5 Reasons You Should Consider lifetime fitness membership


Living a healthy lifestyle is definitely a lot easier said than done. Whether it’s finding the motivation to drive across town with all of your gear for an early morning workout or finding the patience to squeeze into a crowded yoga class after work, there’s a lot of things that can really hinder your gym time and make your healthy lifestyle feel like a far-away dream. This is exactly why you want to find a fitness club that won’t just be accessible but will really make an effort to help you meet your fitness goals. If you’re looking for an endorphin-filled place to blissfully call your fitness home, we recommend giving the Life Time Athletic Fitness club a try.

What is Life Time Athletic?

lifetime fitness

A health club chain founded in 1992 and based in Minnesota, Life Time Athletic is known for their Instagram worthy gym facilities as well as awesome and spacious work out spaces that play host to 115 different classes.

Their high quality fitness equipment earns a lot of favor amongst the pickiest of gym goers while the staff is absolutely fantastic when it comes to personal instruction, class instruction, and over all gym care. The amenities at Life Time Athletic are to die for, too! From pools to racquetball courts and even a climbing wall, there’s a lot that this gym offers to its guests.

While not every gym will have the same features, we can pretty guarantee that you’ll find a relatively consistent gym experience at each of their over 100 gyms around the nation. Apart from the obvious (hello beautiful facilities), what are some of the reasons to try Life Time Athletic? Read on to find out!

Life Time Athletic is a Team of Over Achievers (In a Good Way!)

Over achievers can get annoying, but that’s definitely not the case at Life Time Athletic. Their staff and personal trainers are dedicated to making sure that they provide only the best professional services possible.

The club’s personal training coaches in particular always aim to go above just the usual national certification. They aim to be Five Star certified so that you can rest assured that you’re getting the best training possible and that your needs are being addressed and met. When it comes to the class instructors, specialty is the name of the game.

The club keeps over 35 instructors on staff and selects their instructors carefully so that you can take comfort in knowing that the person teaching your class is highly-skilled and trained in a specific workout.

You Won’t Ever Have to Fly Solo if You Don’t Want To

You know how we mentioned earlier that Life Time Athletic specializes in group classes? Well, we weren’t kidding. Not only does Life Time have a ton of classes to choose from, they also promise a group fitness class experience that is unlike your average gym’s. The group classes at Life Time Athletics combine the latest trends in class exercises with time-proven fitness techniques.

The result is an efficient heart pumping workout that will burn tons of calories in the least amount of time possible. For example, if you want to enjoy a yoga class but need a bit more of a cardiovascular workout while you’re at it, try their Warrior Sculpt class, which combines cardio and strength training with yoga inside a heated room.

If you’re targeting your abs but have also wanted to try one of the latest and trendiest studio classes out, then we recommend going for their Life Barre class for a combination workout featuring pilates, strength training and ballet moves. Other interesting classes to try include Strike Kickboxing, Total Conditioning Xtreme and Barbell Strength.

Take Your Cycling Obsession to the Next Level

Building on all those awesome classes that we were telling you about earlier, Life Time Athletics offers a range of cycling classes that will help you build your strength and skills depending on your goals.

After all, cycling, or spinning, really isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of workout. Some factors include what kind of mood you’re in, what fitness level you’re at and what style you prefer. You can ditch wasting time trying to find the perfect spin class for you because Life Time has three different styles of spinning classes to try.

AMP is a great cycling class to try if you want to get your heart pumping and push your cardiovascular system to its limits. Meanwhile, the EDG is a great class to join if you’re all about testing your limits and jamming out while on the bike. Now, if you’re training for your first big race or simply want to sharpen your cycling skills, then the PWR class is just what you need to meet all of your goals.

Unwind After a Tough Work Out

One of the things we absolutely love about Life Time Athletics is the range of post workout wind down options they have. For example, Life Time has a full-service salon and spa that you can spend your time at after putting your body through the wringer.

Enjoy a massage from one of the spa’s professional therapists and work the kinks out of your body or head into the eucalyptus steam room for a calming and rejuvenating steam. Private saunas are also available to members who want to sweat the body pains away. On the days that you forget to bring your breakfast or a post-workout snack, head to the Life Cafe, which offers tons of great freshly made meals to go to choose from.

You can also grab a custom smoothie to fuel your body before or after your time at the gym. The variety of snacks that Life Café has on offer definitely deserves a special mention as each treat is specifically chosen for its capacity to keep you satiated and energetic while satisfying your taste buds at the same time. It’s also worth mentioning that the shower and locker room facilities are filled with fantastic amenities for your every need.


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