The Whole 30 Diet Plan


This is an aim based diet which is rapidly gaining popularity due to the results it produces. Certain foods are linked to poor health which is why this diet encourages to cut them off for a month. Doing so brings a change in the lifestyle and more importantly, in the eating pattern.

This eating pattern helps to bring many health benefits in a person both physically and mentally. Some people think that this diet is just like all the other fad diets which people leave half-way but that’s not the case with the whole 30 diet because changes soon begin to appear and then you get hooked.

What Is The Whole 30 Diet?

The purpose of introducing this diet was to reset the metabolism by not only including clean foods that are healthier for the body but also by adapting to an entirely new eating pattern.

This diet was invented by 2 sports enthusiasts who also happen to be nutritionists so they came up with a diet plan to help people stay fit and healthy by changing their eating pattern and excluding unhealthy foods for a 30 day time period.

The main goal of this diet is to lose weight because it restricts from all those foods which contribute to weight gain. Other than that, there are many other health benefits as well. Most importantly, this diet has the ability to alter the affection people have for certain foods which they can’t seem to avoid at any cost even if those foods are bad for the health. So, apart from helping lose weight, it also helps to build food tolerance. 

Foods To Eat In This Diet 

Unprocessed Meat: Unprocessed meat is highly encouraged in this diet since it provides a great amount of proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of the body and help to make our immune system stronger and also help in tissue growth and repair. Therefore, meat should be included when you’re on a whole30 diet. 

Fish And Seafood: Since carbs are linked with weight gain, this diet emphasizes to include fish in the diet as it is 0% carbs, 18% fats and 44% proteins. Fish like mackerel, tuna, salmon etc can be eaten. Other than that, seafood including shrimps, crabs, lobsters etc., are also allowed in this diet.

Fruits: The whole 30 diet is strict about taking plenty of fruits because they account for a large part of minerals, vitamins and similar nutrients that are required by the body for all the functions to work properly. Apples, bananas, oranges, blueberries and all other fruits are encouraged to be eaten in this diet since they are packed with healthy nutrients.

Veggies: Vegetables are a great source of nutrients and are also low on fats and calories. Hence, they aid in reducing the weight. Apart from that, they are healthy to eat as a number of diseases are kept away when you include a variety of healthy vegetables like spinach, zucchini, kale, and broccoli in your diet.

Seeds And Nuts:  Except peanuts, all kinds of nuts and seeds can be taken in the whole 30 diet. The reason to exclude peanuts is because they are legumes.

Eggs: Eggs are allowed in this diet.

Foods Not To Eat In This Diet

Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar: All products that contain artificial ingredients to sweeten foods are prohibited in this diet. These include maple syrup, raw sugar, honey etc.

Dairy Products: Except ghee, every dairy product is restricted from this diet.

Grains:  Corn, oats, rice, quinoa, wheat, millet, kefir, butter are all restricted in the whole30 diet.

Soy: All kinds of soy and the products derived from it are prohibited in this diet.

Pulses And Legumes: Except for green beans, sugar snap peas and snow beans, all kinds of legumes and beans are restricted for 30 days.

Alcohol And Smoking: Strictly prohibited.

Benefits Of The Diet 

Whole 30 Diet

Weight loss: Since the diet restricts much of the calorie packed foods and turns the dieter to more healthy and hunger suppressing foods, the weight is decreased significantly.

Great Amount Of Energy: Since this diet is a highly nutritious diet, it provides with boundless energy which runs for an extended period of time compared to other diets.

Improved Skin: One of the most common reasons to have a dry and unhealthy skin is to eat unhealthy foods which lack the necessary nutrients. With fish, seafood and other protein packed foods, the skin is improved and nourished.

Improves Sleep: Insomnia is common among people who are eat unhealthy foods. This is because it affects the metabolism and disturbs the sleeping pattern. But, this doesn’t happen when you’re on a whole30 diet since it contains foods which are healthy and also helps to regulate and speed up the metabolism. As a result of which, sleeping pattern is improved.

What To Do After 30 Days?

The whole 30 diet is meant to follow for 30 days only, after which the dieter needs to start consuming foods they had restricted themselves from and keep an eye on their health and weight too.

This is done by gradually introducing foods which you haven’t eaten for the past 30 days but in smaller amounts. But, this does not mean you can eat anything and everything. You still need to find a balance.

The Verdict

The whole 30 diet is aimed at resetting eating habits of a person and helps them, cut off from foods that are unhealthy.