Fast and Easy Tips to Lose Belly Fat

lose belly fat

Ah, belly fat. The evilest and most challenging fat of them all to lose, and yet it’s almost the most crucial fat to get rid of. Why? Because it’s the number one cause many cardiovascular and weight related disease in the world today.

While many people will fall into the trap of fad diets and perhaps even weight loss pills, there’s really no way to truly lose the belly fat than by putting in the hard work of re-assessing your lifestyle and making healthy changes. If you’re not sure where to get started but are desperate to start getting rid of your muffin top, here are some easy tips you can start incorporating into your life as soon as possible.

#1: Stick to Water after Breakfast

Want to have a glass of orange juice with breakfast or indulge in a latte with your morning meal? Go right ahead! But as soon as that meal is over its time to get your head in the game and make sure that the only liquid you ingest is water. Stay away from juices, sodas or any other high fat and high sugar beverages are available to you in the market today. Want some stats with that?

Well get this, a typical American consumes and additional 245 calories per day from sodas alone. Only sodas! Imagine how that number skyrockets when you start counting juice and that tall frappucino with whip? You’re looking at about 90,000 calories per year. That’s an extra 25 pounds on your waist, pal.

#2: Don’t Finish Your Meal

You could be eating three bites less from your meal, ditching another glass of orange juice or saying no to one treat a day, but whatever it is you decide to do, try to make it a point to not finish your meal or at least eat three less bites of it. This simple act of sacrificing a few extra bites can save you from consuming another 100 calories.

#3: Wash Something…Thoroughly

Every week, pick something in your home and give it a thorough washing. Not only does this help you keep your place clean, it will also help you burn an extra four calories per minute just by doing something that needs to get done anyways.

For example, you can give your floors a good clean this week then take on your bathroom tile or windows the next. Want even more motivation? Studies show that giving something a good scrubbing for just 30 minutes can help you burn an additional 120 calories? That’s what we like to call efficient (and incredible!).

#4: Eat Only When Your Stomach Gets Mad

Okay, we don’t actually mean that your stomach will get mad, but it will definitely make a noise when it’s time for you to chow on something. Waiting for our stomach to growl before we eat accomplishes many things, but the most important is this: you’ll be sure that you’re eating because your body needs it and not just because your mind needs it.

Honestly, you won’t believe just so much calories we can consume just because we’re eating out of bored, frustration or some other kind of habit. Take that out of the equation and you’ll be seeing some successes early on in the game.

#5: Give Something a Sniff When You’re Hungry

This one might seem silly to you at first, but there’s a lot of strong evidence to show that you sniff strongly scented foods when you’re, it helps you eat less because you think you’re less hungry than you actually are.

In fact, another research study conducted on a control group of three thousand individuals found that sniffing something like an apple or peppermint when you’re hungry can help you lose an average of 30 pounds. That’s a huge amount of calories to be saying goodbye to, especially when you consider the fact that you’ve done so by sniffing the scent of a fruit. Crazy, right?

#6: Keep the Color Blue Everywhere

Yes, we may be pushing it with this one but hear us out first. Have you ever seen any fast food restaurant covered almost entirely in blue? No. At least not any successful ones. And why not? Well, that’s because blue is known to be a color that suppresses appetites.

With that being said, if you want to try anything to help you get rid of the belly fat, then try keeping a ton of blue around you when it’s time to eat. From blue dinner plates to blue table napkins, it’s honestly worth a try especially when there are studies that back up the findings.

#7: Take a Walk Break Every Two Hours

It should go without saying that squeezing in physical activity of any kind is good for your health and absolutely important to your weight loss goals. However, this is even more important when you’re working a desk job and can barely get away from it throughout your day. Taking a short 5-minute walk (whether outside or via a lap around the office space), is a great way to add activity into your day without having to disrupt too much of it.

After all, we’ve all got a bunch of work to do at the office so we want to make sure that our responsibilities are met. If you’re rationalizing the need to walk since you already have a standing desk at work, then think again. Walking, even if it’s just for a few minutes of your day, is much more beneficial to your weight loss and overall health than a standing desk is.

#8: Keep the Kitchen Closed for 12 Hours

This one’s going to be tough at first but it’s going to be so worth it. At the end of your day, once you’ve finished your dinner, have washed all your dishes and put the mess away, tape your cabinets and refrigerator door clothes. This helps you avoid late night snacking, which means saving up to 300 calories daily.