Tips and Tricks to Loving Your Vegetables


There is something about vegetables that most people just don’t like naturally. Is it because they aren’t tasty on their own or most people don’t see the need to spice it all up like any other tasty foods? Whatever; but what I know is that they are good for the body as most parents would tell their kids. All kinds of vegetables are nutritious, contain fewer calories and are the perfect option for a clean-up diet. Do you know that you can make them as tasty as meat or chicken? Try these five tips:

Mask and hide the veggies in other foods

Add vegetables to other kinds of foods and blended drinks to experience and feel the uniqueness of this superfood. Next time you make your fruit smoothie, consider adding a bit of spinach then blend together. It will not be the same as usual; It would be greener than before and would probably look more appetizing. It would only be a matter of time before you get to loving it.

Come to think of veggies for your first meal of the day, your breakfasts would change forever with a little addition of vegetables to omelettes. Do this by trying different veggies each time and pinpoint the additional taste that each of them brings each time. No one can surely resist this change. Vegetables will be your number one ahead of tomatoes and onions.

Add flavour

Not so many are a fun of plain vegetables and yet a bit of flavour can change one’s attitude towards vegetables. Try sautéed onions plus some garlic on your cooking and give this superfood a super smell that’s noticeable right from the backyard.

Inclusion of fresh tomatoes and pepper would also make you start loving your green leafy vegetables. Give it a rainbow color that is wanting and irresistible to the eye. You can also try different spices each time you prepare a hot dish of vegetables to get a hint of what works best. It would even be better to try one spice on different kinds of vegetables and see which one works best. Trial and error is the best method to know which kind of flavour works for you.

Add healthy fat

Try sautéing your vegetables in healthy fat and change the steaming attitude that we are all addicted to. Sesame and peanut oils are also good as they are low in saturated fat. The math behind this is to prepare a healthy dish of vegetables that is also enjoyable and tasty to everyone.

Introduce this thrilling idea into your cooking by first chopping your vegetables to equitable size. Next, heating about two or three teaspoons of oil for a minute for heat to penetrate adequately.  Add the pre-chopped vegetables and sauté for less than ten minutes. Ensure you move them around as they sauté until they become crisp-tender. Your dish should be ready in about 5 – 8 minutes.

Make fries

Do fries ring a bell? Most will switch their thinking to potato fries. These are very tasty in deed except for the loads of calories they add to your body. Why then don’t you stay healthy while transforming your vegetables’ flavour by roasting and frying?

You can try with carrot fries because they are easily available and will give you an equal feel of the famous sweet potato fries. Carrot fries are also easy to prepare and within 20 minutes, you’ll be enjoying your meal. Raw cauliflower, when fried, can also make you to not only start loving your veggies, but also see the other side of the coin.

Both cauliflower and carrots can be sliced into numerous shapes, sizes for a lovely setting, before tossing them in olive oil. The secret is to use non saturated fat like sesame or olive oil. It would be great if the two types of veggies are neatly arranged and packed together. Place them to a baking sheet, add seasonings of pepper and salt then let them roast in the oven at 250 degrees C.

What follows next is topping and tomato sauce will do for most people although everyone is free to add just that which makes you enjoy your meal to the fullest. Vegetables prepared in this manner can be served with brown rice for an enjoyable meal.

Be adventurous

You can’t know the depth of the river until you try it out. How many kinds of vegetables do you think are within reach and yet if you were to count the kinds you have managed so far, it wouldn’t go over 20 species? The list is endless and not so many of us have tried all the veggies that are within reach. They taste differently and the best medicine is to try them out one at a time until you get a perfect combination. Better still, get a mixture of various vegetables, heat them up together and experience that different taste and combination of all.

You don’t have to heat veggies every time you prepare this dish. Use different methods of cooking to feel a new taste each time. We’ve seen that they can be roasted, sauté or fried to get a transformed flavour. Cucumbers, carrots are all veggies, right? There is a big difference between fried and boiled and raw carrots. Both are edible and tastes great depending on one’s preferences. If you take boiled carrots today, try fried the next day and raw the day after, everyone will be looking towards settling on the table at dinner time because every meal comes with a new look.

Salads are also a perfect idea and who doesn’t love salads anyway? Whether its a fruit salad or veggie salad, it is always awesome. Make salads as opposed to boiling your vegetables and this would through everyone off the hook. Of cause you need to incorporate all the colours of vegetables that can be taken as salad. It would be great if you added fruits to them and some topping of cheese to give it a complete look.



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