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To lose weight, you need a lot of motivation. Your willingness to lose weight is already a sign that you are motivated to lose weight. This is because it shows your desire to change, it shows your desire to want to lose weight, and therefore, you become motivated to lose that weight. The first sign of weight loss motivation is in choosing to lose weight.

But, your desire to lose weight, is only part of the picture. It is only one way that you are motivated to lose weight. Deciding to lose the weight is the easy part, the hard part is being motivated throughout your weight loss time.

Take this example, a new year. Think about the all of the people who have New Year's resolutions, one major New Year's resolution is the desire for some people to lose weight. What happens to them?

What happens to the people who make New Year's resolutions? Most of them don't complete their New Year's resolutions, including the people who choose to lose weight as a New Year resolution.

Most people don't achieve their New Year's goals because they are only motivated at the start of their goals when they are creating those goals. Then, when they get a few days, or weeks into losing weight, or attaining another goal, they stop. They stop because they lose their motivation - and that's the important part - you can't lose your motivation.

If you lose your motivation, then you won't complete your goal to lose weight. So, how do you keep motivated, after you have made your goal? You keep motivated to achieve your goal of losing weight, through several of these methods:

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#1 Take Action

Motivation is kept up by taking action. When you stop taking action, you will lose your motivation. You have to be bothered to get up and show up. In other words, unless you have a really good reason for not taking action to lose weight, then, take action. Do the exercise and keep up with the diet, rather than having an attitude of 'I can't be bothered.'

#2 I Can't Be Bothered

Nothing stops motivation so much as caving into, 'I can't be bothered.' The truth is, the more you cave into 'I can't be bothered,' the more you won't be bothered and the less motivated that you will be. You have to be bothered, or, at least, try to be bothered, if you want to lose weight.

#3 Read Inspirational Stuff

An excellent way to motivate yourself is to read inspirational stuff, this inspirational stuff should be about those who have lost weight before. Try and read some books, or watch some videos on Youtube, about how other people lost weight.

This is a very effective way to both keep you motivated and become motivated. Other people have started on the journey you will, and they have lost the weight. Which means that you can too! The truth is, is that everyone starts at the beginning when they are working to achieve a specific goal, everyone has to climb that mountain, so, in order for you to be motivated to climb that mountain - read what other people have to say on the issue and be motivated to lose the weight.

#4 Be Patient

Losing weight, like any other goal, requires a lot of patience on your behalf. You are not going to see the results you want overnight, so try and pace yourself, be kind to yourself and be patient. It really is true, patience is a virtue, if you are patient, it will pay off in the end, you will reach the goal you want.

#5 Be Persistent

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This ties in with number four, about being patient, the next thing that you should do, is persistent. Keep going, even if you don't feel like it, keep going and don't give up. The only difference between those who achieve their goals, and those who don't achieve their goals, is persistence.

Persistence makes you work at it, over time and on a consistent basis. To be persistent is to be a winner. Eventually, you will reach your weight loss goals, if you don't give up.

Does being Persistent Work?

These are some of the best ways to gain motivation in your life for losing weight. These points can be used in all areas of your life, truth be told, when you change one area of your life, such as losing weight, then you start to change other areas of your life. That domino effect is motivation in itself, if you become motivated in one area of your life, then you will become motivated in ALL areas of your life.

Motivation is the only thing that is going to get you to lose the weight you want. Wanting to lose weight, isn't enough. Trying for a short period of time, in losing weight, isn't enough. You need to be someone who is motivated. And all motivation is, is having a willingness to achieve your goals and taking action to achieve them - you have to have both a willingness to achieve your weight loss goals and take action to achieve them, for motivation to be effective.

Finally, being motivated to lose weight, is thinking that you CAN lose that weight. You will only lose weight if you think you can lose weight. Your mind is a powerful tool, whatever you think about yourself, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Therefore, if you think you can lose weight, you will lose that weight, if you don't think you can lose weight, then you won't lose weight. Motivation is about believing you can do it. When you believe that you can lose weight, you will become motivated to lose that weight, and therefore, you will lose the weight - believe in yourself.

If other people say that you can't lose weight, then ignore them, yes you can - that's motivation!


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