The Cleanse Diet

cleanse diet

The cleanse diet is a diet which consists of cleansing your body. It consists of cleansing your body from the harmful toxins and chemicals which may be in your body. These are from unhealthy foods that you may have consumed earlier, such as foods like fatty foods or sugary foods.

The idea of the cleanse diet consists of cleansing your body from harmful foods that you may have eaten, instead, replacing them with healthier foods. In effect, this is to make your body healthier. It is also reported that it makes you feel healthier and better because you are ridding yourself of foods which make you feel sluggish, this can also include drinks, such as coffee.

The cleansing diet cleanses your body, you should do this for several weeks. The estimated time that you should cleanse your body, is between two weeks and four weeks, that gives enough time for the cleansing diet to work effectively for you.

How You Start A Cleansing Diet

Now that you know how long you should do a cleansing diet is, you will want to know, how do you start a cleansing diet? We are going to look at how you can start a cleansing diet today. To start on your cleansing diet, you should first become prepared for your cleansing diet. By preparing for your cleansing diet, you should start by planning your diet.

You should start by planning your diet by taking things into consideration. What kinds of dietary assistance do you need? For example, do you need to take any vitamin tablets alongside your diet? Or, should you start taking vitamin tablets, if you are going to start this diet? Will you need them? If you have an illness or are pregnant, how will you cope with that throughout your diet?

During Pregnancy or Illness

If you do have an illness or are pregnant, then you should go to your GP, and ask the advice of your medical practitioner, to see what they say about the diet. Ask them for any advice that you need for your diet and ask them how you should take part in the cleansing diet. Getting advice from your GP, will help you to do the diet in a safe way, especially if you need the assistance.

Next, you should plan how long you are going to do the cleanse. Whatever timeframe you should, you shouldn't do the cleanse for too long, it isn't needed. It is only needed for a short period of time, it is estimated that you should take part in the cleanse for around two weeks, to four weeks. However, if you wish, you can do the cleanse in a shorter period of time, for around one week, or even for a few days.

Once you have decided how long you are going to do the cleansing diet for, it is advisable that you should write a list of what foods that you are going to eat. This will help you to know what you are eating throughout the diet and will help you to ensure that you are getting the vital proteins and vitamins that you need, while you are taking part in the diet.

Types of foods to eat

There are several types of foods that you can eat and should try and eat, while you are on a cleansing diet. Try and remove any unhealthy foods from your diet. That includes unhealthy foods such as fried foods, fatty foods and sugary foods. Instead, replace those foods with healthiers options.

Eating healthier foods should be the main focus of your diet when you are eating a cleansing diet. This includes foods such as fruits and vegetables, foods with low fat, low sugar and whole foods. Leave out foods like processed foods, while you are on a cleansing diet, as they are also not good for you or your body and will, therefore, stop you from cleansing your body.

There are some key foods that you should eat while on your cleansing diet. These foods will help you to cleanse your gut and therefore, make your cleansing diet a success. One of the top foods that you can try for your cleansing diet, is curry like foods. This includes foods such as turmeric powder, try and make some meals which involve turmeric powder, as it will effectively cleanse your gut.


This is not the only type of food which is effective for cleansing your gut, there are others which are good for cleansing your gut. Try and eat some broccoli and cabbage, green vegetables like these, are very effective in cleansing your gut. You could eat some broccoli and cabbage throughout your diet, by adding them to your dinner for a few nights of the diet.

For other meals, such as lunch or breakfast, you could try things such as yoghurt, which are also perfect for cleaning the gut out and therefore, act as an effective gut cleanser. Try and also add some fruit to your breakfast and lunch meals. You don't need to add the same fruits every day to your breakfast and lunch, just as look as you eat some fruits and just as long as you also enjoy them, add them and eat them.

For drinks, it's good to add some drinks while you are on the cleansing diet while aiming to avoid other drinks, on the cleansing diet. There are certain drinks that you should avoid while on the cleansing diet, this includes caffeine drinks like coffee. However, you should try and drink some herbal tea or green tea, as these sorts of teas can act as a cleanser.

Another good type of drink to add to your cleansing diet is water. Water is a natural cleanser and will help cleanse your body and make your diet very effective. Therefore, try and drink as much water as you possibly can, while you are on the cleansing diet. Try and drink at least around 2 litres of water per day. That's all you need for a cleansing diet!


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