How to Lose Weight Without Dieting


Obesity is a growing problem and more than one-third of U.S adults are said to be overweight. Obesity leads to serious problems including heart diseases. In fact, it ruins our entire health and can also make us look unattractive, and lazy. Hence, there is a need to lose weight so we can live life the way it should be lived. Now, how does one lose weight? It is definitely easier said than done.

Look on the internet and you will find tons of ways to lose weight, from weight lifting to crash dieting to other such techniques. Firstly, it should be mentioned that not everything you find on the internet is true. Yes, you do lose weight by hitting the gym or going on a crash diet, but it is not always the best option.

Most of us hate to diet, especially crash diet. It is not only bad for your health but it is also very difficult to follow. How can you suddenly stop eating your favorite foods? The good thing is that it is possible to lose weight without having to diet excessively. The secret lies in turning to healthy diets. Nutritionists have created diets that can help you lose extra weight and make you healthy and fit again.

While some of these diets may not work alone and you will have to bring some lifestyle changes as well, but it is definitely a good idea to turn to a diet that works for you. Without much ado, let’s have a look at some of the most impressive diets to lose weight and be healthy.

Turning To Mediterranean Diet

A Mediterranean diet gets more food on your plate and on top of that, helps you shed weight. Yes, if you eat right, you can lose weight even if you eat more.

This diet is known to keep the heart in a good condition. But wait, that’s not all. It helps to lose weight too. The Mediterranean diet has been ranked #1 among the best overall diets as it contains a mix of many essential foods including:

  • Fruits
  • Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Legumes
  • Dairy
  • Olive oil

Let’s talk about the benefits of some of these:

Olive Oil

The Mediterranean diet emphasizes on using olive oil on a daily basis. Since olive oil contains monounsaturated fats, it keeps the cholesterol level in check and improves blood sugar levels. Other than that, German research says that even smelling olive oil can make a person feel fuller, preventing overeating. And when you eat less, you lose weight.

What 50 ml Olive Oil Per Day Can Do: taking 3 tablespoons daily can help shed 14 kg of weight in 16 weeks.

Greek Yogurt

One of the most famous foods of this diet is the Greek yogurt. Six ounces of nonfat Greek yogurt contains 100 calories, 6 grams of carbs, and 17 grams of proteins. It helps to suppress hunger and limit the amount of calories a person takes in a day, which should be no more than 1000 calories as per experts.

Since Greek yogurt is high on proteins and contains less calories, it helps to lose weight more quickly by boosting the metabolism rate.


Losing weight can become troublesome when you lack micro nutrients in your body such as vitamins, minerals, photo chemical and antioxidants. When you’re fatigued, you need energy and you typically turn to junk foods to replenish your hunger. Vegetables can help you fill with energy too, and if cooked properly they can be delicious as well.

Vegetables are said to improve our fat burning system because they are 90% water and saves from dehydration. Dehydration is another cause of gaining weight at a rapid speed. However, do not replace other foods and spend your days eating vegetables only because they don’t provide you with amino acids (important for tissue growth).


Your body needs fiber to lose weight, and beans can be a good source of fiber. Both soluble and insoluble fiber can help in this regard. Soluble fiber mixes with the liquids present in your stomach to form a thick gel. This gel makes you feel fuller by expanding in the stomach and making foods stay in your system for longer. Insoluble fiber does the same thing but without mixing with the liquids present in your stomach.

3 cups of beans and lentils per week can help lose 7.5 pounds of weight.

2 cups of pulses per week can help lose 8.5 pounds of weight.


Around 90% of Americans don’t take the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids and don’t even know the wonders it can do. Omega 3 acids can boost your metabolism rate, improve blood sugar levels and speeds up the fat burning process in your body. Seafood is rich in EPA/DHA omega 3’s which have anti-inflammatory abilities and help to reduce fats in the body.

Eating fish and shellfish twice a week can boost metabolism by up to 400 calories per day. Moreover, their consumption also restrict fat cells from growing around the abdominal area.

Turning To Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic diet is low in carbs but high in fats and moderate in proteins. This diet is called ketogenic because it trigger ketosis in the body. Ketosis is when the intake of carbs is reduced and fats is increased and the body goes in a state called ketosis where fats begin to turn to ketones (supply energy) in the body.

The diet includes:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Oils
  • Nuts
  • Avocados
  • Seeds
  • Cheese
  • Heavy cream
  • Low-carb vegetables.

A person on this diet will have decreased insulin levels and an increased and improved fat burning system. Thus, people looking to shed weight quickly should turn to this diet. However, keep an eye on the blood sugar level as well because too much ketone production in the body can lead to diabetes as well.

Here’s How Ketogenic Diet Helps To Lose Weight:

how to lose weight without dieting

Higher Protein Consumption

Ketogenic diet contains many foods that are rich in proteins which is said to be very effective when it comes to losing weight as it can speed up metabolism rate, alter weight regulating hormones and reduce your appetite.


It’s a process that helps burn additional calories in the body when fats and proteins are fed and converted into carbs to generate fuel.

Improves Insulin Sensitivity

The diet helps to keep the metabolism in check and also improves fuel distribution in the body. Thus, keeping you slim and healthy.

Decrease Fat Storage In The Body

One of the main reasons to gain weight is when fat begins to store in the body. Ketogenic diet works to eliminate the fat stored in the body by restricting sugar conversion into fats (lipogenesis).

How Long Will It Take For Results to Show?

In case mediterranean diet, the results take time. Since this diet is not specifically designed to lose weight, but also to improve health conditions, it depends upon how strict you are about following the diet. However, we recommend this diet if you’re overweight since it works on improving your heart, which takes a hit due to excessive weight, making it important to strengthen it again. As for a ketogenic diet, you’ll be seeing results in just about a week. Also, make sure that you keep doing exercises as well to speed up the process.

The Verdict

Following either of these diets can surely help you lose weight and get you slim and fit without having to go on a strict diet. However, there are some other diets as well out there that can help, make sure to pick one that works the best for you.


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