Things We Love About a Gym Trainer


For many people, hiring a gym trainer is even scarier than hitting the gym. If we’re completely honest, we can understand why. Gym trainers can be intimidating with their huge bodies, toned muscles and over all aura. Knowing that they’re going to be keeping their eyes glued on you during all of your sessions makes it even more weird and embarrassing for some.

However, trust us when we tell you that this intimidation factor doesn’t last long and that having a gym trainer at your side will do you and your fitness journey so much good. If you’ve been thinking about hiring a gym trainer for the longest time but need a bit more of a push to make you feel more comfortable with the decision, we’ve got you covered. We’re listing down our favorite things about gym trainers below that we’re sure you’ll love too.

You’ll Learn Tons of New Things

Getting certified as a gym trainer isn’t easy. They need to undergo tons of training and really put in the work with in terms of studying before they can get accredited as a full-fledged personal trainer. With that being said, you can pretty much bet that the gym trainer you’re thinking of hiring knows a ton about fitness and different ways to get fit. This includes knowledge about exercise machines and equipment to use. All of this knowledge gets passed to you by your gym trainer from your first session on. One of the most important things they teach you? Proper exercise form!

They’ll Help You Push Past Your Limits

Have you ever cut a workout short simply because you think you’ve completely run out of steam and have nothing more to give? We’ll bet you dollars to donuts that if you’ve got a gym trainer by your side, you’ll be performing more reps that you ever thought you could or would. Just when you think you’ve got nothing left in the tank, you’ll hear your trainer tell you to hold on for just another minute or go for five more reps. Sure it’ll be painful and you’ll really beat your body up, but guess what? You’ll accomplish it and you’ll be even better and fitter for it.

You Get a Trainer and an Accountability Partner in One

This is something we really, really love about having a gym trainer involved in our fitness journey. It’s easy for you to rationalize a brownie or a drink at happy hour when you’re alone or surrounded by people who “just want you to enjoy yourself”. It’s also easy to blow off working out when you’ve got no one keeping you accountable. When you’ve got a trainer watching over your fight to get fit, you’ll have an extra reason to pass on that unhealthy snack. Also, have ever tried cancelling on your trainer last minute? You can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll get some much deserved flack for it if you do.

They’ll Even Be Your Therapist When You Need One

Much like bartenders, there’s just something about gym trainers that makes us want to spill our guts to them. We’re pretty sure that it’ll be no different for you. If you’re having friend drama or are arguing with your partner, your trainer could be the perfect person to help you work through it while you’re warming up, lifting or balancing on stuff. Heck, they could even help you work out your pent up aggression from a ridiculous argument at work with some high intensity exercises. There’s nothing more satisfying than channeling your fiery feelings into fantastic fuel for a great workout.

You’ll Get an Objective Opinion (Even When You Don’t Want It)

If you surrounded yourself with people who only told you things you wanted to hear in the gym, you’d never get anywhere close to your fitness goals. One of the things we love about gym trainers is that they won’t be afraid to give it to you straight. After all, we’ve all got things that we need to work and improve on, and it’s important for you to know these things if you want to make progress. They’ll also be able to give you realistic expectations from each workout and help you set sensible and achievable goals for yourself.

They Genuinely Want What’s Best for You

Nothing makes gym trainers happier than seeing you getting healthier and happier. Additionally, nothing makes them more excited than seeing the confidence of their clients grow and blossom under their tutelage. At the end of the day, your trainer wants what’s best for you and they’ll do whatever they can to help you accomplish this. This isn’t just because it’s their job (although a trainer with no results to show for their work isn’t at all credible), but because they have a passion for fitness and genuine enjoy seeing others living to their fullest capacity of health.

Gym Trainers Want You to Grow Independent

gym trainer

One of the common misconceptions about having a gym trainer is that if you hire one, you’ll need him or her by your side for the rest of your life. This couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the goals of every gym trainer is to see their clients grow to a point where they can work out efficiently and successfully on their own.

They want to educate you and teach you all that they can so that you don’t have to be paying someone for the rest of your fitness journey to help you get fit. This is why they put a lot of effort into teaching you the basics of form, the different circuits and routines that are great for various muscle groups, and even which gym equipment is best to achieve certain results. More importantly, your gym trainer will teach you how to put together a work out plan that is designed to help you achieve the things you want. Most importantly, they’ll teach you how to stay motivated on your own.


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