How to stop sugar cravings


Due to the numerous candy bar commercials, the society seems to be overwhelmed with sugar cravings. Many people struggle with sugar cravings especially in this modern lifestyle where almost every food item is processed; people have irregular sleeping patterns, lack of movement, and artificial light, more and more people are getting hormonal imbalances and sugar cravings.

What causes the sugar cravings?

There are so many reasons human beings crave sugar. We are somehow wired to crave sugar and carbohydrates in general right from birth. From the way babies desire breast milk, a naturally sweetened source of nutrients and carbohydrates that not only feed the baby but also feed the intestinal bacteria. The breast milk carbohydrates stimulate serotonin and endorphins productions leading to a relaxed state of mind. This is important for the baby and plays a key role in the bonding between baby and mother. Other than this, the milk contains essential fats and proteins for growth and development though the taste is prominently on top.

Even after ceasing breastfeeding, and one grows into a young or older adult, this natural desire for sweet foods persists, and the body still gets the physiological sense of reward after eating some sweet food item. In the case of food scarcity or an immediate need for energy, these cravings can save your life. However, with over 90 types of candy bars and so many soda options at every checkout counter, these sweet foods do more harm than the good they were initially meant to do.

Understanding More about the Cravings

Habitually consuming sugar and excess amounts of carbohydrates can make worse this craving cycle making it almost impossible to win. According to the American Heart Association, an average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar in foods, sweets, and drinks. Occasional indulgence is not wrong when you treat yourself to things like homemade chocolate or other healthy foods but doing it every day is the problem and a risk to your health.

To help you beat sugar cravings naturally, here are some tips

Take some L-Glutamine

When there are decreased amino acids in the body probably due to stress or the sight of sugary stuffs, the body responds by wanting to have a bite. Low amino acid is associated with lack of some components including L-Glutamine even though just a dose of 500gm is ideal to keep the fire burning, and eliminating cravings for up to one month. It's powdered version is easy to take with drinks. In addition to losing persistent sugar cravings, you may also experience faster recovery time when performing challenging workouts.

Protein and Good Fats

Sugar cravings at times come from consuming too much processed carbohydrates regularly or getting inadequate amounts of fats and proteins. Conditioning the body to rely on carbohydrates for energy can result in energy fluctuations between meals leading to cravings.

When you take enough amounts of proteins, you will have hormonal balance and proper production of neurotransmitters helping avoid sugar cravings. And since fats are an excellent source of energy, consuming healthy fats increase satiety, therefore, ward off unnecessary cravings and feelings of hunger.

Simply make it a habit by consuming healthy fats and the right proteins for an extended period, without forgetting vegetables.  This will ensure that your body restores its normal healthy function resulting in an overall balance and elimination of sugar cravings naturally.

Eat When Hungry

When intensely hungry we are poor decision makers about the best food to eat, so it pays to plan before you get hungry. For example, pre-making the healthy food you will need when you get hungry. Always prepare the right food with nutrients like proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats to help stop extreme hunger pangs and sugar fluctuations that are not healthy. When eating healthy, you will not experience sugar cravings that lead to eating anything that you can lay your hands on.

Get Moving

When you exercise, your body releases some of the endorphins released by the sugary foods and can be a great and healthy substitute for sugar when you do it consistently.

This does not mean you have to get involved in intense exercises and running to experience the benefits, even a brisk walk for some minutes or a light rope skipping can be adequate to get the endorphins flowing through your body to help you overcome sugar cravings.

You can take a walk or jog with your dog in the evening or get involved in a kickball game with the kids. As long as you get moving, you will be on the right path to naturally eliminating sugar cravings forever. When you plan and make it a habit, you will not be a prisoner to sugar cravings again. As long as you will train your body to love the endorphins from exercising as much as it loves those from sugar, you will be home and dry.

Get Some Sleep

Sleep is a crucial aspect of any healthy life. Deficiencies in sleep patterns have been linked to almost every chronic health issue with the list getting longer every year. Inadequate sleep can lead to an increase in the risk of cancer, stroke, and heart attack. It's linked to the increase in diabetes, kidney diseases, and high blood pressure as well as increased hormone problems and obesity.

Sleep is necessary for balanced hormones that maintain insulin and controlling the blood sugar. Even a night of impaired sleep has the potential of creating a pre-diabetic blood sugar levels in a person, which is counterproductive if you want to beat sugar cravings. It is therefore important that you make sleep a priority every day to maintain a healthy body, and it is free.

With so many sugar substitutes out there, many people are misguided that switching out sugar for one of the substitutes will solve the problem.  The substitutes will not address the underlying sugar craving problem in any way because most of these contain additives and chemicals. They may, in fact, lead to serious health problems depending on which sweetener you use.

how to stop sugar cravings


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