How to lose weight Fast for Women

how to lose weight fast for women

Ladies, are you one of those people who always have losing weight on your new year’s resolution list? Are you also one of those people who can never seem to stick to it? Listen, it’s rough and it can get discouraging, but it’s also totally okay. Figuring out how to lose weight fast for women is rough! After all, we naturally have more fat than men.

The higher muscle percentage is why men always seem to lose weight faster than women. Don’t let that discourage you though! The truth is, answering the question of how to lose weight fast for women lies in some easy strategies.

Sure, the journey isn’t going to be the same for all women, but getting on the right track? That’s universal.

Tip 1: Start Small

If you’re wondering how to lose weight fast for women, sometimes the key is to just start small. For example, if you’re starting off from being sedentary, you could start by walking just 15 minutes a day. Then you can move up to 30 minutes a day until you’re ready to start jogging. Even then, when you jog, you can trim back down to 15 minutes a day as long as you keep jogging. Think of weight loss as a very gradual process.

Tip 2: Don’t Give Up

We don’t care who you are, there’s going to come a time when you hit a weight loss plateau. Guess what? It’s okay and it’s normal. What’s important is that you don’t give when you hit that plateau.

We’re telling you now that you’re going to feel defeated and start wondering how to lose weight fast for women again. Push through it and stick to your plan. Discouragement is the number way to fall off the wagon.

Tip 3: Be Realistic About How to Lose Weight Fast for Women

Sometimes, we have a tendency to overestimate what our programs can accomplish for us. We also overestimate how many calories we’re actually burning during the day. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be realistic about how to lose weight fast for women.

Be conscious about how many calories your workouts are actually burning. At the same time, be conscious of how much calories you need to fuel your body for your workouts.

Tip 4: Find a Handful of Healthy Meals You Like

Honestly, at the end of the day, the key for how to lose weight fast for women is your diet. The food that you put into your body is the biggest contributor to weight gain. It goes without saying that the same can be said about the reverse.

If you are serious about losing weight, then you need to eat well. One easy way to ensure that you eat well is to find a handful of healthy meals that you really like. Once you find them, eat them regularly. You’ll likely be so focused on your goal that you won’t even feel the repetitive meals.

Tip 5: Make Your Unhealthy Favorites Healthy

We all have that one unhealthy food that makes us go weak at our knees. When surrounded by your favorite unhealthy food, you just have to wonder how to lose weight fast for women. The key? Make healthy dupes of your favorite treats. For example, if you love burgers and fries, swap out the beef patty for turkey patties. Take that buttered bun and swap it out with wheat bread. Swap out your regular deep fried potatoes for baked sweet potato fries. This is an easy way to cut calories but still enjoy your favorite goodies.

Tip 6: Find Joy in Cooking

Cooking is tiring. Cooking is a hassle. Cooking takes so much time. Yes, yes and yes, but it’s also so much healthier for you. If you’re scratching your head and confused about how to lose weight fast for women, the answer is likely in your food. When you cook your own food, you control what goes in your dish. You also choose how much oil you use, the method that you cook your food, etc. This means that you could take something that is normally high in calories and make it diet friendly.

Tip 7: Double Down on Your Vegetables

If you’re working out how to lose weight fast for women, one of the secrets is vegetables. When your meal doesn’t feel filling enough or if you’re still getting cravings, double down on your veggies. They’re low in calories but high in density, which means you’ll fill up on amazing, nutrient dense goodies. The last thing you want to do is eat empty calories, or worse, unhealthy calories.

Tip 8: Lift Weights to Lose It

Sure, cardio will help you burn fat, but if you’re wondering how to lose weight fast for women the answer is: weights. To sculpt your body, it’s definitely necessary to lift weights. Whether you’re doing it with the help of a trainer or learning on your own, do it. Power lifting has been a huge part of many women’s success. If not power lifting, then weight training in general.

Tip 9: Make Your Rest Days Active

Just because it’s your rest day for the week doesn’t mean you should spend the whole day on the couch. Keep your rest days active by doing some light stretching or going for a walk. It’s essential that you still move even if you’re not going to be hitting the gym. It doesn’t have to be something crazy like a hike. It could be an easy yoga class or taking your dog out for a stroll around the park. Whatever you decide, just do it.

Tip 10: Do Something You Enjoy

The real secret to losing weight quickly is doing something you enjoy. You’re not going to get anywhere if you insist on doing boring and repetitive exercises that have you yawning. Look for an exercise that excites you and makes you eager to work out. For some, that’s boxing. For others, it could be powerlifting or yoga. Whatever you pick, just stick to it and push yourself to be better than your last session. And that, my friends, is how to lose weight fast for women.


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