An upset digestive system can lead to many problems such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, gas, ulcers, etc. There can be many reasons for this but the most common is the diet that we eat. Junk food or unhealthy food has been linked to an ill digestive system and other major issues, which is why the consumption of such foods should be limited.

The bland diet is easily digestible and helps in relieving the stomach from digestive issues. Let’s get to know more about it:

Do You Have Any Idea What Is A Bland Diet, Exactly?

What Is A Bland Diet?

A bland diet consists of foods that are low in fiber, soft in texture and higher in pH. The role of this diet is to reduce the production of acids or gas in the stomach that can lead to various digestive problems.

The foods to be eaten in a bland diet are low dairy foods, low fiber fruits, certain vegetables, fish, egg, poultry, processed grains, soups and chamomile tea.

It should be noted that such a diet is only suitable to eat when
a person has a compromised stomach because it helps in recovering the stomach.
This diet shouldn’t be continued for an indefinite time because it doesn’t
cover all the necessary nutrients that the body requires, and may cause a
person to get malnourished if consumed for too long.

People with stomach problems should first consult a doctor and seek his/her advice on what kind of foods should they include and for how much time should they follow the diet. 

What Foods to Eat In A Bland Diet?

Specific Vegetables: It’s true that
vegetables are loaded with healthy nutrients but you can’t have them all when
you are suffering from stomach problems. It is recommended to only eat soft and
cooked vegetables in this diet because they are easy to digest. Also, one needs
to avoid gas producing veggies such as brussels, broccoli, kale etc.

Foods to avoid in a Bland diet

The vegetables you can eat in a bland diet include peas, beets,
carrots, pumpkin, spinach, green beans and sweet/white potatoes. Avoid eating
them raw and make sure you cook, boil or steam them first. To increase the
taste, smaller amount of butter can be added.

Dairy Foods (Low In Fats): People who are lactose
and milk intolerant often suffer from GI discomforts. For such people, doctors
recommend to prevent the consumption of any dairy product as they can worsen
the situation.

foods to avoid in a bland diet

Apart from that, people who aren’t lactose and milk tolerant
also need to limit their dairy consumption. They can switch to low fat
containing dairy products such as low fat yogurt, low fat milk, ice cream,
cottage cheese, Colby, custard, pudding etc. Other than this, stay away from

What Is A Bland Diet?

Starch and Bread: People who are gluten intolerant can
include white bread products, wheat products (refined) and rye (seedless).
People who can tolerate gluten can eat white pasta, cereals that are low in
sugar, plain soda crackers, processed oatmeal, cooked cereals, farina etc.

What Foods Not To Eat In A Bland Diet?

Specific Vegetables: Gas producing veggies
are not allowed to eat in a bland diet as they can worsen stomach issues. These
include cauliflower, Brussels, sprouts, garlic, onion, broccoli, cabbage,
tomato and peppers.

Foods to avoid in a Bland diet

Dairy Foods (High In Fats): Blue cheese, whipped
cream, whole milk, Roquefort cheese, Monterey jack cheese etc., should all be

Fat Containing Meat, Poultry and Fish: Beef can upset your
stomach more as it is hard to digest, hence, should be avoided. The skin of
fish and chicken needs to be removed as it is high in fats. Also, they must not
be fried .

Certain Beans: Lentils and canned/dried beans can
generate gas and should be avoided in a bland diet.

Foods to avoid in a Bland diet

Other Foods: Caffeine, alcoholic beverages, granula, popcorn, olives, nuts,
fatty desserts and sauces should be avoided because they can irritate the gut
and cause problems in the bowel movement.

The Verdict

A bland diet is your best bet when you are suffering from digestive issues. However, make sure to consult a doctor before following this diet. Other than that Brat diet also exists for those who have issues with this diet.