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Shape Magazine is an excellent place for you to go to find information on a whole hose of fitness and health-related stuff. The things that you can find in Shape Magazine are celebrity fitness regimes and routines, weight loss help and tips, healthy diet tips, healthy eating tips, fitness and lifestyle.

It's a magazine which offers a lot to its readers. Right now, Shape Magazine has, even more, to offer, because it is the New Year and it is offering tips and advice for things like health and fitness, for your year ahead. Starting the New Year in a positive, productive and healthy way, is essential if you want to carry that on and do it for the rest of the year.

There is a new, helpful, post that they have in their magazine right now. That post is called the 30-day cleansing challenge. The 30-day cleansing challenge runs for 30 days, and its aim is to help you cleanse your body of a harmful diet. It also prepares your body for a new diet and the New Year.

Dieting Section

All the hard work is done for you with this cleansing diet, all you need to do is follow it through and take part in it. Everything about the diet and what you need to do for this diet is already mapped out ahead of you. Therefore, there is no need to worry about preparing for it. There is a 30-day calendar in the post, you could either save this or print it off.

The 30-day calendar gives you a diet to follow each day, for the 30 days of the month you chose to do the diet. You can start the diet at any time you choose. The first few weeks are the easiest part, as it is all about preparation - it helps you to prepare for your diet and clean your old diet out.

If you are going to do this diet to cleanse yourself, a better way to start off this diet is to finish off the food you already have. Instead of it going to waste. As you are waiting for your food to run out, you can plan your diet and then, once you have finished this, you can stock up your cupboards, fridge and freezer, with these new foods that you are going to consume for your diet. You can also plan your meals at this stage.

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Diet Section

The next three weeks is really the diet itself. You will be following some rules of the diet with this diet plan. Stick it up somewhere you can see it in your kitchen, so you can remember. If you can't print it out, writing it down is a good alternative. Then, stick it in a cupboard or in the fridge, that way you are reminded to follow the diet throughout the month.

Not only does the Shape Magazine website give you a calendar, it gives you a step-by-step guide of how you can do this diet to perfection. So, get on over to their website, and have a look! This is not the only benefit of using the Shape Magazine, as we have said before, there is much that this excellent magazine has to offer for you.

If you are looking to change your diet, then you should have a look at the healthy eating and weight loss section. There, you will get things like tips on healthy eating, new recipes for you to try out, diet tips, eating plans and nutritional advice. There are tons of articles and videos in this section, you should take advantage of them, and work them towards your advantage!

Weight loss is partially about diet, so, there might be a bit of an overlap with the information. But, there are also some unique things within this section. In the weight loss section, you will get articles and videos about things such as, tips about your diet, diet plans, weight loss tips and weight loss plans. It's worthwhile to check this out if you are looking for a way to lose weight. It has a ton of great information to offer you.

Weight Loss Section

Something a bit different to weight loss, the Shape Magazine also offers you the chance to get some fantastic fitness information and tips. You will get tons of articles and videos which offer you information about things such as; fitness tips, training plans, workout routines, fitness goals, workout trends, free fitness videos and, additional things like good music to listen to, as well as the right gear to wear.

Shape Magazine also helps you in other areas of your life. It focuses on things such as love, relationships, having a happy and fulfilling life. All of these things are essential if you are to be happy and fit. A healthy and happy lifestyle is essential for you to be happy and healthy, as well as fit.

Finally, we are going to look at celebrities, as that is the final section that Shape Magazine has to offer. With this section, you will get celebrity fitness tips, celebrity lifestyle and weight loss tips, and, things such as beauty secrets and health advice.

You will also get things like celebrity news if you are interested in that sort of stuff.


The Shape Magazine offers you a great bargain. It's worth the money to purchase this magazine. Think of it as an investment. It's a purchase which will be investing in your future and present self. It's something which will be making your life and your lifestyle better and more positive, which makes this magazine well worth the purchase.

In conclusion, this magazine has a lot to offer you. Particularly when it comes to things like health and fitness. It will give you a lot of tips and guidance over health and fitness. It will also give you tips on things such as lifestyle. Create an all-round perfect lifestyle, and head on over to Shape Magazine!


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