Top 10 Foods to Eat while Pregnant


So what are foods to eat while pregnant? There is no time in a woman’s life that is nutritionally demanding than during pregnancy. This is usually a delicate period and proper nutrition is encouraged in all the stages. However, it is also advisable for any woman who is planning on becoming pregnant to start taking foods rich in folic acid at least one month and at most three months to conception. These could be spinach, broccoli and avocado to help in cell construction in preparation for the baby’s formation. Let’s take a deep look into the top foods necessary during pregnancy.


Any kind of berry is ideal, whether taken on its own or blended with other fruits. Their high concentration of phytochemicals helps to build immunity, enabling the body to fight diseases amicably. Those who include berries in their diets, especially in pregnancy, are less likely to get seasonal allergies or heart diseases. Berries are also rich in vitamin C, those among the best when it comes to aiding the body in iron absorption.

Sweet potatoes

This sweet arrow root contains an antioxidant that is vital when it comes to supporting the immune system and baby’s growth in general. You stand a very low risk of both heart and chronic diseases with frequent intake of this foodstuff.

Immediately it is absorbed into the body, beta carotene antioxidant is converted into vitamin A. Beta carotene is what gives potatoes their orange colour which becomes evident when cooked. You should however be cautious over vitamin A from animal products as this could lead to toxicity if consumed frequency. Beta carotene, the major antioxidant from potatoes not only comes in a natural form but is also a good source of fiber which aids in digestion.


Familiar with folic acid supplements that every pregnant woman takes especially in first trimester? Avocados are a good source of folic acid providers and come handy in pregnancy to promote healthy baby development. Avocados also contain natural fats and fiber necessary for improving your skin health as well as digestion mechanism.

Nutritious in nature, scholars say that avocados contain nearly 20 essential nutrients necessary for boosting the health system of both the mother and the foetus. About half of this natural vitamin provider contains about 5grams of fiber, vitamins E, K,C and B and additional folate for improved digestive and heart health.

Leafy green vegetables

The norm is always to eat plenty of vegetables when pregnant for the body to gain immunity and fight diseases on its own without posing great danger to the baby. The green, natural component in vegetables is a rich antioxidant that supports the immune system and aids in growth of the baby. Moreover, vegetables contain lots of fiber and women who consume it every other day experience less or no constipation at all.


Note that it is better to take boiled eggs as compared to fried ones. These are a good source of protein which helps in body building, muscle strengthening and overall growth of the featus. Eggs contain choline, a component that plays an important role in prevention of birth defects like spina bifida. This usually interferes with the formation of spinal cord of the foetus, resulting to retarded growth or sometimes loss of the pregnancy at later stages.

Choline, the major component from eggs promotes brain development of the unborn baby. Such babies are usually very active and alert even in their early childhood development. Their cognitive functions become realistic in early life when they start schooling where improved memory becomes evident.

 Salmon Fish

Fish is healthy but salmon fish is dully rich in omega 3 fats. This fat is equally responsible for fighting and preventing heart diseases. It is also a kind of unsaturated fatty acid which acts upon lowering the cholesterol level in the body. Reduction in inflammation therefore becomes evident and is important as it helps in prevention of any would be heart diseases.

It is important for a pregnant mother to watch over her blood pressure or simply take foods rich in omega 3 fats to help lower the risks of high blood pressure and in severe cases, heart failures. Omega 3 fat will aid in blood circulation resulting to adequate provision of oxygen from the mother to her unborn child.

 Fresh dairy milk

Milk is rich in numerous nutrients and is also a good source of fats and proteins. Milk is a body builder and helps in bone formation and growth of the foetus. Milk is a cleanser and tends to clear any accumulated impurities that may pose threat to the baby. Moreover, taking milk throughout pregnancy is a good move towards preparing for the push business. It ensures that you carry on the energy until delivery.


Besides milk, yoghurt is one of the superfoods that every woman needs to take once in a while. It becomes more effective in pregnancy when pH balance is greatly focussed on. Most second trimester losses occur due to infections such as urinary track and bacterial vaginosis.

This is where yoghurt comes in handy to avert serious effects of such infections. A dose of about 500ml will ensure that you are fully covered from any kind of bacterial infection. Over the counter antibiotics could be harmful during pregnancy as they tend to kill even the ‘good’ bacteria responsible for the normal maintenance of pH.

 Lean meat

This will provide an easy to absorb iron component necessary for boosting your HB level. Lean meat is rich in ion, a determinant factor in child formation. Incorporating it in your diet most of the times will save you from the never ending ion supplements intake.


Such a complex carbohydrate that can keep you energized all day long. There are those moments when pregnancy complexities like nausea and fatigue need a matching intervention. Just take a bowl of oatmeal probably three or four times a week and feel the energy to move on like never before. Besides, it is a performer and works by lowering the cholesterol levels and ensuring proper blood circulation.

Foods to eat while pregnant


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