Is Junk Food Your Downfall?


Junk is fast and so many people opt for it because of their busy social lives and other many reasons. However, some people may not know that such foods contain minimal nutritional values. They are therefore unhealthy and are the number one cause of poor nutrition.

You don’t just get what you would have gotten from unprocessed foods; you get the residues with no health benefits parse. A common misconception is that junk foods are cheaper than healthy foods. They could be cheaper but what of the health risks and dangers that they pose to the body. Whatever the case, just bear in mind that ‘cheap is expensive’ as is commonly said.

In most cases, grabbing a pack of junk food becomes unavoidable especially when you are just stepping into the other side of good eating habits. So, do you think junk is your weakness and why is this so?

Junk is addictive

Junk is addictive but then again, no one wants to concentrate on a type of food that doesn’t have nutritional values. Though this is what happens in the end. You try to sway away from it, but there is something that makes you to keep going back. Come to think of it, the more you salivate when you see certain foods or bites, the more the urge to reach out for them. Talk of ice cream, chocolates and the like.

They tend to tune your brain by imagining that they taste better as compared to dry stuffs. Its addictive nature leads you to think that you’ve taken a little while in the real sense you have consumed lots and lots of calories. Your mind will have the perception that you are not even full and yet more has been taken in.

Past memories also contribute to the downfall of many people who continue to go back to junk foods. The brain is smart and will register any past experience including the taste of a certain kind of food. So the moment you see or hear the smell of that specific food, the brain will bring back a clear picture from the past. Guess what happens next; physical response.

Junk is dangerous

From both additives and preservatives are likely to cause nutritional deficiencies. The process which these foods are taken through causes the nutrients within to be shed off. What replace the natural sugars are additives which are harmful to some extent. Obesity is another common condition that arises from unhealthy eating. Processed foods contain lots of fat and sugar which pose a threat to health.

This then becomes the number one cause of weight gain resulting to chronic health conditions.  Stick to junk and immense yourself into stress and depression or rather free yourself from junk and let the healthy foods work good things in you. A healthy diet nourishes your body with all the essentials necessary for balancing hormonal levels. Lack of a balance can trigger stress and make it even bigger, resulting to depression in the long run. High cholesterol is also associated with junks and however they are fast to reach, they contain trans fats that can lead to serious conditions.

It becomes very easy for the cholesterol level to rise once you are exposed to these foods. High cholesterol poses one to dangers of heart diseases and poor health.

To beat this downfall

Vary your diet to get an interesting meal and to kill boredom. If you crave chocolates, why don’t you take chocolate flavoured yoghurt to fulfil that sensation? Better still make an interesting healthy meal by adding spices and trying out new flavours each time. There is no way you can eat it if you really don’t own it. The secret is also  to stay focused and ensure that you keep off junks. Make a change plan by reducing the quantity you bring to the house until it is zeroed.

Think of the consequences first as surely no one wants to expose themselves to chronic diseases and would do anything possible to stay fit. Visit nutrition websites and learn of the dangers of unhealthy eating. Likewise, check out on how to make interesting healthy foods at home. At least you will gunner the necessary information which will enlighten you of the consequences. Keep healthy snacks, drinks and fruits within your reach. This is the perfect starting point to moving away from the junks that are always available in supermarkets next door.

Whats the best thing to do?

Drawing a healthy timetable and putting it down in writing or drawing to aid you in remembering that things have turned around for your own good. Make a healthy plan of what to eat from breakfast to dinner, including the in between meals. It would be amazing to know that there are numerous options of delicious and tasty healthy foodstuffs that the whole family will enjoy. Remember to start by making small adjustments while replacing them until you fully adjust to the system.

They can really be addictive and quitting might not be easy. Train your brain that it has to start the process of detaching from past memories of certain foods and get accustomed to what is healthy.

So whether junk food is your downfall, you can kill it if you really want to. Take for instance carrying some snacks with you if you really can’t keep off, simply to ensure that it doesn’t become your downfall that easily? It is a great idea to make a healthy fruit snack and carry along with you to the office. Just ensure that you don’t let the pans of hunger hit you to the point of reaching out for any junk to quench your hunger.

Another simpler way to killing this downfall is to give your teeth some work as a remedy for keeping your mind off junks. Take for example chewing gum; this is one option that has worked for me. Whenever I start visualizing a packet of crunchy chips, I divert the attention by chewing a gum.

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