What People Won’t Tell You About Diet Pills that work

diet pills that work

If you’re overweight and are desperate to lose weight, chances are you’ll be willing to try anything. This is why so many diet pills have successfully earned manufacturers and various pharma companies the big bucks without actually having to deliver results. If you’re one of the people who have fallen prey to these fads, we can’t blame you. After all, the marketing business is a truly deceptive one and just a few of the right words strung together perfectly can trick even the most observant of people to try products that won’t work. So, what should you know about diet pills before you try them? Read on to find out.

Diet Pills that work are they available

There’s No Guarantee That They’ll Work

We often hear the phrases ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ with a lot of the diet pills being peddled out in the market nowadays. But is there any truth to that statement? Sadly, and oftentimes, the answer to this question is no.

While there’s no denying that there are certain ingredients and food products that can effectively help people curb their appetites and burn extra calories, there’s no way to guarantee what is actually in your pill bottle. In fact, in the most recent 13 years, there have been no new weight loss drugs introduced into the market with a uniquely new formula since a lot of them haven’t really been proven to be as effective as their claims or useful at all.

More importantly, diet pills haven’t shown any long-term effects due to the lack of study on them. Even then, any concrete results are dependent on a proper diet and exercise routine on the part of the taker.

These Pills Typically Only Work in One of Two Ways

With the way diet pills are marketed these days, we often assume or feel like they all work in so many different ways. This actually causes some people to purchase more than one kind of diet pill thinking that it will give them better chances of success. There couldn’t be anything further from the truth.

In actuality, pretty much all of the pills out in the market today will only work in one of two ways. The first way is by curbing your appetite through the releasing chemicals like epinephrine in your system. Unfortunately, this can often cause jitters. The second way a diet pill can work is by inhibiting your body’s absorption of fat. However, these kinds of pills will often cause loose bowel movements, oil stool and in some cases even anal leakage.

There Are Side Effects

Marketing efforts are strong when it comes to diet pills and yet there is little information about the negative side effects they could potentially cause in your body. For example, for diet pills that block fat absorption, a side effect is that the diet pill will also prevent your body from absorbing fat-soluble vitamins. This includes beta-carotene, vitamin E and vitamin D.

As such, if you’re taking diet pills, it’s absolutely crucial that you supplement your daily routine with a multi-vitamin at least seven hours prior to taking your diet pill. On the other hand, diet pills that speed up your metabolism actually has the potential to cause an increase in your blood pressure. It’s also been known to cause an elevated heartrate, restlessness and even dizziness.

Lastly, as with any short-term weight loss solution, whatever results you see likely won’t last. Once you’ve stopped taking the diet pill, there’s a very high chance that your weight will return to its original state.

They Aren’t Useful on Their Own

Go to any sore you want and check as many bottles of diet pills as you want. We’ll bet you dollars to donuts that the bottle will tell you that the pill will not be effective unless it’s combined with a change in diet or exercises. This is because these pills are not meant to be effective on their own.

No matter what brand you get, a change of lifestyle will always be necessary for these pills to have any effect on your system. As such, diet pills are a very short-term solution and even then, they don’t really meet the expectations of patients that take them. Even health care professionals will tell you that diet pills rarely deliver the results they promise.

They’re Not Long-Term Solutions

Diet pills should in no way be treated as a long-term solution. In fact, the pills also work in a way that inhibit them from working as a long-term solution because extended use of the pills will result in a tolerance to the drug.

Manufacturers and staunch supporters of these kinds of supplements will also tell you that they don’t intend for them to be used in long term. Rather, their main purpose is to give people enough to time to eat better and make time for exercise. Once they have that routine in place, people are meant to wean themselves off of the diet pills.

Organic Doesn’t Always Mean Better

These days, the safety standard of diet pills in the market has definitely risen. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no longer concerns when it comes to side effects and other safe concerns. For example, some of the pills can contain questionable products since there’s no regulatory body that monitors the manufacturing of these pills.

Additionally, formulas used from pill to pill vary. Many people actually turn to ingredients like green tea, guarana and bitter orange in their pills to boost metabolism and appetites, however, the volume at which the ingredients are used may not always be healthy for the body.

Their Results Don’t Justify Their Cost

Some people spend over $2,000 a year on diet pills. That’s an incredibly staggering amount of money to spend on something that doesn’t guarantee any kind of results to those who use it. Aside from a lack of concrete results, the amount of money spent on diet pills is also crazy in the sense that these supplements are in no way tested for safety and production standards by the FDA. The lack of prescription and low regulations just makes it easier for dangerous products to hit the shelf. One wrong pill could mean spending more money on healthcare than you ever wanted to.


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