Ever wondered about Rebel Wilson weight loss success story? How did rebel Wilson manage to lose so much weight in so little time? Rebel is known for her hilarious role in the movie Bridesmaids. Rebel’s fame grew from her role of the charming Brynn in which she played with Kristen Wiig in 2010.

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss shocked many of her fans. The
actress known for her weight and charm, in one of her interviews, she told a
reporter that her weight was part of made her successful in Hollywood.  Wilson has lost dramatic weight, and many of
her fans are questioning if it is the same person.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Secret

Rebel Wilson weight loss journey
Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Journey

The biggest secret to Rebel Wilson’s weight loss is PhenQ. PhenQ is an appetite suppressant Pill that helps lower the will to eat and burn calories. PhenQ contains ingredients that help stop the production of new fat. The Pill was created to help those looking to lose weight by lowering their appetite. The Pill also Speeds up the fat burning process to where a person burns almost twice as many calories.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Journey

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss
Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: Before and After

Although Rebel was comfortable in her skin and weight, she
was also aware of just how the food that she ate impacted her weight. She had
what you call her comfortable foods that she ate when she was down. Rebel said
food had been both a reward and comfort for her.

Moving to The United States helped Rebel become more conscious
of her figure as well as how food plays a big part in keeping yourself healthy
and fit. Rebel Wilson’s weight loss has shocked and motivated her fans from
everywhere across the globe. Her transformation is a big motivation for many.
Rebel went from being conscious about her figure to being more aware of her

Rebel Wilson Health Reveal

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss
Rebel Wilson After Weight Loss

In the year 2016, Rebel Wilson weight loss was heard to be
more than 30 pounds; this was when she first started her weight loss journey.
It is rumored that Rebel Wilson had lost between 30 – 40 pounds of weight.
Rebel Wilson shared with the public in 2016 that she suffered from a hormonal
imbalance that made her more susceptible to gaining weight. It became a
challenge for her to lose weight like every other person.

In an interview, she shared how important her health is and how confident she was in her own body. Rebel Wilson inspired her fans across the globe to be healthier and stop making fun of themselves about their size. Her weight loss journey made her a trendy actress and a healthier one.

How did Rebel Wilson Started?

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss
Rebel Wilson Weight Loss 2017

Rebel Wilson weight loss journey started in spring of 2016
when she went to a retreat in Malibu. This retreat is a place where people go
to relax and recharge. She lost 8 pounds just after four days of hiking, doing
some light fitness, massages and eating organic foods.

After the retreat, Rebel Wilson started making better food choices and working out. The 8 pounds she lost at the retreat motivated her to lose more weight. Rebel Wilson's plan was exercising at least four days a week and aimed at eating healthier foods. Here is an example of her weight loss plan;

  • Exercise: Rebel Wilson exercised a minimum of 3-5 days per week. Her workout routine depended on the intensity of her exercises. She aimed for 30 minutes minimum per day for her fitness.

  • Fiber: Rebel Wilson weight loss plan depended mostly on fiber. She ate about 35 grams of fiber per day. Fiber is good because it keeps a person full and helps with your digestion.

  • Healthy fat:  Healthy fats keep your skin and brain in a healthy state. They are also crucial for your body. They improve your cognitive function and reduce cravings.

  • Self Confidence: Being confident about whom you will take you further when it comes to losing weight. If you are losing weight for yourself and not to impress anyone, you will be more motivated.

Rebel Wilson Weightloss Meal Plan

Rebel Wilson Fiber Foods

Examples of Fiber included in Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Plan

  • •    Beans: 16 grams per cup
  • •    Artichokes: 10 grams per cup
  • •    Peas: 8 grams per cup
  • •    Broccoli: 5 grams per cup
  • •    Brussel Sprouts: 4 grams per cup
  • •    Raspberries: 8 grams per cup
  • •    Blackberries: 7 grams per cup
  • •    Avocado: 6 grams per half
  • •    Pears: 5 grams per fruit
  • •    Oatmeal: 4 grams per one cup

Many of the foods above are available in your local
supermarket and not hard to add to your diet. The diet is straightforward and
low in calorie. If you take one cup of broccoli and avocado, add some berries,
you can easily consume 35 grams of fiber each day.

Most of these foods listed are very good for your body.
Beans provide your body with iron, an essential mineral for women. Broccoli can
fight cancer and avocados are high in healthy fats. These foods are great when
it comes to losing weight. Vegetables are vital when it comes to losing weight.
It is easier to lose weight when consuming more vegetables and to add lean
proteins such as eggs, fish and lean beef.

When planning to commit to Rebel Wilson weight loss plan, it
is vital that the majority of your foods are plant-based. Foods such as
vegetables, nuts, fruits, are plant-based and will play a significant role when
it comes to losing weight fast.

How Rebel Wilsons Weight Loss Should motivate you

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss
Rebel Wilson 2019

Rebel Wilson is a viral celebrity that became famous because of her significant figure. She embraced it and used it to her advantage in Hollywood. Her weight loss strategy came because of her wanting to live a healthier life; therefore she incorporated fitness, and she got results.

Losing weight should have a personal motivation and
commitment to it. You should start by making small changes in your life, like
choosing to eat healthier foods. Once you are comfortable with your diet,
slowly incorporate fitness and results should start showing.  If Rebel Wilson can do it, so can you.