What is a Health Club?


A health club is quite different from a gym. You might be very familiar with a gym, but not so familiar with a health club. So, what is a health club? Let's find out what a health club is. A health club is similar to a gym but goes further than that. It offers more than a gym does, but has many aspects of a gym.

In many ways, the health club is really like an extended gym. Where a gym is centred around specific things, like muscles building with weight lifts, or losing weight through things like running machines or cycling machines, a health club goes further. A health club does offer all of these things, but, there are additional things which a health club offers. So, what are these additional things that health clubs offer?

It will depend on the health club that you visit, which will depend upon what is in the health club. But, there are a few common things that every health club has. Let's look at those things!

#1 The Main Area

The main area of the health club has various things included in it. This is where most of the activity happens, and is where most people will take part in their exercises.

The main area is a large area. This area has much of the gym equipment tools that you will be using, or want to use, while you are at the health club. These gym tools include things such as - weights, dumbbells, running machines, rowing machines, and cycling machines. All of these things can be used in this area. This makes it an excellent area to tone that body and get fit!

However, it's not the only part of the health club which you can use. There are many more areas of the health club that you can use, this includes the cardio area.

#2 The Cardio Area

The cardio area works as an extension of the main gym. Often the cardio area will be open planned, so you wouldn't know the difference between the cardio area and the main area if you weren't told about it.

The cardio area has many amazing gym tools in it. You will find more treadmills in this area, sometimes you will also even find indoor bikes in this area. On top of that, you have one of the best gyms features out there - rowing machines. Rowing machines are great, as they work on both your arms and your legs. Whereas, indoor bikes and treadmills, only really focus on your legs. If you are looking for an all-around workout, try rowing machines.

#3 Fitness Areas

There are often many different fitness areas in a health club. These different fitness areas give you a wide range of fitness activities and gyms to take part. You can do things such as spin-classes in this area. Or, if you want to step away from the machines, then you can try and do a fitness class.

There are many different fitness classes out there. There is something for everyone when it comes to fitness classes at health clubs. If you are looking for a fitness class, then take up aerobics. Aerobic is a mixture of doing fitness exercises and dance classes - it's a fun way for you to workout and get in shape. Many health clubs will also have dance classes.

Dance Classes

Dance classes will also be in this area. The most popular type of dance class in fitness health clubs is Zumba. Zumba is a really fun way to get fit and healthy. However, it does take a lot of stamina to get through this class, as it is fast paced and always on the go. Though, if you are looking to get fit, get toned, or, even if you are just looking to have some fun, Zumba is the way to go!

There many are other classes that you can take when you are in your health club. However, this will depend on what health you go to, and how big the health club is. The health clubs which are in the cities, tend to have a lot more on in them, than health clubs in town areas. It's worth looking around to see what your local health centres have got.

If dance is too energetic for you, then you will also have the option of doing Yoga in this area. This is the area where yoga classes will be held, and most health clubs do have yoga classes on through the week. Yoga is good for keeping fit, toning the body, and creating the perfect posture. It will also help you to feel calm and relaxed; it has that extra serenity that dance doesn't have.

#4 Swimming/Water Aerobics

Health club

If you want to do fitness, but want to add a bit of variety to your fitness, then why not try and do some water aerobics. Water aerobics is a fun way to get fit. It offers that extra quality that normal aerobics doesn't have. Many health clubs will also have Zumba aqua classes, these are pretty similar to water aerobics. Try it yourself, and have fun!

If you want a smaller pace than aerobics in the water, then why not try swimming? Swimming is a relaxing way for you to get fit. It's also been proving to help with sleeping at night. So, swimming offers you two things. The first thing it offers you is the ability to get fit. Then next thing that it offers you, is the ability to relax, and fall asleep at night.

In conclusion, health clubs offer you a lot. They offer everything from gym equipment, like weights, dumbells and exercise machines, such as the treadmill. Among other things like fitness classes, dance classes, and yoga classes. There is plenty going on at your local health club.

Try it out for yourself, take up a membership at your nearest health centre, and you'd be disappointed.


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