How To Stop Overeating


Dieting is difficult but can be easy if we are determined and adhere to the necessary regulations regarding it. The body has to work and ensure you are up to the task. This implies that cell divisions and other biological technicalities are at work throughout and hardly take a break.

Come to think of it when you start eating healthy and decide to cut on calories, fats and the like? The body will definitely sense danger. Restricting too much is the main cause of diet fail. Rather than totally cutting down on fats as some would do, a better choice is to take saturated and some healthy oils.

Lacking adequate supply of fat plus other nutrients sends the body into a state of panic, slowing down the metabolism rate hence leading to starvation within. This then becomes the starting point of overeating though can be easily corrected by the following.

Do not skip any meal

Especially breakfast which is meant to boost your energy and enrich you with adequate fuel that is enough for the entire day. What about skipping lunch and its implications when dinner time comes? I am sure you will be in a state of terrible hunger, and will eventually eat to your fullest even if this is not what you want. Whole grains are perfect selections to kick start your day. They ensure that you are fully nourished and got the energy to move on for longer hours.

Opt for real food

Can you imagine yourself taking three full bowls of salad or smoothie? Pretty sure you’ll get full half way. What of ice cream? Even a toddler can manage this quite well. The reason being, unprocessed foods are rich in nutrients, vitamins and other minerals to fill your body quick enough as compared to junks.  Others like whole grains, nuts and a good number of fruits will pump enough energy such that you feel full for up to three times more than if you feed on processed foods.

Take plenty of water

Water is full of minerals and is a good source of hunger pangs. Close to 8 glasses a day ensures that you stay hydrated and comfortable for the better part of the day. Half an hour to your meal time is the best period that water can work magic. Water is also a good source of energy and would ensure that you stay alert and ready for heavy tasks ahead. Overeating can be a thing of the past with this simple plan.

Are you a multitasking master?

If yes, then keep your brain house in order. Talk of sitting in front of a computer or watching the telly and doing the crunching? You wouldn’t even notice when you clear that bowl of roasted nuts. When you are distracted, the stretch receptors within the stomach can’t remember to send a signal when they hit the stretch point. What happens is that you continue chewing until all that is left is an empty bowl.

Stressed out?

Stress management can be approached via many avenues so as to avert the rise of cortisol levels, which triggers weight gain. When one is freaked out maybe as a result of the nature of work or a nagging spouse, the cortisol level shoots up, resulting to increased hunger and overeating all alike. Manage stress via sharing with a friend, taking a walk or visiting a therapist for improved solutions.


This is the most common picture that everyone thinks of whenever weight loss is discussed. Exercising works by controlling one’s appetite and ensuring that you only take what the body requires. It is a good criterion onto keeping your mind occupied thereby eliminating visualization as well as food cravings. Just be cautious not to overdo it as this could also put you into a state of completer hunger. Start small by jogging or skipping if you are joining the gym for the first time and proceed gradually until you can manage heavy tasks like weight lifting.

Use smaller sized plates

The size of your plate is a good deceiver and may trigger you to crunching more than is needed. The smaller the plate, the lesser the food portion served. This makes controlling your portions very easy because most people usually take one serving. Using flowered plates as opposed to plain ones is also a good mechanism of controlling overeating. The flowers are lovely and more focus will be on the plate but not the quantity of food.

Eat only when hungry

If eating is a habit and every time you feed as long as you feel like taking a bite, then overeating could easily occur. This does not mean skipping a meal rather than only eating when the body demands. Children are good doers when it comes to eating only when hungry. There is no way you are going to force that bowl of soup onto any child’s throat not unless they want it.

Get enough sleep

Adequate rest is a therapy that cannot be compared to any other. Missing out even just one night of sleep can turn all the pages upside down by the following morning. The body is designed to get enough rest when the need arises. In fact about eight hours of sleep is recommended each day although six hours can do. Less than this is prone to interfere with the manner in which your appetite hormones work. They’ll crave, nag you around and make you become lousy resulting to the body being in demand of some energy.

Some healthy snacks can do

Yea, a great idea to avert overeating is to ensure healthy snacks are within your reach. Taking snacks in between meals is very important because this will re-fuel your system and take you to the next station with much ease. Don’t wait until you can’t move an inch to grab that plate of a hot meal. You’ll clear it in no time and crave for more if it found you on an empty stomach.



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