The Grapefruit Diet

grapefruit diet

The Grapefruit diet is quite an exotic diet, it is a fad diet which focuses on grapefruit as the main focus of the diet. A fad diet is something where a person will diet, but, they will only eat one food while they diet, in this instance, the fad diet focuses on grapefruit, as its main source of diet.

The grapefruit diet is a well thought out diet, compared to some other fad diets, which can lack the planning to be effective. The grapefruit diet is well thought out because it has a focus and a plan. This focus is on grapefruit, and the plan is to consume grapefruit over the course of a 12-day period.

Over the course of a 12-day period, you will, and can, consume all sorts of grapefruit foods, and grapefruit drinks. The grapefruit diet not only consists of what you eat (grapefruits) but also, what you drink (such as grapefruit juice).

Understanding the Grapefruit Diet

You should plan your meals, and drink intake, around consuming around less than 1,000 calories. You should consume around less than 1,000 calories, by both the food that you eat and the drink that you consume. All should be grapefruit of course. Although this is a grapefruit diet, you can also consume water, in fact, it is advised to consume water.

You will be in taking no other drinks apart from grapefruit juice, and that will probably mean that you have to drink plenty of water. Drinking water is acceptable with this diet, not only is it a very healthy way to do this diet but for another reason.

Unlike all other drinks, water had no calories. This means, that because water has no calories, you will not be intaking any excess calories, by drinking lots of water.

The food itself doesn't need to be as strict. Although your main focus should be on eating grapefruit throughout the 12-day period, that is not the only food that you should, or need to eat. You should also and can also, eat other foods. But make sure that these other foods are light; specifically, light on calories.

Calories in Grapefruit Diet

There are many types of foods out there, which are low on calories. Foods that are usually low in calories, aren't the foods that you want to eat, the fatty and the sugary foods. Instead, these foods are the healthy foods, that you might already be avoiding. There are many types of healthy foods out there, these include foods such as fruits and vegetables, they also include foods which are whole foods.

You should involve foods which are processed foods, try and make sure that your foods are natural. You can eat things such as salad, alongside your grapefruit. Or, you could eat your grapefruit alongside cereals and yoghurts. The main goal for you should be, is to be inventive with the grapefruit.

If you are inventive with the grapefruit and buy different types of grapefruit foods, then you will not get bored over the 12-day period that you are doing the grapefruit diet. Instead, it keeps things fresh and it keeps your food interesting over the course of the 12-day period, the last thing that you want to do, has the same recipes over and over again for the whole 12 days.

In case you are stuck with what kind of recipes you can have throughout the day, here are some examples of what you can eat, throughout your 12-day grapefruit diet:


Toast, beans and grapefruit juice
Lunch, a salad, with grapefruit and a glass of orange juice
Dinner, meat, or tofu (depending on your diet), alongside some grapefruit slices, and a nice tea or coffee
Then, a snack, which can involve grapefruit

As you can see, the grapefruit doesn't need to be in every type of meal that you have, as long as your meal is accompanied by some form of grapefruit, such as having a bowl of sliced grapefruit, or, having a glass of grapefruit juice, then you will be doing the grapefruit diet effectively, and doing the grapefruit diet well. That's all you need to make this diet a success.

Does It Work?

Now that you know what a grapefruit diet is, and now that you know how simple that it is to do, now, you will be wondering if the grapefruit diet actually works. Does the grapefruit diet really work? Well, there is conflicting evidence about it.

Like other fad diets, there are those who support this diet, claiming that it works, and those who don't support this diet, claiming that it doesn't work. But, overwhelmingly, most people who have done this diet, think that it works. It not only works but, it is a very fast way to lose the weight that you need to lose. Therefore, if you want to lose weight fast, such as, you have a big event coming up, then why not take part in this diet, as it will give you the result that you need and want - fast.

That's one benefit of the diet, is that it is fast, and works, but another benefit of this diet, is in how long it takes. You will not be doing this diet for that long, only 12 days. Which means that its a great way to diet for those of you who do not want to be on a diet for weeks on end. It isn't a diet which draws on and draws out, it is a diet which is over quickly, but effective nonetheless.

Downsides of the Grapefruit Diet

There are some downsides to this diet, apart from the fact that you won't get to eat many of the foods that you want to eat. Although you will lose weight fast, and lose quite a bit of weight fast over a short period of time, the diet itself isn't a miracle worker. You are not going to lose all of your weight overnight, that's unrealistic, and not going to happen.

But, that is the same with almost every diet, although you will lose weight, you aren't going to lose it all at once. Otherwise, the grapefruit diet is a perfect diet to take part in, it is healthy and it is effective in losing some weight pretty fast.


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