How to Reduce Weight


Everyone knows that weight loss comes down to a relatively simple calculation: take in fewer calories than you use. But of course, that’s easier said than done, which is why the weight loss industry is so darn profitable. Every diet offers some tips or tricks to get around this. Here in this article we’ve compiled some of the best tips to help you get to where you’re going without worrying about fads. Of course, if you find the diet that works best for you, go for it! In the meantime, enjoy these tricks to help lower your calorie intake!

Write down everything that you eat for seven days straight

You might be thinking “Huh? How does writing things down change anything? I’m not going to burn that many calories making a few notes in my journal.” And of course, you’re right about the second part. However, it can make a big difference. Many of us think back over the food we’ve had that day and think, “that wasn’t so much” or “it wasn’t so bad.”

But we seem to forget the little “extras” we had or downplay what we did have. When you spend a week writing down every morsel that passed your lips over the past seven days, you might be surprised to realize just how much you were downplaying your intake. That means you’ll be paying more attention in the future—and maybe passing up that brownie left in the office break room.

Overestimate your calories

If you’re eyeballing portion sizes and staying within your calorie goal and not losing weight, you might be getting frustrated, for good reason. Unfortunately, that reason is probably the fact that you’re underestimating portion sizes. One easy way to tackle this issue is to just tack on 10-20% more calories than you think you’re eating, and watch the results. It’s a nice workaround for explicitly measuring every bite! You’ll also get better at guessing calorie amounts once you have your intake better aligned with your loss, maintenance, or gain.

Find a friend to lose weight with.

 how to reduce weight

Having a weight loss buddy is a scientifically proven weight loss strategy. It’s someone that you can be accountable to, and share stories of challenges, missteps, and success with. Many people are uncomfortable doing this with someone they know in real life, but that’s okay! There are tons of weight loss forums and the like where you can be matched up with a pal who wants to lose weight just as much as you do. Bonus points if you find someone on the same type of diet!

Motivate with a great weight loss mantra.

People cite plenty of reasons for failure when it comes to diets, but in the end there’s really only one reason: giving up. Maintaining a positive mental attitude is KEY. Write down a set of positive affirmations, goals, and motivating phrases you can repeat to yourself when things get difficult, or even after a mistake. “I’m going to reach my goal weight!” is a great one.


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