How to Lose Water Weight Fast?


Everyone knows that retaining water leads to uncomfortable, temporary purge. At the very least, you’ve probably experienced being bloated the day after over indulging in salty food, or being uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit during that time of the month. Well, the cause  of both of these situations is excess water weight. If your weight is yo-yoing several pounds more than once a week, water weight is the culprit. It can be frustrating, demoralizing, and of course, not so attractive. But there are ways to keep the puffiness down. Here are some tips on how to lose water weight:

Intermittent fasting

How to lose water weight

Going 16 hours or more between meals—now and then, not frequently—can help knock out some of the pudge. Growth hormone peaks overnight, and it’s an enemy of fat and stored water. It rises during times that you’re not eating. So, fasting 16 hours at a time helps bump up the levels of this helpful hormone in an entirely natural way. You can either forgo breakfast for a heartier brunch or move your dinner to much earlier in the evening or afternoon. No need to reduce calories to take advantage of this tip, just have your meals closer together.

Get your exercise on

Retained water is often stored in glycogen in our muscles. This is a great trait, evolutionary speaking, because glycogen is one thing that helps humans have the great physical endurance we do! However, if you’re not actually doing any exercise, that glycogen (and the water it’s holding) stay put. Which means you stay puffy. As long as you regularly go for brisk walks or jogs, you’ll notice that your water retention becomes a lot rarer.

Stay hydrated

It might seem counter intuitive, but drinking more water is often the simplest and easiest way to drop those water pounds. Why? Because often your body retains more water as a result of being dehydrated. You see, it enters a survival state, and stores water to get you through it. However, if you are drinking plenty of this refreshing, invigorating beverage, your body will get with the program and start to flush it out as it should—which means a leaner, less puffy you! If you’re having trouble getting enough water, take a look at what else you’re drinking. Replacing soda, juice, and alcohol with pure water can make a bigger difference than you think!

Make sure your electrolytes are balanced

how lose water weight

That might sound like a big ask, but it’s actually pretty easy. Usually the electrolyte that’s out of balance is salt. If you’re really dehydrated and you haven’t been eating or drinking properly, or you’ve been over exercising, you’re likely to be running low. An electrolyte drink, especially a sugar free one for kids, like Pedialyte, can fix you up just like that. On the other hand, if you’ve overdone it with salt—for example, you got a little over enthusiastic at the Chinese buffet—cut back on salt for a while (and see tip # 3 and up your water intake!).


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