Picking out one diet out of many is a daunting task. You cannot pick the right diet if you have no knowledge on nutrition. The wise thing to do here is to seek an expert’s advice.

There are many health and nutrition specialists out there who can guide you and show the right path when it comes to losing weight. The advantages of consulting an expert are many.

  • They will be able to reach the cause of your weight gain. It might be due to consuming a lot of calories or a lot of specific food. Other than this, certain illnesses or deficiencies can also make you look overweight. Only an expert can help you find the root cause and work accordingly.
  • They will give you a proper solution to the problem and make you a meal plan according to your body requirements. This is important because many people end up picking a diet that helps lose weight but ends up causing other issues. You of course would not like that to happen.

A meal plan is prepared keeping several factors in mind including your age, gender, aim and body requirements. Remember that people are different and meal plans should hence always be customized.

Best diet to lose weight

Do These Diets Have Any Side Effects?

While these diets are designed to provide you with benefits, you may have to face certain side effects if you end up picking the wrong diet.

For instance, the ketosis diet may be a great choice to reduce weight but it comes with several side effects including headaches, vomit, nausea, and high fever. Similarly, some diets may worsen conditions

Moreover, diets that produce results in just a few days can be problematic for some people. Military diet is one of them. It involves lowering the calorie intake to a great degree and this can become hard for some people to bear. Hence, the side effects.

It is therefore important to choose a diet that you can follow easily. Also, if you have any illnesses make sure to let your nutritionist know of it so that a specific meal plan can be prepared for you. Problems such as diabetes and blood pressure can be controlled greatly by bringing dietary changes, but certain diets can worsen the condition as well so make sure to be careful.