What is a High Protein Diet?


Proteins are the building blocks of body mass as per the NIH (National Institute of Health), which is why consuming the right amount of proteins on a daily basis is a must. Sadly most people don’t give much attention towards their protein intake and miss out on the many health benefits it provides such as improved bone density, improved muscles and flawless skin.

Proteins help build the body composition, repair damaged tissues and also aid in the growth of newer tissues. Besides these, there are several other benefits of proteins as well. Keeping the health benefits of proteins in mind, nutritionists came up with a high protein diet which included foods that are loaded with higher concentration of proteins in them.

The daily recommended amount of taking proteins is 0.8 - 1 grams of protein per kg. Meaning, if a person weight 100 kg then they need to take 100 grams of proteins per day.

What Is A High Proteins Diet?

A diet that includes foods which are rich in proteins makes up a high protein diet. A lot of nutritionist recommend this diet to people who are suffering from weakness and a lack of proteins. Other than this, athletes are also often recommended a high protein diet to recover faster after a workout session.

The foods included in this diet are fish, seafood, meat, dairy and all those foods which contain good amounts of proteins. Eating these foods not only increases the amount of proteins intake but also provides with many health benefits.

Foods To Eat In A High Protein Diet

Fish: Fish is 44% proteins which is why including this is a must. All kinds of fish are allowed to eat when you’re on a high protein diet including tuna, mackerel, salmon etc. Other than that, fish is also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which contains a hormone called leptin.

This hormone helps to speed up the metabolic rate which is why fish is one of the most important foods one needs to take in this diet. Flawless skin can also be obtained when you keep eating fish at least twice a week. Apart from that, it also contributes in enhancing eye sight.

Meat: There is 52% proteins in meats which is why they are highly encouraged. However, do not consume a large quantity of meat on an everyday basis because they can cause digestion problems. The wise choice is to have a meaty dish at least after a one day gap. Make sure you wash the meat nicely so that there’s no bacteria left on the skin. Also, try to avoid restaurant meat as much as possible because it may cause you to fall ill.

More Lean Meats

Eggs: Eggs provide us with many essential vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and not to forget the eye-protecting antioxidants which lots of people lack.

Whole eggs are rich in protein while the egg whites are almost pure protein. Hence, consuming egg whites is a much better choice. Include eggs in the breakfast everyday to keep your protein intake balanced. There is 6 grams of proteins in one egg.

Milk And Dairy: Milk is an excellent choice and is said to be a source of high-quality protein. However, there are many people who may be intolerant to milk and may be missing out on the protein intake. For them, taking certain dairy products which they are not intolerant to can be of great help.

Besides protein, milk also provides us with calcium that is beneficial for the bones. Milk contains little calories and a single cup of whole milk gives us 8 grams of protein and 149 calories.

Lean Beef: Lean beef is very high in protein, and also tastes very good when cooked in olive oil or other healthy oils. Besides protein, you get many vitamins such as vitamin B12 and many other nutrients too which are beneficial for the body.

There are 22 grams of proteins in 85 grams of cooked beef. Other than that, 10% fats and 184 calories is what you will get in one serving of lean beef.

Protein Shakes: Protein shakes are also very beneficial and almost all athletes and gym enthusiasts prefer them over junk food since they are full of proteins and help them build muscles.

Benefits Of A Protein Diet

High Protein Diet

Builds Muscle And Mass: The protein we consume from the diet aids in building muscle tissue in our body. It not only helps us get into shape but also provides us with inner strength as well. Moreover, it also repairs the damaged tissues in the body by replacing old tissues with new ones.

Helps In Weight Loss: A high protein diet can help a great deal in losing extra pounds of fat in the body. Various researches have shown that a diet which contains higher amounts of proteins helps preserve muscle and lose fat rapidly.

Suppresses Hunger: Proteins have the ability to keep you fuller for longer times. This kills your craving to eat after every few hours and go overboard on calories thus helping in weight loss.

The Verdict

A high protein diet is an excellent diet for people who want to build lean mass and feel energetic at all times. This diet is also very easy to follow with loads of benefits.