Want to know the fastest way to Lose Weight? Try These Simple Hacks


What is the Fastest way to lose weight? Can we take a moment to just appreciate how awesome life hacks are? From easy ways to peel hard boiled eggs or the best way to store your produce, life hacks have made many lives easier and processes simpler. Now, what would you do if we told you that there are easy and simple-to-implement hacks to weight loss? Cool, right? There are tons of hacks out there overlooked that could lead to amazing results for the thousands of individuals in the world today that just want to get healthier. If you’re eager to go from breathless to marathon ready, try some of these simple hacks to get the process started.

Fastest way to lose weight

Hack 1: Go Loco for H2O

fastest way to lose weight

We often overlook the great tools for weight loss that are right under our noses. The same can be said for the humble yet ultra-important beverage that is water. One easy hack for weight loss is simply to drink more water or, for most of us, drink enough water. You’ve heard of the 8-ounce a day requirement, but the truth is that you should drink as much water as you can when you’re trying to drop the pounds. Not convinced? Try drinking half a gallon of water or more per day for at least a week and see for yourself how much more energy you’ll get and how much less snacking you’ll be doing.

Hack 2: Portion Out Your Treats

We know, we know, giving up those M&Ms or whatever treat you absolutely adore is painful and nearly impossible to do. Here’s the thing though:  losing weight doesn’t meant depriving yourself of your favorite goodies completely. It’s more about finding a balance and indulging in your sweet treats sparingly. As such, a great hack for this is to pre-portion them. Half of the recommended serving is a great place to start and try to limit yourself to just once or twice a week.

Hack 3: Eat at Home

Okay, this may not seem like much of a hack, but eating at home is a fantastic way to avoid consuming unnecessary calories. Restaurant food, as delicious as it may be, usually doesn’t take calories into consideration, so one plate at your favorite neighborhood joint could mean eating twice or three times the recommended calories per meal. Eating at home means you know exactly what’s in your food and you’ll even save tons of cash, which you can put towards that vacation you’ve always wanted.

Hack 4: Have an Apple Before Your Meals

The apple is quite possibly one of the most overlooked fruits on the place of the planet. Most people tend to go for fancy or exotic fruits, but none of them have as much fiber as the humble apple does. Having an apple before each meal fills your stomach with water and fiber. This means less room for the food you’re about to eat, which is always a win given the fact that a medium apple only has 95 calories.

Hack 5: Say Hello to Smaller Dishes

The smaller the dish, the more abundant your meal will look and feel. Switching your huge plates for smaller dishware is the easiest way to trick yourself into feeling like you’re having a lavish feast rather than a small portion. In fact, research has shown that when the same amount of food is served on big and small plates, individuals who eat from the smaller dishes are actually more likely to be more satisfied after.

Hack 6: Ask for Your Doggy Bag Before You Eat

For many of us, we go out to eat, stuff ourselves silly and then ask for the take-out box and bring home what we simply can’t force into our bellies anymore. A simple hack in this situation is to ask for your take-out box as soon as you get your food. Before you take your first bite, split your food in half and immediately put half of the plate into your doggy bag. This way you’ll eat less, slower and can enjoy food more. Besides, restaurant servings are often far too much than we need anyways and you’ll end up with a great meal to enjoy later on.

Hack 7: Get Rid of Your Sodas, Juice and Other Junky Drinks

Empty calories are evil whether you’re trying to lose weight or not. What’s the number one source of empty calories? Every single sugary, artificial or fat laden drink out there. That means sodas, juices, milky coffees, and alcohol. Cutting these beverages out of your diet is a great help to your health overall and many studies have shown that removing these drinks from your daily consumption have resulted in fantastic weight loss results. Every little thing counts when you want to drop the pounds.

Hack 8: Call It Quits with Your Diet

If you really want to lose weight and keep the weight off, you have to stop thinking of yourself as “on a diet”. You should also break up with any fad diet or miracle weight loss program that you’ve been trying out. The key to successful, sustainable and maintainable weight loss is to think of this as a lifestyle change. Your health is a continuous journey. It’s not something you only take into consideration for two weeks every three months or so.

Hack 9: Sleep

Who doesn’t want to get more sleep? Seven to eight hours of sleep is optimal for any person, but it’s especially crucial if you’re trying to lose weight. Studies have shown that there’s a direct correlation between lack of sleep and weight gain in adults, so make sure that you catch your z’s every night.

Hack 10: Start Loving Yourself

When we’re overweight, there’s a huge tendency for us to look in the mirror and feel disgusted with what we see. Listen to us when we say that there is no room for self-loathing when you’re trying to overhaul your life and start yourself on a better way of living. Love yourself no matter what your size but also keep in mind that there’s a thin line between body positivity and making excuses for yourself. At the end of the day, what we should be working towards is a healthy mind and body.



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