Simple and Painless Ways on how to Reduce Weight

How to reduce weight fast

We know what you’re thinking: painless weight loss? Yeah right! Do you know what? We totally understand where you’re coming from. As people who have tried desperately to lose weight in the past by squeezing in workouts at every possible time and cutting out all kinds of food from our lives, we know exactly how painful trying to lose weight can be.

However, if you’ve lost all hope in accomplishing serious weight loss in a simple and painless ways, we want to tell you one thing: don’t fret. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes it’s the small and easy changes that we make to our lives that can really boost our weight loss and make the process of losing weight much simpler. Ready to start on your painless journey to a healthier life? Here are a few ways that you can start.

Think of Nutrition as Adding, Not Subtracting

Oftentimes, when we start changing the way we eat in an effort to lose weight, we focus on the things we have to cut out of our diet. We focus on removing carbs from our meals, cutting out sugar, leaving out processed foods or subtracting calories from our daily intake. Instead of looking at dieting as loss, try thinking of it as gain.

You’re adding food to your diet, much healthier, nutritious and delicious food products that will do your body a world of good both mentally and physically. Just a few of the belly-fat busting foods you can add to your daily repertoire include vibrant red and juicy cherries, sweet and crunchy grapes, crisp and refreshing snow peas as well as heart-warming veggie packed stews.

Once you start looking at nutrition as something to look forward to instead of something to dread, your attitude will change and so will your willingness to stick to healthier eating. At the end of the day, healthy eating and eating that is effective for weight loss is all about having a shift in your mindset and choosing to live a different and fuller lifestyle.

Stop Working Out, Start Living More

The word ‘exercise’ isn’t always a word that triggers excitement in people. We’re actually of the firm belief that just thinking about exercise can inspire avoidance, laziness and huffs of discontent more than anything else.

If that’s the case, why not stop working out and start finding ways to live a little more. There’s more to life than sitting at your desk all day or wasting away front of the television screen. Head outside and enjoy an invigorating walk or breaking a sweat while on a breathtaking hike. Burn some calories while getting stuff done around the house like washing the car, tidying up the playroom or finally tackling that DIY reading nook you’ve been wanting to set up.

Heck, you could even get a good laugh while giving your muscles something to do while chasing your dog around the park or playing a game of touch football with your buddies.  Burning calories doesn’t always have to be restricted to the four walls of a gym and the treadmill. Find other ways to add movement to your day that will make you excited instead of resistant.

Eat Lighter Versions of What You Love

Sometimes, the difference between a thousand-calorie meal and a heart healthy dish lies in just a few ingredients, and one of the most common reasons for a diet to fail is when people start feeling like they’re being denied of the foods that they love.

An easy and painless way to reduce weight is to strike a balance between these two things by finding healthier and lower-calorie hacks to your favorite meals. For example, if you’re a pizza lover, try making your own low-carb versions of this cheesy and tasty treat by using a cauliflower or broccoli base for your crust instead of dough that’s packed with refined flour.

If you’re not quite ready to make the leap to carb-free pizza just yet, try a version that’s slightly lower in carbohydrates like a pita crust pizza. Another great example is for pasta lovers. Switch out your regular whole wheat or white flour pasta with bean based pastas such as black bean fusilli or edamame linguini. They’re packed with protein and have significantly less carbohydrates in them, which makes for a satisfying and relatively low-calorie meal.

Make Water Great Again

We all know that water is good for our health. Not only is it crucial for our survival, it’s also crucial for us to stay healthy and lose weight. However, that doesn’t mean that we know it’s a bit of a “boring” drink. This is especially true for those of us out there that have grown accustomed to downing sodas or having a sugary drink with every meal.

While we know that ditching sugar-laden drinks is hard in the beginning, there are ways to make it as painless as possible. For example, you can ween yourself off sodas and juices slowly. If you want to drop the sodas cold turkey, one great way to make the transition a little more bearable is to invest in a carbonating machine so you can enjoy carbonated water on demand at home.

If it’s more about the flavor than the fizz for you, you can try infusing your water. Some fantastic and tasty options to infuse your water with include strawberries, apples, oranges, lemons and limes. Some people even infuse their water with mint leaves to really give their drinks a nice kick. You can also try cold brewing a bag of caffeine free tea and adding an organic and chemical free sweetener like Stevia in it to give you a healthy version of iced-tea.

At the end of the day, what’s important is to find creative and healthy ways to stay hydrated. Just remember that it’s best to stay water based so although home brewed iced teas are tasty, they definitely shouldn’t count at all in your goal of 8 glasses of water a day.


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