How to lose weight fast and easy?


No one ever said that losing weight was easy. The worst part is when you think you’re doing everything you could possibly be doing right, when in reality, you’re actually making a ton of mistakes that are keeping you from achieving the results you’ve been dreaming of. There are actually a handful of things that you could be overlooking that are hindering your progress. It’s also possible that you’ve received advice from a trusted source and are following it strictly without knowing that it’s actually misguided or outdated advice. Whatever the case, the most important thing, if you want to lose weight fast and easy, is to identify those mistakes and start making a change asap. Here are some mistakes that you could be making and how to correct them so you can start working towards hitting your weight loss goals.

#1: Obsessing Over the Scale

We’ve all been there: hopping on the scale every day, even twice a day, just to check if you’ve made any progress. Listen, we understand wanting to track your progress but if you’re weighing yourself daily you’ll get one thing accomplished: going crazy. Fixating on the number is the number way to discourage yourself and fall right off the band wagon. Instead of weighing yourself daily, try tracking your success in inches instead of in pounds. Try measuring yourself every two weeks and weighing yourself every month.

#2: Failing to Lift Weights

For some reason, so many people have it in their heads that weight lifting will make them bulky and for that reason, they should stick to cardio only. Folks, this is so backwards we can’t even deal. Strength training is a hugely effective when it comes to weight loss, in fact, it’s critical. Strength and weight training helps our bodies build lean muscle mass, which in turn helps our bodies burn much larger amounts of calories. The best strategy for weight loss is always a combination of aerobic exercise and strength training.

#3: Believing the “Diet Food” Hype

One of the biggest mistakes that people always seem to make is believing the hype of processed low-fat or diet foods. Not only are these fat-free or so-called diet foods much higher in sugar, they’re also unbelievably high in chemical additives and are more likely to have you craving more food than you initially wanted. Instead of falling for the hype of over marketed products, choose whole foods, even if they’re full fat versions, and moderate your consumption.

#4: Ignoring Nutrition Labels

In our earlier point, we touched on the fact that tons of marketers can put pretty much whatever they want on a product’s label even if it’s not entirely true. You would think that most people would figure out that some of their claims would be too good to be true, but that’s not necessarily the case. The reason that these brands get away with making the claims they do is because they know that tons of people are too lazy to read the nutrition labels on boxes. When you fail to check your food’s label, you are much more likely to consume unwanted calories and chemical laden ingredients. While we don’t think being overly paranoid about everything is a good idea, being extra cautious with what you put in your body is definitely always a good idea.

#5: Developing Unrealistic Expectations

The number one way to de-motivate yourself when you’re trying to lose weight fast and easy is to have unrealistic expectations of what your fitness journey is going to be like. Sure, having health and weight loss goals are crucial for your success, but you need to be setting goals that are realistic. For example, chances are that you’re not going to drop 10 pounds in one week alone – at least not if you’re doing it in a healthy way. When you’re goal setting at the beginning of your fitness journey, go for modest goals and adjust along the way. This way you’ll know what’s realistic for your body and what’s shooting for the stars.

#6: Over Eating

One of the most common pieces of advice for weight loss is to eat smaller meals more frequently. While we agree with this advice, some people tend to take it to the extreme by either eating larger meals than advisable or forcing themselves to eat even when they’re not hungry. Yes, it’s important to keep your body fueled, but if you’re not hungry, then as a rule of thumb, it’s better to skip the meal you have coming up.  For the best results for your weight loss journey, only eat your next small meal if you’re hungry.

How to lose weight fast and easy?

#7: Failing to Track Your Eating

Just because you’re being “good” about eating healthy food that’s ideal for weight loss doesn’t mean that you should stop tracking what you’re eating. Sometimes, we take our “healthy food” as license to eat more than we should, which generally ends with you eating much more than you should be. There’s also the possibility that although you’re staying under your calorie restriction, you’re not consuming the proper amount of protein, fiber, fat and carbs to optimize your body’s fat burning capabilities. Whether you choose to track your food with an old-fashioned notebook or one of those new apps out there, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you get it done.

#8: Over Estimating Your Caloric Burn

Some people eat all kinds of food, take all kinds of supplement, or exercise in a certain way because they believe that it will supercharge their metabolism. While foods do have the capacity to boost your body’s metabolic rate, chances are that it’s not quite as large as you think. Sometimes, it much, much less than you think. When you do this, not only do you set yourself up for disappointment, you also inadvertently give yourself license to eat more than you normally would. One of the most common lies people tell themselves these days is, “I deserve this treat because I worked out today.” No. Just no.