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If you have been trying hard to lose weight and have decided to just let it be, we suggest that you think twice. A healthy life can be achieved only as long as one is not obese, and even though you may feel discouraged about the whole weight loss process, we can help you rethink this.

A weight loss journey is not easy, granted. However, it is not an impossible feat either. Most probably you were simply taking it too seriously or was just going about it the wrong way. We are not going to discuss once again the importance of eating healthy food such as wholegrains, fruits, vegetables and protein rich foods.

We are not going to elaborate on how imperative regular exercise is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and burn calories. We are quite sure you already know all about that. What we shall be discussing here under are some simple tips and tricks which may make a whole lot of difference in your weight loss journey. They suggest small changes in your life, but they could work out wonders in time.

Lose weight tips

Tip 1

It is quite common for those who try to lose weight to start packing their trolleys with foods that have labels stating that they are low in sugar, low in fats, and healthy. This is a common mistake. Most of these foods are often not that healthy at all as they are generally packed with preservatives, artificial sweeteners and salt. So, rather than reading the name and the title only, do make it a habit to check labels properly so as to see what is listed in the ingredients list.

Tip 2

Make a list of what you will be eating for lunch and dinner, and a snack, for each day of the week. This will allow you to plan ahead, and you will be more aware of what you will be cooking and preparing in terms of ingredients. Healthier food choices can be made this way. It will also enable you to avoid take away outlets and all the junk food they sell.

Tip 3

When thinking about food choices try to include something green. This is a practical way of including one or more vegetables in your meals and snacks. Greens such as spinach, kale, green beans, broccoli and brussels sprouts are ideal as they are packed with minerals, vitamins and fiber. Bulking meals up with vegetables is a really helpful way of making a meal seem more filling too.

Tip 4

Do not be afraid of eating foods with naturally occurring fats. This does not mean you should eat cakes, doughnuts and pastries, but foods such as nuts, avocados and fatty fish are good sources of fats.

Tip 5

Try to eat spicy foods occasionally. Spicy foods can help to increase your metabolism according to some studies.

Tip 6

Do not be afraid of taking a snack if you are really hungry, but stick to healthy snacks. So, instead of a cereal bar, prepare a smoothie or a fruit salad. If you do not have time to prepare a snack, just eat a fruit or some nuts.

Eating very small portions, or eating very little is not advisable at all. If you eat less than you need, then you are going to feel hungry shortly after. Chances are you will eat something sugary or fatty to try to stop the rumbling! Feeling hungry can actually slow down your weight loss progress, as the metabolism is slowed down.

lose weight tips


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