How to lose belly fat?


How to lose belly fat? Feeling good about the way you look is very important. It has a considerable effect on your self-confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately many people are not that happy with the way they look, especially because of their belly fat.

Be it a protruding belly that makes you feel uneasy, or a favorite pair of trousers that just cannot fit around your waist – belly fat is a very common problem. However belly fat is not only rather unsightly, but it is also very unhealthy. Basically belly fat can be described as the subcutaneous fat which lodges under our skin, but then there is also the visceral fat which is very unhealthy.

This is the belly fat that builds up around the organs and it can be very harmful as it is likely to cause inflammation as well as insulin resistance. These could eventually lead to various diseases, including heart problems and even type 2 diabetes. So, as you can see belly fat needs to be controlled as much as possible. But how can you burn belly fat easily? How can you get rid of that unwanted fat possibly once and for all? Here are some tips that can help you do this.


Without any doubt, you need to make it a point to engage in routine exercises. Be it running, jogging, or walking, you need to move, move and move. Aerobic exercises are considered to be the best to help in burning belly fat.

Eat food that contain more proteins and polyunsaturated fats

Proteins are very helpful when it comes to trying to achieve a slimmer body. They are also great to help you lose that stubborn belly fat. A diet that is high in proteins can help you to fight insulin resistance, which is responsible for the promotion of fat storage, especially around the belly. Polyunsaturated fats are those found in fish, nuts and seeds. They can help you to lose belly fats, so try to increase your intake of such foods.

Reduce carbohydrates


Green tea is full of antioxidants, namely catechins. These help to get rid of belly fat, including the visceral fat. Apart from drinking more green tea, try to avoid sugary and sweetened beverages.

More fiber

Increasing the soluble fiber in your diet can reduce belly fat over time. Soluble fiber can be found in apples, beans and peas among others.


A tablespoon of vinegar every day for a period of eight weeks showed a significant decrease in visceral fat according to a particular study. This is mainly attributed to the acetic acid that is found in vinegar, which can help to burn fats.


Sleep is important – sleeping five hours or less every night is not beneficial. A proper amount of sleep, ranging from 7 to 8 hours, can help you to lose belly fat.


Yoga exercises may not be the first thing that comes to mind to get rid of belly fat. But yoga actually can help because with the deep breathing and other relaxation exercises it encourages lower levels of cortisol, which is linked to belly fat. So try to include a 10 minute yoga exercise every day. Apart from helping to reduce belly fat it will also help you to lead a less stressful lifestyle.

Belly fat-worst and best foods

Most of us have a recurring problem – belly fat that they just cannot get rid of. As you try to fit into your favorite pair of jeans, and just cannot tie it up, you realize that you need to get rid of that belly fat. Apart from exercise, it is important to be aware of what are the best foods to bust your belly fat, as well as the worst foods that you should avoid. So let us discuss belly fat worst and best foods.

Best foods:


Apples are obviously nutritious fruits, but above all they can help you feel full, thus preventing you from snacking on something fatty. Apart from that they are rich in dietary fiber.


These are the berries which are most rich in fiber.


Delicious in various recipes, salmon helps to increase your intake of fatty acids and proteins.


Particularly egg whites as they are a great source of protein but low in calories.


Sticking to a diet that is composed of vegetables is a proven way of getting rid of those extra kilos. Broccoli especially are a great option as they are low in calories but high in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Flax seeds

Increasing your intake of Omega-3 fatty acids is very important to get rid of belly fat. It is a good idea to add flax seeds to your oatmeal and shakes so as to boost this, along with fiber.


Being a healthy source of dietary fat and with their fatty acid content, nuts, and particularly, walnuts, are great to help you get slim.


Particularly unsweetened oatmeal.

Peanut butter

Make sure it is natural peanut butter though.

Worst foods:

Refined grains

White bread, pasta and rice should be avoided by opting for wholemeal alternatives. Refined grains end up increasing your blood sugar and lead your body to accumulate more fat, especially around your belly.

Processed snacks and fried foods

These are very high in trans fats which are a major contributor to belly fat.

Fatty meat

High in saturated fats, and calories.

Full fat dairy products

Are also very high in saturated fats, so it is better to opt for skimmed and low fat options.

Rich and creamy foods

Such as dressing, gravy and cream may add taste and texture to a dish, but they are also very high in calories, fats and cholesterol.

Sugary foods

cakes, sweets and other foods that contain processed sugars do not contribute to anything other than lots of calories and belly fat.

Salty foods

During digestion, excess sodium from salty foods will tend to end up increasing your belly fat as it is not fully absorbed into the body.


Drinking alcohol and beer often can contribute to belly fat as they interfere with your metabolism and add calories.

Sugary drinks

sodas and lemonades should be avoided.



Needless to say, a diet that is made from grains, fruits and vegetables and plenty of exercise, can contribute to getting rid of those extra inches around your belly. Getting a slimmer waist is possible if you bear in mind the above mentioned foods.

How to lose belly fat


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