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Getting fit and meeting your fitness goals is tricky business. In fact, most of the time, it can be downright impossible for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re a fitness newbie and simply don’t know how to go about this whole gym business or perhaps you’re having a hard time keeping yourself motivated while working out. Maybe you just need someone to keep you accountable or someone to inspire you and give you that much needed mental boost. If this is you, then maybe it’s time for you to consider getting a personal trainer.

Whether you want someone to help you navigate all the tricky gym equipment, someone to get you fit at home or even someone to help you maximize a private fitness facility, a personal trainer can and should be able to help you work with what you’ve got to meet your fitness goals. Let’s not forget that hiring a personal trainer has a ton of other benefits like helping you build a curated fitness program, reduce risk of injury and ensure that you stay on track. If you’re sold on the idea but don’t know where to start, make sure to look for the following qualities when finding a personal trainer.

A Clear Passion and Knowledge for Fitness and Health

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There’s a lot of people who know a thing or two about working out and getting fit, but finding someone who’s absolutely passionate about it is another thing entirely. You want to be working with a personal trainer that is not only teaching you proper workouts but also influencing you to be excited about hitting the gym and getting fit. A passionate personal trainer with only a few years of experience is worth more salt than one with tons of experience but no joy for it. You’re also going to want to pick someone who specializes in what you’re trying to achieve. For example, some trainers specialize in fat loss while others are more geared towards gaining muscle.

Knows How to Listen

You can learn a lot about a potential trainer on your first meeting and one of the things you should definitely be looking out for is whether your trainer is a talker or a listener. For example, if he or she is cutting you off, making assumptions about what you want or need, doing a lot of the talking and not giving you the chance to even explain why you’re consulting with them, then you’re probably going to want to get out of there and fast. Sure, the person probably has the best of intentions, but the relationship between a personal trainer and their trainee should be one of partnership and communication. If they don’t take the time to listen to you and your goals, then it’s going to be hard for you to get the service that you want and need.

Certified or Accredited

It’s easy for any fit, muscled chum to claim he or she is a trainer. For the sake of giving the benefit of the doubt, they even probably know a lot about what they’re saying, but it’s absolutely important for you to make sure that your potential trainer is certified by an accredited organization. As a general rule of thumb, trainers who are working in chain gyms like LA Fitness are required to be certified to work there. However, if you’re talking to someone who works out of a home gym, works solo or through some other kind of operation, you should always ask to check their certification. This is to ensure your own safety as well as a certification means that your trainer has at least a minimum fitness education.

Professional and Focused

There’s nothing that disappoints us more than having to wait around, wasting time, while our personal trainer texts a few minutes away or leaves you to chat with a couple of buddies for a few minutes. Not only is it entirely unprofessional, it can also ruin the tempo of a workout and is likely wasting precious minutes that you’ve paid for. At the same time, having a trainer that doesn’t have his or her heart in the process can be demotivating for you as well. Find a trainer that will be 100% focused and present while he or she is with you and training. Not only is it professionalism at its finest, it also shows that your trainer really cares about helping you reach your goals.

Checks-In Regularly

When it comes to training and getting fit, you constantly have to check and assess where you and your body is at so that you can make regular adjustments to your routine and regimen. A responsible trainer will make it a habit to check-in with you often to see what kind of progress you’re making and to decide if any changes need to be made to your work outs. Additionally, you’re going to want a trainer who checks on how your energy levels are, whether you’re feeling sick, or maybe feeling some pain or tightness in your muscles. This way, he or she can adjust where needed and make sure to tweak workouts to cater to your overall well-being and health.

Make Sure You Actually Like the Person

This might be a bit like stating the obvious, but it needs to be said anyways. There’s nothing worse than having to spend hours on end with someone that you don’t like or get along with, so when you’re choosing a personal trainer make sure you actually like the guy or gal. Over and above what their qualifications are, you’re going to want to be trained by someone who you jive with and someone you could see yourself actually being friends with. Remember that you’re paying what is likely a hefty sum of money to be trained by this person, so you don’t want to be spending one to two hours with someone that you’re just going to be annoyed with. More importantly, getting along with your trainer serves as additional motivation and a higher likelihood of sticking to your gym routine.


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