What is an HCG Diet?

HCG diet

Obesity is a growing issue not only in America but the entire world. According to CDC, around 36.5% people in America are obese. Obesity is linked with many potent diseases such as heart problems, blood pressure issues, cancers etc.

While one effective way to reduce weight is hitting the gym but it might not be  everyone’s cup of tea. People have busy schedules and cannot always take ou time to go to the gym, which often worsens the situation. In this situation, switching your diet can be the difference maker.

There are a plethora of diets that aid in losing weight, however, not all of them quickly produce results. There is though one diet which actually can. We’re talking about The HCG diet.

This diet can help lose 1 to 2 pounds of weight in a day. Let’s learn more about this diet.

What Is The HCG Diet?

The HCG diet consists of two parts. One, a low calorie diet (less than 500 calories per day) and a hormone called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). These two work together and help a person lose weight.

HCG: In 1954, Dr. A.T.W Simeons shed light on the benefits of HCG hormone. The benefits included reducing fat, increasing metabolism, suppressing hunger, maintaining energy levels etc.

This hormone is produced by pregnant women naturally as it helps to break down body fats easily and help distributing nutrition to the unborn baby. When taken in required dosage (via injections) with a low calorie diet (less than 500 per day), this hormone can do wonders and help reduce weight like a charm.

How Is The Hormone Taken?

There are various forms in which the HCG hormone can be taken. These include oral drops, sprays, pellets and injections. It can be purchased from many stores or ordered online as well.

How Does The HCG Diet Help Reduce Weight?

The combination of an ultra low calorie diet along with the intake of HCG hormone helps shed weight quickly. The hormone enhances metabolism which is why fat is burned at a fast rate. Apart from that, this hormone is also said to suppress hunger, hence, meal times are shortened.

Then comes in the benefit of a low calorie diet. Doctors and nutritionists have linked higher calorie intake with weight gain. Therefore, reducing the amount of calories in your diet can not only stop the weight from increasing but also help to reduce it.

HCG Diet Phases

The HCG diet works in three phases. These are:

The Starting Phase: In this phase, foods that are high in fats and rich in calories are eaten for 2 days so as to stock your body with a good amount of both.

Weight Reduction Phase: This is when you start taking HCG along with a low calorie diet. It is important that you keep calorie intake equal or lesser than 500 calories. HCG should be taken before breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, this depends on your requirements, so it is better to speak to a nutritionist about it. Normally, this phase can last from 3 to 6 weeks.

Maintenance Phase: Here’s where you stop taking HCG and increase the amount of calories, proteins and fats slowly.

Foods To Eat In An HCG Diet

The goal of an HCG diet is to limit calorie intake to as low as 500, which means you should consume foods that contain less calories. Here are some such foods:

Vegetables: Spinach, carrots, zucchini, Bell peppers, cauliflower, mushrooms,  broccoli,chard, chicory, beet-greens, green salad, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, and cabbages etc., can be eaten as they are low in calories. 

Fish: High in proteins and loaded with health benefits. Fish which are low in calories such as like trout, salmon, haddock etc., can be eaten as they have zero carbs in them, hence, lesser calories.

Fruits: Fruits that are low in calories can be included in the diet. They include apple, strawberries, pink grapefruit, blueberries, blackberries, lemon and oranges.

Bread: There are various kinds of bread which are low in calories such as grissini breadstick and melba toast. These can be eaten in an HCG diet.

HCG diet

Foods Not To Eat In An HCG Diet

Milk: It may be a great provider of calcium and other nutrients but also contributes to weight gain which is why milk is excluded from the diet.

Rice: They are calorie packed and can oppose the effects of an HCG diet, therefore, rice needs to be avoided when you’re on an HCG diet.

Nuts: Since they contain a good amount of proteins and fats, they can increase weight quickly. Avoid eating nuts or nut butter when you want to lose weight.

Other Foods: Dry fruits, whole wheat bread, pecans, dates, chickpeas, popcorn, protein shakes, mayo, beef, condensed milk, starch, sugars and potato are all prohibited.

Benefits Of An HCG Diet

Weight Loss: The main benefit of this diet is its ability to reduce weight. When you’re on an HCG diet, you eat less calories along with HCG hormone. This aids in reducing weight effective and quickly.

Less Diseases: There are many high calorie foods which can cause various diseases such as heart problems, cancers etc. These foods include beef, fried foods etc. Since the HCG diet encourages the consumption of vegetables, fruits and low calorie foods, and reduces the consumption of heavy foods, less diseases are likely to hit the person.

The Verdict

It is important to first consult with a doctor or a nutritionist before you start this diet because not everyone can withstand a low calorie diet.