Safe and Easy Ways to Drop Water Weight Quickly

drop water weight

If there’s one thing that women are more than familiar with, it’s how to drop water weight, and boy is it a pain in the butt. Sure, our bodies are made primarily out of water (60% water, in fact), but excessive water retention, or edema, is still a frequent side effect that affects many men and women who deal with chronic inflammation.

Unfortunately, edema can be caused by a lot of things. Some of the most common culprits are food intolerances and bad eating habits, while some more serious causes could be kidney failure. Then again, there are other much milder causes like a woman’s menstrual cycle. Whatever the case, water retention can still impact you negatively through your quality of life and appearance. It’s not much of a help mentally either, especially if you’re already struggling with rising numbers on the scale. Luckily, there are simple, safe and easy ways to help you ditch the water weight. Here are some of our favorites.

Here are the tips on how to drop water weight

Tip 1: Regular Exercise

We all already know that it’s important for us to be exercising regularly. It’s not just crucial to maintaining good cardiovascular health, it’s also a way for us to increase our muscle strength and lean up. When it comes to water retention, however, it’s a great help because any form of exercise will increase sweating which means you shed more water weight.

To put this into better perspective, the average number of fluid loss in a single hour of exercise will range between half a liter to 2 liters of water. Where you land in this range depends on several factors such as clothing, heat, and intensity of exercise. Just remember that you still need to hydrate yourself properly during the exercise. The bottom line is that working out on a regular basis will help your body regulate a good balance of sweat and fluids through the sweating out of excess stored water.

Tip 2: Hit the Sauna

If you’re the type that works out regularly, chances are that you already enjoy the occasional post-gym sauna or steam room session. It’s a pretty straight forward process since the heated area causes you to sweat. Now, what you need to bear in mind is that you shouldn’t be staying in the sauna for extended periods of time. 15 – 20 minutes is a good amount of time to get some extra sweat going after your workout.

how to drop water weight

Tip 3: Decrease Your Sodium Intake

Salt plays a huge role in the regulation of water in your body. Too much salt can lead to too much water retention but if you’re not getting enough of it, you might experience some light dehydration. Long story short, avoiding extreme changes in your salt intake will help you keep a healthy level of fluids in your body. If you find that you consume a large amount of salt on a regular basis (culprits of this are usually eating lots of processed foods or just over-seasoning your food) coupled with low water intake or a sedentary lifestyle.

Tip 4: Get More Sleep

We’ve harped on this many times before and we’ll harp on it again. Getting enough sleep daily isn’t just good for your health, it’s also great when you need to drop water weight. Now, what does more sleep have to do with losing water weight? Studies show that catching more Z’s can help regulate the sympathetic renal nerves in our kidneys.

It’s this system that subsequently regulates our body’s sodium levels and water balance. When we sleep, our body functions much like a plumbing system wherein it begins to flush out toxins in our brains and bodies. Additionally, getting enough sleep also helps our body minimize the water it retains in the long term. Aim to get anywhere between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per evening to regulate your body’s fluid management and stay healthy in general.

Tip 5: Try Taking Supplements

Magnesium is known more for being a health and sports performance supplement, but it is actually a key electrolyte and mineral for our bodies. In fact, it’s so crucial that extensive studies have been conducted on it and research finds that the substance plays over 600 roles in the human body. There have also been a lot of results that show magnesium is very helpful in reducing water weight and premenstrual symptoms in women.

Dandelion herb is another supplement that you can try taking to help regular your water retention. It’s long been used as an alternative medicine to treat edema and has recently skyrocketed in popularity with athletes and bodybuilders who need to shed water weight quickly to qualify for weight categories. Dandelion supplements work by signaling the kidney to expel larger amounts of urine and sodium from the body.

Tip 6: Drink More H2O

Wait, you mean drinking more water helps you shed more water weight? Yes! That’s exactly what we’re saying. Keeping your body properly hydrated is essential helping your body reduce water weight and decrease water retention. This is because your body will naturally always try to achieve a healthy balance. For example, if you keep your body in a constant state of dehydration, your body’s natural response will be to retain more water in an attempt to prevent further dehydration.

The question now becomes how do you know if you’re getting enough water? Your body is actually the best way to know if you’re drinking enough water simply through the color of your urine. If your urine is light yellow or practically clear, that’s a good indication of a well hydrated body. Anything darker than that means that you should be upping your liquid intake significantly. The benefits of drinking tons of water isn’t just great for reducing water retention and water weight, it’s also good for boosting brain function, promoting fat loss and just getting healthier over all. Bottom line? Don’t just stick to the 8 glasses a day rule. While it’s a good place to start, that’s not going to be enough for every person. Let your body be the authority.