Top Weight Loss Pills to Try


When it comes to the weight loss industry these days, you’ve really got to learn to take the claims of the diet trends, supplements and weight loss pills with a grain of salt. After all, there’s not much standing in the way of weight loss pill manufacturers from putting whatever they want in their bottles and making outrageous claims.

There are literally hundreds of supplements lining the shelves of health stores claiming to be the magic solution to your all of your weight related problems. From pills claiming to help you lose up to 10 pounds in 2 weeks to bottles reading “all natural” when they’ve actually got all kinds of chemicals in them, it’s hard to know what brand to trust.

Heck, even reviews can be faked these days with some marketing companies paying people to peddle out so-called reviews without so much as a care for the people that they’re weaseling money out of. How then are we to know which ones are even worth a shot? At the end of the day, it’s all about concrete results, and at this point in time, there only a handful of pills that are even worth mentioning.

Phen375: The Basics

Phen375 is one of the weight loss pills out in the market today that has been well received by the weight loss community and boy are tons of people seeing great results. It is, essentially, a dietary supplement that has been carefully designed for the express purpose of suppressing hunger and encouraging weight loss. So, what’s in it and how exactly does it work? Well first things first, don’t confuse Phen375 with Phentermine. Phentermine is a banned supplement that you should steer clear of completely.

Phen375 works through utilizing carefully selected ingredients to trigger reactions in your body. The main ingredients include L-Carnitine, which encourages the release of fat stored in the body to the bloodstream for high fat burn and energy, Citrus Aurantium, which boosts your metabolism, Capsaicin, which increases blood flow and body temperature, and Trimethylxanthine, which is an appetite suppressant.

Maximizing the Use of Phen375

As with any other weight loss pill, it’s important to remember than Phen375 shouldn’t be used on its own. While it can technically be taken simply as a supplement and still spur some weight loss, it won’t be a significant loss.

The best way to utilize Phen375 is by combining it with a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise a day. On its own, this pill will really help you cut out junk and excess calories from your daily diet, so if you want to maximize what it has to offer in terms of higher energy and a boosted metabolism, exercise is really the way to go.

To help, Phen375 actually comes with a pretty nifty diet and workout plan for the purpose of helping get the most out of this pill. Most users report that the energy boost given by Phen375 will last a good 2 to 3 hours before waning, so it’s a good idea to take the pills 15 minutes before a workout to make sure you’ve got a solid base of energy all throughout your exercise routine.

A word of caution though, taking this pill too late in the day can seriously cost you some precious sleep hours so make sure to take your doses on time. It’s recommended that you take one in the morning and your second dose right about lunch time.

PhenQ: The Basics

Argued to be one of the most effective and reputable weight loss pills out in the market today, PhenQ has managed to grow a pretty solid following and market. It promises to attack your weight loss problem from multiple fronts to ensure that you get the body you want and you deserve.

But what exactly do they mean when they say that they attack the problem from multiple angles? Well, this comes through attacking 5 common issues when it comes to being overweight: fat production, an uncontrollable appetite, dips in energy, slow metabolisms and poor moods.

PhenQ makes burning fat easier by targeting the metabolic and thermogenic functions of your body. In addition to that, ingredients used in the pills have actually been shown to successfully stop the body from producing more fat so that you can work on losing the fat you’ve already got instead of worrying about putting more weight on.

The third way that PhenQ helps you lose weight is by suppressing your appetite. Taking this pill regularly will really prevent you from over-eating and can help you deal with the pesky hunger cravings that have plagued you in the past.

PhenQ also uses ingredients that will help you stay energetic throughout the day so you can combat the energy dips that dieting can cause alongside the mood swings that ditching extra calories can bring. To do all these things, PhenQ utilizes ingredients such as calcium carbonate, capsimax powder, chromium picolinate, caffeine, nopal, and L-Carnitine furmarate.

Maximizing the Use of PhenQ

Using PhenQ is simple as all you really have to do is make sure you take your recommended dosage, no more and no less, at the intended times during the day: one with your breakfast and a second dose with your lunch.

To get the best out of your PhenQ dosages, make sure to stick to the recommended times as this is when you’ll benefit most from the energy boosting properties of the pill. Additionally, since caffeine is one of the active ingredients of this particular weight loss pill, it’s best not to take any doses after 3 in the afternoon to ensure that your sleep patterns remain normal.

Remember that sleep is just as crucial to your weight loss journey as nutrition and exercise, so if you’re a bit more sensitive to caffeine that most people, it’s probably best to avoid drinking coffee or at least choosing a different beverage with a lower concentration of caffeine while you are taking PhenQ.


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