Want to Lose Weight? Use Fun Work Out Plans


There’s no use in denying that healthy living isn’t for everyone. While some people seem to have no trouble eating healthy food, managing their weight and hitting the gym, most normal of us folk have and always will find it tedious. What are some work out plans to lose weight?

For the folks out there who are already overweight, the journey to fitness is even longer and far more arduous. While there’s no way to get used to eating better and making smarter decisions than taking it one step at a time and committing to a lifestyle change, there are certainly ways to make working out more appealing. So how do you start laying the groundwork of an active lifestyle and stay committed?

Well, the trick is really to find a work out plan that you find enjoyable. If you like the workout that you’re doing, you are, of course, more likely to stick to it long term. Before you do a double take, let us assure you that yes, some exercise can be enjoyable. Read on for some fun and exciting work out plans to get you started on your journey to weight loss.

Work out plans to lose weight

Splash Your Weight Away

Floundering around in a pool and soaking up some sun may not pass for some legitimate exercise, but trust us when we say that splashing around is actually a great way to burn calories. Think of it this way, treading water alone is actually capable of burning 11 calories a minute. Additionally, water provides continuous resistance, which means that your body will engage more muscle fibers with a larger range of motions, thus toning your body from every imaginable angle.

Apart from swimming laps, you can try all kinds of water activities such as water aerobics, water polo, and, if you’re extra brave, try out synchronized swimming. For parents, taking your kids to the pool and having some fun with them is also a great way to get exercise in without it actually feeling like exercise. There are also fun workout plans that only call for a swimsuit and a beach ball. Some of the exercise here include otter rolls, k-treads, pike skulls (which entails holding a v-shaped position underwater), and stationary kicks.

The best part is that water based exercises are a fantastic way for extremely obese people to start exercising. Did we mention that you get to work on your tan at the same time?

Play Tourist

When you think about going out for a run, how does it make you feel? Are you thinking, “Yes! I can’t wait!” or is it more of an “Over my dead body” line of thinking? If it’s the latter, we feel you. Running is a form of exercise that not anyone buys in to, but why not try slowing it down to a speedy walk and exploring your own city at the same time?

Chances are there are tons of hidden jewels for you to explore in your hometown and all you really need to do is put the time into it. That being said, kill two birds with one stone by setting off on a foot tour of your own city.

Head out and spend time outdoors. We’re almost certain that you’ll spend more time that you intended to outdoors and walking thanks to enjoyment. If you’ve run out of spaces to explore, try finding your favorite route and sticking to that.

Spin Your Leg Fat into Oblivion

You may be wondering, “What the heck is spinning?” No, it’s not a DJ standing at a booth playing music. Well, not in this case at least. Spinning is basically stationary cycling but with an exciting heart pumping mix of music and muscle toning moves. Spinning classes also provide an incredible and positive environment for you to enjoy with the instructor and fellow participants practically oozing energy and motivation. Your 60-minute class will fly by as you soak up the vibe around you.

Logistically speaking, you don’t have to worry about weather since it’s an indoor exercise, the class will accommodate you no matter what level you’re at, and for heavier set people, spinning won’t put any pressure on your knees, joints or ligaments.

Dance Yourself Thin

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys hitting the clubs for a night of dancing and merrymaking with your girlfriends, joining a dance class or two could be one of the best and most enjoyable workout plans for you. There are tons of dancing classes out there that will have you sweating buckets in just 10 minutes. Release your inner 20s diva in a seriously fun swing class, pop it and lock it in a hip hop class, or unleash your hidden Latina in a tango or flamenco class.

You may even surprise yourself in a heart pumping Zumba class. Who knows, you may even find yourself participating in a dance recital and feeling absolutely fulfilled afterwards. One thing is for sure, you’ll never know what kind of class you’ll enjoy and how effective it is for you unless you give it a shot.

Climb Your Way to a Rock-Hard Body

work out plans to lose weight

Test your strength, tone your muscles, and make yourself feel like the badass you are with a calorie busting rock climbing session. Honestly speaking, rock climbing is probably one of the best workouts in existence when it comes to building back, forearm and arm strength. It also does wonders for your grip and your legs as you hang, balance and push your way to the top of the wall.

There are tons of climbing routes for every level so you can set personal goals for yourself while getting stronger and fitter as you hit those goals. There’s also a huge climbing community that you can get in touch with to keep pushing yourself to new heights (no pun intended).

After all, good company builds good habits, so when you surround yourself with people who are also into fitness, chances are your enjoyment of the workout will increase as well.


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