lose your belly Diet Changes to Make Today

lose your belly diet

There’s no denying that losing weight is probably one of the toughest things for anyone to do. It can get even more frustrating, however, when you consider the complexities and sheer impossibility that dieting seems to be.

But you see, that’s where people often get things wrong. Dieting doesn’t have to be complicated and you definitely don’t have to be making grand changes to your lifestyle right away to lose weight. In fact, giant and immediate changes right out of the gate is probably the best way to cause yourself to fail.

When you’re first starting out, small changes are best, so without further ado, here are some quick and easy changes to make in your diet to help you drop weight fast.

How to lose your belly diet

Ditch the Artificial Sweeteners

We often think that since we’re decreasing our sugar intake through the use of artificial sweeteners, that we’re doing our body a great service. We’re sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re actually doing your body a sincere disservice by relying on artificial sweeteners like Splenda to get your sugar fix.

Studies have found that sucralose, a common ingredient in most artificial sweeteners, is usually absorbed by fat cells and will cause an increase in body weight. Another alarming finding is that sucralose will reduce the number of good bacteria in your intestines by up to 50 percent. Not only could this potentially cause weight gain, it will sabotage whatever weight loss efforts you’ve made thus far.

Aspartame is just as bad and has been linked to high acidity and could even be linked to cancer due a biochemical reaction in the body. As a general rule of thumb, stay away from sugar-free or so-called diet foods, and definitely stay away from artificial sweeteners when it comes to your coffee and other foods.

Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

If we could label only one food ingredient as a healthy lifestyle’s devil, it would have to be high fructose corn syrup. We’re sorry if we offend anyone, but seriously, this stuff is poison in your body.

Add the fact that pretty much all of corn syrup is now sourced from genetically modified corn and you can safely assume that you’re feeding yourself trash. High fructose corn syrup almost immediately converts into fat stores and has even been used in animal experiments wherein the goal is to make the animal obese.


The horrible thing is that high fructose corn syrup is added in tons of food products these days and it’s definitely starting to show in the waistlines of people across the globe. When you’re at the store or buying your groceries for the week, make sure to carefully read your labels. If it’s god HFCS in it, toss it and fast!

Stop Drinking Soda

Okay, so this might be harder for some of you to get done, but believe us when we say that you’ll thank us in the long run. Ditching soda is one of the easiest ways to drop weight quickly, especially if you’re the type of person to drink several cans a day.

No matter what kind of soda you like to drink and whether or not it’s a diet or full sugar soda, this fizzy drink is one of the most notorious culprits for weight gain all over the world. Consider what’s in soda for a second. Aside from tons of sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, soda is full of synthetic colors and preservatives that give you no nutritional value whatsoever.

At nearly 200 calories a can, you’re getting empty calories that you could be using ingesting nutritionally dense produce. If you can’t bear the thought of foregoing a fizzy drink with your meal, try carbonated water instead. Same sensation only without all the crazy and unnecessary calories.

Avoid Eating Foods Your Sensitive To

First, let us start by saying that food sensitivities and food allergies are completely different. Food allergies will give you a runny nose, itchy eyes, and may even cause some swelling much like an environmental allergen would. Food sensitivities on the other hand cause bloating and weight gain.

If you’ve already identified some trigger foods that really make you swell up like a balloon, try cutting these foods out from your diet for a month to see if it brings you some relief. The reason we recommend you avoiding it for a full month is because it could take a while for you to the notice the improvement since some foods take a while to leave the body.

Some of the most common food items that people develop sensitivities to include eggs, refined sugar, soy, derivatives, beef, coffee, shellfish and fish.

Cut Out White Flour Altogether

Did you know that there’s a direct and proven link between carbohydrates made from white flour and unnaturally large waistlines? That’s right folks, it’s official (and not at all surprising) that white or refined carbohydrates will make you gain wait. Much like white sugar, white flour causes spikes in our blood sugar.

This doesn’t just cause a secretion of insulin, it also causes cravings, crashes and makes you much more susceptible to binge eating. Start by cutting out food made with white flour, then start cutting out foods made with wheat flower followed by those made with refined sugar. It’s definitely true that you’ll crave for them at first, but once you get over that hump, you’ll be amazed by how much of a breeze it is for you to skip all kinds of carbohydrates and refined sugar altogether.

If, even after all the cutting out of food and adjusting your diet, you still find yourself craving sugar and white flour-based foods, you can try adding healthier fat to your meals. Some examples of healthy fat include avocados, coconut oil and nuts. Adding these foods to your regular diet will help you feel fuller longer and will certainly make a difference when it comes to you craving for specific kinds of food that you simply weren’t meant for.


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