How to lose weight without Exercise with a friend


As humans, we are hardwired to want the absolute best for the people that we love. We them to be as happy as they can possibly be. We want them to reach for the stars, accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams. The most important thing that we want for our loves, however, is to enjoy good health and to live a long, fulfilling life. This truth is exactly why it’s so difficult for us to watch a loved one eat their way to sickness. From Type 2 Diabetes to heart disease, there are so many things that can go wrong when we don’t make smart lifestyle choices.

Our relatives, of course, are no different. The question then becomes how we can help our loved ones or someone else lose weight? While it’s obvious that we can’t lose the weight, and get healthy for someone else, we can find ways to motivate them, guide them, and help them be accountable.

Save Your Speech

Listen, when someone is overweight, the last thing they need to hear is someone telling them that they’re overweight. Chances are very strong that they already know they’re overweight. An even more likely scenario is that they don’t need to be reminded of it daily. The same can be said about other things as well. For example, chances are that this person already knows that they need to eat healthy or exercise. Pretty much every everyone knows this. But as we all come to realize sooner or later, knowing and doing are two separate things.

Have Faith in Them

The second most important thing you can do to help someone lose weight is to believe in them – really believe in them. This is far more important and far more helpful to someone than acting like a diet expert or giving unsolicited advice. How do you show them that you have faith in them? Instead of asking questions like, “How much weight have you lost?” or “What did you eat today?”, ask them how their day was. Encourage them with constant reaffirmations. The encouragement will mean more to them than you will ever know.

Schedule A Workout Session Together

Once your friend or loved one has figured out what exercise works for him or her, why not try scheduling a session with them and taking part in their favorite exercise. Your friend will be less likely to blow off his or her workout if they knew you were waiting at the park for that run or cycling session. Try setting your workout date in the morning to set a fantastic tone for the day.

Cook for Your Friend

how to lose weight without exercise

Planning to have dinner with each other? Why not invite your friend over to your place and cook a heart healthy dinner for them?Whenever we go out, we usually spend our time bonding over plates of deep fried, fatty or salty food items.

More than that, recent studies show that the typical restaurant meal can actually contain over 1,000 calories. How’s that for an eye opener? The next time you want to go grab dinner with your friend, help them and yourself out by cooking your food instead. You may find yourselves enjoying this dinner more than others.

Choose Better Activities

If you’re hanging out with a buddy or with a family member that is trying to lose weight, why not choose activities that are more beneficial to them. Choose fun and active things to do together like going on an easy trek or hike. You can even invite them to the beach. They can splash around in the water, soak up the sun and burn calories while they’re at it. You can also focus on spending quality time with each other while staying active.

Take a Healthy Cooking Class Together

Who doesn’t like learning how to cook? The great thing is that there are now tons of cooking classes that teach wholesome and nutrient dense recipes perfect for rebooting your lifestyle into a healthier one. Taking your friend to one of these cooking classes can help him or her learn how to prepare healthy food options that are still delicious. Not only is cooking a practical skill to have, it can also do wonders for motivating your loved one to keep at it.

Start A Buddy Bootcamp

Most people have aspirations of getting fitter and living a healthier lifestyle, gathering these people and starting a weekly boot camp is a great way to keep each other motivated. Everyone in the group can take turns figuring out the work out plans for the week to make sure that you’re getting some variety in your activities. The icing on the cake? Your work outs will be free and you get to bond with your buddies for hours.

Sign Up for A Class

There is no shortage of classes out there that you, your friends or your family can take together to get more active. If it’s your girlfriend that is struggling to lose weight, you can try signing up for a pole dancing class together. This will give you both a boost of self-confidence and is spectacular when it comes to developing body strength and over all tonight. You can even try signing up for adrenaline pumping classes like a trapeze class, which provides a fantastic upper body and core work out.

Celebrate Milestones Accordingly

We all know how hard it is to lose weight and get healthier. When your friend or loved one hits a milestone, let them know just how incredible their accomplishment is and celebrate it accordingly. More importantly, think of ways to celebrate that don’t revolve around food. Send them their favorite flowers perhaps or treat them to a movie date. One particularly enjoyable reward is a spa date for ultimate relaxation and pampering. It can also be something as simple as hitting the mini-golf course, having a girl’s/boy’s night out or even heading out for a manicure. Whatever it is, just be creative and try your best to keep food out of the equation.


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