Potential Dangers of Testosterone Supplements


Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for reproductive and development in men.  As a man continues to age, the testosterone level also decreases and by around 80 years of age, he would be producing only 20 percent as compared to what was available when he was at the age of early 20’s.

The decline in production is gradual with only the symptoms indicating that something has started going towards the wrong direction. Noticeable effects of lower testosterone levels include tiredness, poor concentration, lower sexual desires, interacted night sleeps, erectile dysfunction and sometimes depression and weight gain alike.

As these continue to move to higher levels, more life threatening illnesses such as obesity, heart diseases and diabetes could crop up. The moment a man realizes that he cannot perform quite well in his sexual obligations, many usually look for quick solutions to avert the situation.

The quickest remedy is always the boosters or supplements even though there are lots of natural foods that can perform the same function. Let’s have a look at potential dangers of testosterone boosters in depth.

Sleep Apnea and disruptions

Sleep apnea is a state that results to slow or stoppage of air during sleep. This comes about as a result of blocked airway and can instantly cause cardiac arrest.  What happens is that the breathing is repeatedly interrupted when sleeping and a pause can last up to a minute or so, each time leading to low oxygen supply resulting to difficulty in breathing.

Can cause stroke

Testosterone supplements do cause blood clots after some period of usage. If the clots block the flow of blood to the brain, an acute stroke occurs indefinitely.

Blood is a medium which supplies the rest of the body with oxygen and you can guess what happens when blockage occurs on the path to the brain.  Actually it is the blood cells that increase in size, a functionality that’s brought about by the supplement. Once the cells, enlarge, it becomes easier for blood to clot and the overall damage is then experienced.

Leads to prostate cancer

Of cause the supplement would increase the testosterone levels within the body and this is likely to lead to cancer of the prostate.  Taking these supplements over an increased period of time also increases chances of heart diseases as there would be increased red blood cell levels.  If enough care is not taken, it can lead to server cases such as death.

Hormonal imbalance

Even though they appear powerful, these supplements can cause great damage to the users. They have been linked to hormonal imbalance resulting to impotence. They cause the testicles to shrink and inhibit the production of enough semen when required. The condition could be reversible though most of the cases, it derives the users the liberty of fathering more children.

Are associated with heart attacks

Prolonged usage of these boosters poses a threat to the heart. We know that these supplements work by enlarging the blood vessels and encouraging much blood flow through the veins. Since the heart is responsible for the production of blood which then supplies oxygen to the rest of the body, it is not safe from the effects of enlarged vessels. These supplements therefore increase chances of coronary artery plaque.

This is a substance which is waxy in nature and when it builds up, results to a decrease in oxygen flow to the heart. This is however common in men ranging at the age of below 65 though those who had earlier experienced pre-existing heart diseases has a two folds chance of attack.

Mood swings

These supplements also affect the users emotionally because if their components mix with the natural body constituents, a reaction would definitely occur.  Some men have experienced high tempers, withdrawals and lack of concentration as a result of these boosters. Once the symptoms of aggressiveness start to appear, it would be better to quit their usage and balance your immune system in a healthy manner.

Skin reaction

Another side effect is skin reaction probably because of the extra oils that these boosters entail. They are of cause a little bit toxic and their particles are piled with atoms. When these get to the body system, the residues are regarded as toxic elements.  The body also has its own mechanisms for cleansing impurities from it and the process goes on in the liver and beyond the outer skin. As the skin removes toxins, some debris clogs the pores, resulting to small rashes known as acne.

Kidney damage

Testosterone Supplements

Again this throws the towel back to the toxins that are left after digestion of the supplements take place. It’s the duty of the kidney to cleanse the body of impurities and once the workload gets too much, the kidney would definitely be overworked.  Extended usage of supplements could also cause server damage to the kidneys, a condition that can be irreversible once it reaches the chronic stage.

Then what’s the way forward in regard to control or management of these conditions? Eating plenty of healthy foodstuffs like fruits and vegetables can help men not lower their libido. Certain multivitamin nourishes like vitamin C from berries and oranges are good for the stimulation of proper blood flow to all organs. Other healthy fatty foods like nuts and sunflowers are natural boosters that ensure your health is not at risk.

However, many people are not aw are of the healthy options and could have found themselves in the trap of these side effects. Just be keen and ensure that you distinguish between what is normal and abnormal within your body system.

If the abnormal concerns are arising from use of supplements, it is better to stop immediately rather than proceed.  People’s immune systems work differently and there are some who don’t experience fatal effects. Otherwise, doctors are also available for extensive elaboration and how to cope with certain effects. Seek for advices before you even attempt on using such drugs. Just know that what has its pros must surely come along with its cons as well.



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