Reverse Dieting-The ultimate fat burning diet and Muscle gain technique


When we think of dieting, we usually think of reducing food intake and cutting down on certain foods in order to lose weight. But as the name suggests, reverse dieting is opposite of it. Reverse diet encourages to eat more but in a strategic way in order to burn fat. Reverse dieting is controversial as there are a lot of critics. However, some people are also in support of the oncep.

Research agrees that dieting is not for everyone. It is very difficult to stick to a diet. Plus, there is always the risk of gaining even more weight once you move away from dieting, which is why many people stay away from dieting.

Here’s where reverse dieting comes into play. It not just helps to achieve a slim and toned body but also helps to keep it maintained. Let’s find out more:

What Is Reverse Dieting?

In this type of diet, calorie intake is increased gradually. A high protein diet is taken along with some heavy weight lifting. The aim of the diet is to increase the amount of foods while keeping an eye on your weight.

Most of the weight loss diets encourage to decrease calories as much as possible. Health experts have actually shown a red flag to this approach because decreasing calorie intake too fast is disastrous and may trigger homeostasis in the body. Homeostasis is when a person decreases their calorie intake to such an extent that it damages their metabolic system.

For instance, some diets prefer to lower calorie intake to 1000 calories a day and encourage to do cardio exercises as well. However, this doesn’t seem to work for some people because their body gets into homeostasis and their weight remains unchanged.

This is why many experts recommend to try reverse dieting because it works to alter the calorie intake but systematically and slowly so that the metabolic state of a person isn’t harmed.

Foods To Eat In A Reverse Diet

Reverse dieting works by following two things: gradually increasing calorie intake by mixing a high protein diet with it.

High Protein Diet: Protein containing foods are said to do wonders for the body as they help to improve the body composition. Other than that since the diet encourages to work out too, protein helps build lean mass and recover faster after workouts.

The right way to include protein in your diet is to take 1 gram of protein per pound of weight. For instance, if you weigh 130 pounds then you need to add 130 grams of protein in your diet. 

Protein Foods You Can Include: 

Fish: Fish contains 44% proteins and 18% fats which is why it is great to eat on a reverse diet. They promote muscle growth in the body and also help to burn fat. A variety of fish can be eaten in a reverse diet including tuna, mackerel, salmon etc. Other than that, fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids which contains a hormone called leptin. This hormone helps to improve metabolism which is why fish is a must in most diets.

Meat: Meat can be eaten in this diet but in lower amounts. They may be rich in proteins but only contain 6% fats and may decrease the calorie intake at a faster rate, therefore, smaller amount of meat is allowed when on this diet.

Milk And Dairy Products: They are high in calories and should be included in a reverse diet. Milk is said to contain 42 calories with 6% protein and helps to increase the calorie intake gradually. One glass of milk everyday can do wonders. Other than that yogurt and cheese can also be taken but in smaller amounts.

Fats And Oils: Olive oil, palm oil, soya bean oil, peanut oil, sesame oil contain good amount of calories. They help to balance the daily calorie requirement a person has. They are said to provide 900 calories per 100 grams.

Nuts And Seeds: More than 700 calories can be obtained by eating nuts and seeds per 100 grams. They include hazelnuts, pecans, brazil nuts and more.

Other Foods: There are a whole of foods which contain a rich amount of calories such as avocados, chocolate, and whole grains.

How Much Proteins And Calories To Take?

Reverse Diet

We do know now which foods to eat in this diet but what we don’t know is how much to eat. In case of proteins, include 1 gram per your body weight. For calorie intake, here’s what you need to do:

Find out the amount of calories you’re taking every day by noting down the foods you eat and how much calories they contain and then add 150 grams of calories to the amount after every week. This will gradually increase the amount of calories you take every week and put you in reverse dieting.

Benefits Of Reverse Diet

Strength: Unlike other diets, a reverse diet doesn’t drain you. Calories provide us with energy and since this diet encourage to increase calories and not decrease it, good amount of energy is sustained. Hence, your strength isn’t compromised.

Muscle Building: A reverse diet isn’t just to maintain weight, it also helps to build muscles as you give thorough attention to proteins. This is why it is a good diet for athletes.

Improves Metabolism: A major reason why this diet works is due to its impact on metabolism. This one works on your rate of metabolism and helps you reduce weight by burning the right amount of calories.

The Verdict

Reverse dieting is gaining popularity and is said to display positive results. If you too are scared to go on a weight loss diet but leave it mid-way then it’s time to turn to a reverse diet.