So You Want to Be a Fitness Model

fitness model

If you’re in love with fitness, have been working hard on your body and strength, and think you’ve got a pretty decent smile, then chances are you may or may not have played around with the idea of giving fitness modelling a try.

Why not right? You get to make a living off of doing what you love (staying fit), and you may even get good enough to land and awesome endorsement. While fitness modeling is definitely a fun job, it’s an incredibly hard one.

After all, fitness models are incredibly powerful people who make dead lifting their own weight or performing a controlled up look like a piece of cake. If you’re dead set on pursuing a career as a fitness model, however, we want you to be as prepared as you possibly can with useful tips to get you to where you ought to be. You might just be taken a back at just how much work really goes into it.

Misconceptions About Fitness Modeling

Contrary to popular belief, fitness models aren’t actually at an extreme level of fitness. Fitness modeling isn’t about rippling muscles or extreme definition (you’re modeling, not entering a bodybuilding competition), it’s more about being in good shape and being toned. Generally speaking, fitness models are slender, not busting their seams with muscles.

Just an additional note: unlike, fashion models, fitness models have to have a more commercial look to them. This is because they need to look relatable and should appeal to a wider range of consumers. If you think this is you, then you’re one step closer to pursuing your fitness model dreams.

Getting Discovered

Entering the industry as a fitness model is definitely unlike that of the fashion industry. While aspiring fashion models have to work hard to make it to as many go-sees as they possibly can, the entry point for fitness models is a bit narrower.

The most common and most effective way to get discovered as a fitness model is to join a fitness modeling competition. You’ll go toe-to-toe with a bunch of other aspiring models and you’ll definitely have to work hard. If modeling competitions aren’t your thing, however, there are other ways to attempt to ender the industry.

For example, getting scouted or discovered online is how some of today’s most popular fitness models started out. You can do this by going through a recommended and reputable online scouting agency to ensure that big agents and scouts will see your portfolio of photos. If you’re a fan of social media and maintain a fitness Instagram, that’s another great way to get discovered as well.

If you want to be more direct about it, you can go ahead and send your photos directly to your favorite fitness magazines.

Stay Focused

Staying focused pertains to more than just the fitness aspect of the job. After all, this is an incredibly competitive industry, so when you first start out, there’s a good chance that you’ll be running into a lot of no’s or disappointments. When this happens, remember to stay focused and to get back on the horse again.

Stay hungry and keep looking for more opportunities. With that being said, the fitness part of it all is definitely an important thing to stay focused on. Whether you’re a long time fitness model or an aspiring one, we’re all human, so the temptation to eat something slathered in refined sugar or oil will always be there.

Remember to stay disciplined and to keep focused on eating healthy so that you can achieve your goals. A great way to do this? Add small treats to your regular diet so that you’re less likely to go on an oil and sugar bender.

Create and Maintain Your Portfolio

You send photos or head to an open call for fitness models without an awesome portfolio. Think of it as your means to make a great and lasting first impression with editors, photographers and talent scouts alike. But how does one go about creating a portfolio to begin with? You can go about it in many different ways.

Some people start the old fashioned way: with a reputable photographer and a few hours of shooting. Others do it over the span of a few months, working odd jobs here and there and gathering their best shots. Then there are those who put effort into maintaining an online presence. For example, as we mentioned earlier, many fitness models get their start on Instagram.

If fitness is a hobby and you’re not too shabby at maintaining a social media presence, then your Instagram could count as an outstanding portfolio all on its own. Think about it: people who hire fitness models want people who are relatable and who will appeal to a large client base. If you’ve got a great Instagram following that you’ve built all on your own and with your very own photos, then you pretty much guarantee that you’re relatable and capable of selling whatever fitness product you’ve got to sell.

Keep in Touch with Editors

The jobs that a fitness model can score are actually a lot more varied than you think. For example, some fitness models are hired for catalogue shoots, others are hired for product demos, while others are hired to perform in home work out videos. However, there are quite a few fitness models who want no part in that kind of modeling and would rather focus on being for photo spreads in fitness magazines.

If this is you, then you’re going to want to spend some time making an effort to keep in touch with editors. While sending photos to fitness editors and scoring your first photoshoot takes a great deal of hard work, you’re going to need to maintain the relationship to be booked again for future photo shoots.

While we won’t deny that it can be a bit of a pain in the butt for some people, learning how to maintain lasting professional relationships is crucial if you want to make it as a print fitness model.