how to Maintain Weight and stay fit


Congratulations! The very fact that you’ve decided to check out this article most likely means that you’ve either hit your goal weight or are close to hitting it. So what now? Well, the obvious next step now is for you to put practices into place that will help you maintain this weight. After all, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is reverting back to their old lifestyle once they’re happy with the results they’ve achieved.

But where to start? Like many other changes, it starts with the little things. Making small changes to your lifestyle add up and will eventually help you develop a healthy lifestyle that is key to maintaining your weight. If you’re lost and don’t know what changes you should be making, check out some of our easy tips to help you stay on track.

Start Cooking with your Oven

Nutrition is the name of the game whether you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your weight, and when it comes to healthy cooking, nothing beats cooking with your oven. Baking and roasting is a great way to add tons of flavor to your meals without having to douse it with too much salt or seasoning. It’s also a fantastic tool to help you meal prep and cook healthy meals a head of time.

Bottoms Up!

Like our previous tip, hydration is crucial for both weight loss and weight maintenance. After all, it’s water that helps keep us hydrated and our stomachs satiated. Also, did you know that most of the time, when your brain tells you you’re hungry, you’re actually just dehydrated or thirsty? Before you go hunting for a snack or caving into your cravings, try drying a glass of water first. Chances are this will help you fight the craving. You can also try drinking a glass of water before your meal. Most people find that they eat much less calories this way.

Consume Real Food


It’s a shame that so many people rely on convenience foods these days for their meals. What’s even more of a shame is that consuming processed and packaged meals actually makes you hungrier and less satisfied in the long run. The same concept applies to snacking. While we encourage having snacks throughout the day to keep you satiated, it’s important that you pick the right kind of snacks to eat. For example, an apple with some almond butter is much more satisfying and healthier than reaching for a pack of cookies. Make smart choices!

Choose Snacks that are Hard to Eat

Similar to our earlier tip, try making it a practice to choose “inconvenience” over “convenience” when it comes to your snacks. We’re not saying that you should go out of your way to give yourself a hard time finding snacks, we just mean that you should choose foods that require just a bit more work to eat but are still easy to carry with you. Some great choices include oranges, edamame or pistachios. This way, you eat the snacks much slower and practice more awareness while eating. Mindful eating is so important! We can’t stress this enough.

Keep A List Handy

We like to keep a magnetized notepad on our refrigerator because it makes it much easier to list down the food items that need to be replenished. This way, when you run out of a particular healthy food, you can list it down immediately and remind yourself to purchase it the next time you’re out shopping or pass by a grocery. Having a refrigerator or pantry that’s well stocked will healthy choices will keep you on track and encourage you to make better food selections.

Stick with the Fifty-Fifty Principle

When you’re fixing up your meals for dinner or prepping your meals for the week, remember the Fifty-Fifty Principle. The principle calls for keeping at least fifty percent of your plate filled with vegetables and fruits. For example, if you’re preparing breakfast, aim to have a cup of fresh fruits included or if you’re fixing dinner, make sure you’ve got a big salad to go with your appropriately portioned meat and carbs. Keeping this principle applied to your meals helps you get tons of nutrient dense food into yourself without having to consume too many calories.

Put A Mood Board or Motivation Board Together

how to Maintain Weight and stay fit

Sometimes, it’s hard to stay motivated. Meal prepping feels like a chore, working out is a bore, and you want nothing more than to just stay in bed or transform into a couch potato for days on end. When this dip hits, and trust us, it will, it’s great to have a source of motivation handy for you to turn to and look to. Some people like to go old school and actually clip photos and quotes out onto a corkboard while others enjoy putting digital boards together on apps like Pinterest. Even just the act of putting the board together is motivation on its own. It goes without saying that you should make this board accessible to you or easy to see.

Make Reminders for Yourself

Some people like to keep planners while others like to keep online calendars together for their personal and professional lives, but few like to keep them for their fitness routines. While it might be a bit of an adjustment in the beginning, we encourage you to keep a calendar or set reminders for yourself on your phone calendar for meal planning and workouts.

This will keep you more motivated and will encourage you to stick to your workouts since you’ve already done the work to lay them out weekly. You can even set up email reminders for yourself or alarms on your online calendar to remind you when it’s time to get up off your butt and hit the gym. You can even set some simpler reminders for yourself. For example, we like to set pop-up reminders on our phones for every 20-minute while we’re at work. This reminds us to stand us and walk around a bit. After all, sitting all day is just as bad, if not worse, than smoking.


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