Must-Try Weight Loss Shakes


Whether you’re adding them to your pre-workout and post-workout regimen or using them as a meal replacement, shakes are great to add to your daily diet because there’s virtually no prep work needed, the clean-up is minimal and they keep you satiated for a long period of time.

That’s not to say that all shakes are created equal though. Many shakes in the market today, even at shops that claim to have healthy-good-for-you smoothies, have too much sugar. This is precisely why it’s so important to make your own shakes at home.

Not only will you satisfy cravings effectively, you’ll also benefit from knowing exactly what is in your shake and controlling what you put in it. If you’ve got a blender and a love for shakes, try one of these awesome weight loss shake recipes.

High Protein Oreo Shake

Yes, you read that right. We said Oreo. This mouthwatering shake relies on fat-free cottage cheese and skim milk to give you the high punch of protein you need after your workouts. Although it’s a teeny bit high in sugar, most of it comes from the dairy included in the beverage so it won’t send you into a pitiful spiral of cravings. The recipe calls for a cup of skim milk, a teaspoon of stevia, a few drops of vanilla extract, a cup of skim milk, 250 grams of fat-free cottage cheese and 3 Oreos. Blend it all up for a sweet treat to reward yourself for a job well done at the gym.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie

If you’re a fan of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but don’t necessarily have the time to put them together in the morning, try a quick and easy but equally tasty alternative with a peanut butter and jelly smoothie. At 228 calories per serving, this smoothie recreates your favorite childhood flavors with healthier alternatives like all-natural peanut butter, vanilla protein (go for plant-based if you can!), soy milk, blue berries and rolled oats. Not a fan of soy milk? That’s totally fine. Try another unsweetened milk that you enjoy.

Coffee Banana Protein Smoothie

Who says you can’t have your caffeine fix and a filling snack all in one go? This smoothie calls for Greek yogurt, ground flax seed, bananas and your favorite black coffee for the perfect post-work out fix. Not only will it give you a great dose of caffeine, natural sugar and protein, it’s also quite light in calories at just 132 calories per serving. Add more or less yogurt depending on the consistency that you like and have at it.

Good Morning Smoothie

There’s just something so right about smoothies in the morning. Whether you’re having it as part of your smoothie bowl or as a filling drink on-the-go, the Good Morning Smoothie will take you on a much needed mental-vacation with its tropical flavors. We’ll be the first to admit that it’s relatively high in carbs and sugar, but don’t worry because it’s all coming from the orange, berries and banana that the recipe calls for. The smoothie is still vitamin rich and filled with fiber meaning you’ll stay trim and healthy. To blend this smoothie up, throw 1 cup of frozen organic berries, 1 orange, 1 cup of Greek yogurt and 1 frozen banana into your blender and blitz away.

The Old Fashioned

When it comes to weight loss smoothies, there’s nothing quite as classic as a peanut butter based shake. That’s exactly why this recipe is called the Old Fashioned. With 258 calories per serving, the Old Fashioned is the perfect meal replacement shake. It has 30 grams of protein, 21 grams of carbs, 6 grams of fat and 5 grams of fiber. Meanwhile, it’s ingredient list includes half a frozen banana, half a tablespoon of unsalted peanut butter, a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 scoop of plant-based protein powder (pea-based for the win!) and half a cup of unsweetened almond milk. Trust us, you’ll make this a standard in your weight loss shake arsenal moving forward.

The Lean Mean Green Machine

Not all smoothies have to have milk or yogurt as a base. In fact, one of our favorite smoothies exclusively utilizes fruit and vegetables. Even the protein powder is plant based! The Lean Mean Green Machine is packed with goodness and works well as a pre-work out, post-workout or meal replacement shake. The ingredients include a quarter of a ripe avocado (yum!), half a frozen banana, half a Bosc pear, a quarter cup of apple juice (the no sugar added kind please), a quarter cup of water, half a cup of baby spinach and half a scoop of vanilla flavored plant-based protein powder.

Vanilla Chia Smoothie

If you’re looking for a dense smoothie that will really keep you full and satiated for a prolonged amount of time, the Vanilla Chia Smoothie is where it’s at. Chia expands in the stomach, which allows it to help you stay full longer, while being incredibly nutrient dense. To make this smoothie, throw a quarter cup of unsweetened almond milk in a blender with a tablespoon of chia seeds. Add a scoop of your favorite protein powder, half a frozen banana, a teaspoon of cinnamon and half a tablespoon of your favorite all-natural almond butter. Blend some water in a little bit at a time until you get the consistency you’re looking for.

Chocolate Chip Banana Pancake Shake

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Imagine taking your favorite pancake and throwing it into a blender. That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Chocolate Chip Banana Pancake Shake. Though it’s a bit on the heavier side at 346 calories per serving, the combination of frozen bananas and smooth peanut butter give this concoction an irresistible milkshake-like consistency that will have you feeling like you’re cheating on your diet.

Starting with a base of unsweetened soy milk will give you that punch of protein that you need. To that base, you’ll add two large and overripe bananas (make sure they’re frozen), three quarters of a cup of ice, a quarter cup of peanut butter, two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract.


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