What is an exercise ball?

exercise ball

The exercise ball is one effective way that you can become fit and healthy, while also losing some weight. Before we get to all of the benefits which you get from using an exercise ball, let us first look at what an exercise ball is. You may or may not be familiar with what an exercise ball is. But, you would probably recognize it if you saw a picture of it, or saw one in the gym. Usually, exercise balls come in vibrant colors, such as blue and purple.

Excercise balls are filled with air. They are also known as Swiss Balls, and can be used for many forms of exercise. The exercise ball is quite big. It is big enough for you to sit on, which means that it's suitable for a variety of different exercises.

What type of exercise?

They can be used for these types of exercises, which will help you to tone your body and keep you fit and healthy.

#1 Exercise ball sit-ups

A good exercise and a simple exercise to do with your exercise ball is to do exercise ball sit-ups with the ball. This one is really easy to master. All you have to do is is do sit-ups, with the ball!

Now, there are two ways that you can do sit-ups with the exercise ball. The first way that you can do sit-ups with the exercise ball, is by putting the ball either between your feet, or between your knees. Do this and the do your sit-ups as you would normally do. The ball will give you extra support and comfort while you do your sit-ups, and therefore, it's easier.

Using the ball with your feet

Put the ball between your feet, and put your feet upwards, as if they are pointing towards the sky. Then, as you do your sit-ups, sit up and grab onto the ball. When you grab onto the ball, stay there for a few minutes, more than you would normally do for a sit-up. Then, relax back down, and repeat over again.

Keep doing this until you have had enough exercise like this. You can also do the exact same thing by putting the ball between your knees. Put the ball between your knees and sit-up, hold onto the ball for a few minutes, and relax back down again. You can either keep your legs straight or bend them, whatever you feel comfortable in doing.

#2 Arm and leg lift

This one is another simple move that you can try. It's a good move for beginners to practice, because it is simple and easy to do. The move means that you lie on the ball, belly down, with your legs stretched backwards. What you do with this move, is move both your legs and arms.

You can start this by moving one limb first. For example, be in the position that was just said, then stretch one of your limbs out. So, say stretch your arm out while you are in this position. Then, you can work to do the next arm, stretching it out in the same way. After you've worked on your arms, move onto your legs.

You do the same with your legs, as you do with your arms. So, stretch one leg out backwards. Hold it there for a few minutes. The, move onto the next leg and hold it out for a few moments. If you do this, you will feel the ligaments in your leg stretch, it means that it's working to tone those legs. You should stretch your leg, but, don't stretch it too hard.

Using Arms with the exercise ball

The next move you can do in this position, is to do an arm and a leg at the same time. The best way to do this, is to have your arm and legs from opposite positions. In other words, if you stretch out your left leg, then stretch out your right arm at the same time. This works to keep you balanced on the ball and it also works to stretch and tone your body in equal proportions.These are two simple moves that you can do with the ball.

You should be doing beginner moves, so that you ease yourself into this sort of exercise. Then, you can move onto other moves, which are more difficult. Like anything in life, become a beginner and build your way up, it will be easier for you and your body if you do it that way. Now let's look at the benefits of using one of these balls for exercise.

There are many benefits that you get from using balls as a form of fitness. One of the amazing benefits that you will receive, is having stronger muscles. This light form of exercise, helps strengthen the muscles. This leads to our second benefit of this ball exercise, it works to tone your body.

How to tone body with exercise ball

If you are looking to tone that body, or get a nice beach body, then the ball is a perfect way to achieve that. Doing exercise with this ball will tone your body, into a healthy and attractive looking body. There are a lot of yoga exercises that you can do to achieve that goal. If toning is your goal, take up yoga with the ball, or, get a DVD that gives you yoga moves to do with the ball.

The great thing about the ball, is that you don't need to go to a gym class for it, you can do it at home. So, buy a ball and a DVD specifically aimed at ball exercises and do those exercises at home, with the DVD as your guide. It's a cost-effective and perfect way for you to do exercise.

There are other benefits that you get with doing this exercise. It is a perfect form of exercise for promoting better posture. If you are looking to get better posture, then do some exercises with the stability ball. Upon doing regular exercise with the stability ball, you will notice that you will have better posture.


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