Top Reasons You’ll Love World Gym


It’s tough to find a good gym these days. From overpriced memberships to long term contracts that make you feel like a prisoner, you’ll find a lot of clubs and fitness studios that will take advantage of you if you don’t read the fine print.

What’s more, some gyms are staffed with people who aren’t passionate about fitness and are just trying to get through shift without snapping at someone. With so many choices, you’ve got to be extra discerning about the gym you sign on with and take extra care to make sure that you’ll actually enjoy the facilities. Wondering what one of our favorite gyms is? Say hello to World Gym and check out some of the top reasons why you’ll love breaking a sweat at their facilities.

They’re All About Time-Proven Fitness Techniques

World Gym’s beginnings can be traced all the way back to Muscle Beach’s glory days in good old Los Angeles, California. For 40 years World Gym has been keeping people fit and changing the way people look at health and fitness.

How? Well, to put it simply, the folks at World Gym know how to tell the difference between cheap or ineffective fads and techniques that have stood the test of time. Their coaches and trainers know the best ways to get your heart rate up, have your adrenaline pumping strong and your body performing at its top capacity.

Fitness is the Blood that Runs through Their Veins

We believe that the success of a fitness establishment is incumbent upon great leadership and passion for the industry. That’s exactly what World Gym had in its founder, Joe Gold.  It felt like there was no one more passionate about fitness on Muscle Beach than Joe who found great success as a professional muscleman and body builder.

He was so popular that he eventually toured with celebrities before launching his own international fitness brand. As the father of bodybuilding, Joe’s knowledge was built from the ground up. He even built a majority of his own weight training equipment because the tools available at the time weren’t up to par with his requirements.

In fact, Joe’s very first gym, which he opened in 1976, used only his custom-made equipment, which eventually drew in famous clients. Among his loyal patrons include bodybuilding greats like Dave Draper, Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You’ll Have a Tough Time Finding a More Passionate Gym

It’s hard to explain, but there’s just something about working out in a gym that is filled with people who are passionate about what they do. Every single member of World Gym’s staff is passionate about fitness and loves to spend their time working.

When you’re surrounded by individuals who are committed to getting better and stronger every single day, it rubs off on you. One of the great things about this is that you have a wealth of resources and knowledge available to you in the form of their staff and trainers.

You don’t have to be shy about approaching someone to ask for health tips or to check on whether or not your form could use some improvement. Of course, if you want to get serious about improving your health and fitness, nothing beats signing up for one-on-one coaching with their world-class coaching staff.

Each coach at World Gym undergoes a rigorous training program and are required to earn special certifications to even be hired, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a customized fitness program that meets your every need.

They Put a Premium on Community and Camaraderie

With 215 facilities around the globe, you might think that World Gym is impersonal and just a place to come in, grind through a workout, and then leave. This couldn’t be further from the truth though! Because each branch of World Gym is locally and independently owned, it puts the gyms in a unique position to really connect to the community and develop personal ties, relationships and friendships.

No two World Gym facilities are the same, and each one has something special about it that locals adore. One thing they all have in common, however, is their desire to share their passion for fitness and knowledge with their members. When it comes to camaraderie, you can also look forward to having a great support team in the form of other members in addition to their staff.

Rather than viewing World Gym as a facility to have a membership with, think of it as joining a fitness family that will raise you up and help you aspire for greatness. With a membership base that is encouraging and positive, you can rest assured that training with them doesn’t just make you part of the team, it makes you a part of the World Gym family tree.

Their Facilities are World Class

world gym

They’re not called World Gym for nothing. One visit to any of their facilities proves that World Gym is at the forefront of the fitness industry.  Each gym has a wide selection of strength and weight machines that will help you get stronger and attack your muscle groups from every angle.

Their cardio equipment is also top notch with tons of elliptical machines, stationary bikes, stair climbers and more to get your cardiovascular health and endurance to its top capacity. If you’re more into free weights, World Gym has got you covered. They’ve got dumbbells, racks, benches, barbells and more to help you reach that new PR.

Trust us, even Olympic powerlifters find the selection of free weights at World Gyms to be more than sufficient to get a fantastic work out in. For those who like to keep a social aspect to their workouts, World Gym also offers tons of group classes that will have you pumped up and motivated for a great sweat session. You can opt to attend anything from light cardio classes to heavy lifting classes to get your heart rate up. Some of our favorite classes at World Gym include the full line up of Les Mills classes, Zumba, Yoga and more.


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