How to lose a pound a day for men and women?


Have you ever wondered on how to lose a pound a day? If you’ve been on the diet and or weight loss bandwagon for a while now, chances are that you know just how difficult (or impossible) it is to lose weight quickly. It’s a struggle, to say the least, and most of us would only dream of being able to lose up to a pound a day.

Take heart, friends, because it IS possible with commitment, hard work and utter perseverance. The way to go about it is to cut out every single bit of sugar out of your life. Now we understand that it sounds a bit drastic, but revolutionizing your diet through zero sugar eating has been proven to be the most effective weight loss diet of all time. You’ll start dropping weight at a rapid pace and you’ll start to look, feel and live much better than you are now. Here’s a few secrets of the zero sugar diet to get you started.

How to lose a pound a Day

Secret #1: Check Your Eating Habits

You are the person who knows yourself best and, similarly, you’re the only one who knows what your eating habits are like. The first step to getting your body losing one pound a day is to take stock of what you’re putting into your body and figuring out where you’re consuming excess or added sugars.

We don’t expect you to remember everything you’ve ever eaten in the past week, so a great place to start is by keeping a food journal. You should be listing every single morsel of food that you consume in this journal and at the end of the week you can study where you’re going overboard. Additionally, this is one of the best wake up calls you can give yourself.

Oftentimes, when we don’t practice mindful eating, we put all kinds of foods into our systems without giving thought as to what kind of damage it can do to our bodies. If you track your food intake with a journal, you’ll be able to see all the junk you’re eating and give yourself the motivation you need to cut sugars out of your life and start living a healthier life.

Secret 2: Identify Your Added Sugars and Get Rid of Them

Do you enjoy a caramel latte every morning? Are you a fan of fruit juices? Do you drink way too much soda every day? Or maybe the kind of person that likes to add flavored syrups to your food and drinks. We hate to break it to you, but those are the things that you’ll have to identify (with the use of your handy food journal) and start cutting out of your life.

As you get rid of these food items from your daily diet, you’ll start to see the bloating in your body stop and your fat begin to melt away. If you’ve hit a weight loss plateau, just cut out all of your added sugars and watch the magic that happens. Remember that liquid calories and added sugars are a sure way to consume more calories than you need in a day, so if the goal is to create some kind of caloric deficit and avoid sugars altogether, you’ll need to take care to identify the sources of those items in your life and say adios.

lose a pound a day

Secret 3: Learn to Read Labels

When you’re at the supermarket, it’s easy to get enamored by all the fancy packaging and marketing claims that get plastered on the front of the label. Guess what, bud, it’s actually a lot easier than you think for a brand to lie to you about what’s in their food. You might think you’re getting the healthiest option in the supermarket, when in reality, the product could be filled with preservatives and horrible ingredients like high fructose corn syrup.

To avoid being duped with clever marketing, it’s important for you to start learning how to read food labels. One of the first things that you should check on a nutrition label, for example, is the sugar count and the fiber count. There are also books out there to help you identify over 600 brands that are honest about their added sugars and fiber count, so you can look into that too. At the end of the day, you should be going for food items that have zero added sugar and are high in healthy fibers. Why fiber? It lowers the glycemic index of food!

Secret 4: Retrain Your Taste Buds

One awesome thing about switching to a zero sugar diet is that you start retraining your taste buds. Because of all the processed food that we eat and all the excess sugar we introduce to our diets, our tongues are no longer able to taste the natural sweetness of whole, unprocessed foods. That’s why we’re not satisfied when we eat good-for-you options, our bodies are looking for the intense sweetness that we’re already used to. When you begin to cut sugar out of your diet, you are, in effect, retraining your taste buds.

After 14 days, you’ll find that your veggies are much sweeter than you remember and you’ll start to think that food items with added sugar are just way too sweet for you to handle. As you retrain your taste buds, you’ll also notice additional benefits to your body such as decreased migraines. Oh, and you’ll pretty much be able to hit that 1 pound a day number because you’re not craving any of that toxic stuff anymore.

Secret 5: Imagine Yourself Overeating

Okay, so this might be weird to you guys, but did you know that when you imagine yourself eating all kinds of sickeningly sugary treats that you’re actually more likely to eat less of it? It’s weird, but the theory is backed by science. When you imagine yourself gorging on a particular kind of food, you essentially reduce your appetite for it. So the next time you think you’re about to go on a sugary bender, just picture yourself stuffing your face with every treat imaginable. You never, you might just make yourself so sick with the thought that you won’t even touch the stuff.