Is Coffee Good For You?


This is a tricky question because some perceive coffee to be an all round booster while others think otherwise. Others also prefer certain types of coffee for various reasons, pertaining that they have different value in terms of nutrients. Even though this is the case, coffee goes through the same processing despite the difference in types and place of origin. It is also probably the most popular drink in the entire world and can be served either hot or cold for iced coffee as others would prefer. Coffee is both an antioxidant and a stimulant if we are to look at its pros and cons.


Coffee contains many nutrients that it carries from its beans to your cup making it a perfect antioxidant. Components like potassium and magnesium are good in terms of regulating the blood sugar levels. It also incorporates vitamins such as B2, B1 and B5 the Pantothenic acid for proper metabolism functions.  Caffeine found in coffee acts pretty well by reducing insulin sensitivity and controlling blood sugars hence preventing type 2 diabetes.

Being a stimulant, caffeine works by blocking adenosine functions in the brain resulting to a boost in metabolism and an increase of activity resulting to alertness. This is probably the reason behind taking coffee to keep one awake. Some employers even encourage their workers to take coffee often while at work, for maximum productivity.

Coffee is a stimulant that contributes to stimulation of the nervous system thereby reducing risks of depression. It is this process which will spur you up and bring a bright mood all through resulting to a decrease in mental disorders. People who drink coffee often tend to be at a lesser risk of depression as some researchers have found out.

Coffee can also be a laxative

Take coffee for a healthy plan as it contains antioxidants which are useful in maintaining the normal functionality of the body. If you want to stay healthy, plan on getting a cup or two each day. It is out of this that weight loss can be achieved effectively over a period of time. The liver is an important organ responsible for removing toxins from the body and caffeine lowers the risks associated with it. Coffee works well by ensuring that common behaviours like taking excess alcohol does not interfere with the normal liver functions.

Coffee prolongs life given that it lowers many risks such as stroke, diabetes, cancer and the like, proves that it is a remedy for longer life. This is probably one of the reasons why people may stick to taking coffee because we value life and all that helps sustain it. For cancer risk reduction, just take about four cups a day and you would have reduced the risk of cancer by some percentage.

It has been shown that the caffeine content found in coffee is responsible for prevention of basal cell carcinoma development. This is a type of skin cancer that hits both men and women. Caffeine, the common component in coffee works by assisting in the breaking down of fat cells. This explains the never ending high level of energy that one acquires after taking coffee.


Coffee is not good for pregnant mothers even though it is a normal drink, its contents could be harmful to the foetus. Too much intake when pregnant could pose certain risks which can otherwise be prevented. Remedy is to reduce coffee intake the moment you realize you are expecting a baby because total rest is required for a healthy pregnancy. Coffee will elevate alertness resulting to longer working hours rather than obtaining that adequate rest.

Some people generally have high cholesterol and much intake of coffee could make their situations worse. It is ideal to choose filtered coffee if you are in this category of individuals. When it comes to adequate sleep, coffee could hinder that given that it is a good stimulant and can keep you alert for hours. What happens when you take it in extremely large quantities? The end result would be the opposite of the good. It can cause anxiety as well as sleepless nights if not taken in moderation.

Poor quality coffee could be toxic and let’s take this back to how coffee beans are handled right from the firm until processing time matters a lot. Choose what you buy wisely because the saying goes that ‘cheap ends up being expensive in the long run’. Coffee berries that have not been handled in a proper manner from harvest may fall into this category. Maybe the berries were over ripe or were just ruined when being harvested. Locally made coffee may lead you to such a circumstance. Just buy what is branded, with a symbol of quality and stay safe.

Coffee is Addictive

Coffee serves in two categories and we’ve seen that some regard it as a drug while others, as a drink. Both the two options satisfy the definition because for sure, it good and also bad to some extent of addiction. Once you realize that you cannot go a day without consuming coffee, just know that you’ve become addicted already. Some people have even experienced occasional headaches, brain fog and tiredness when they miss a cup of coffee for just a day.

So is coffee really good for you? I guess most people are torn in between the lane. All drugs are good if used in the correct manner. Coffee also works perfectly if used as desired and clearly, it is healthy if taken as it is. Addition of any unhealthy elements like chemical laden creamer, artificial additives and the like will lower the value of your coffee and inhibit you from obtaining the needed nutrients. Coffee also has lots of benefits which have proved to work well for most people. For example helping in weight loss, boosting the mind and reducing cancer risks are all important. However, those with high blood pressure or pregnant moms ought to limit the intake quantity. Coffee works well when taken within the desired limits of about five cups a day or so.

is coffee good for you


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