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Diet is the backbone of health and the saying that goes ‘you are what you eat’ is on point. Eating healthy is therefore not an option even though most people think otherwise. Healthy eating simply starts at choosing the right kinds of foods but not limiting yourself to your preferred meals.

The secret is in the diet and has nothing to do with the quantity of consumption. These tips could be the turning point to reaping the benefits of weight loss, decreased heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and other related illnesses.

Nutritious breakfast

Have you heard of the saying ‘eat breakfast like a King’? This implies that even though lunch and dinner are equally important, they are not as important as taking a nutritious breakfast. Take an early breakfast packed with natural and unprocessed foodstuffs; just about 20 minutes after waking up. One dietician said that if the period between waking up and taking breakfast goes beyond this, then the blood sugar is likely to go up when you finally eat. This is an indication that more insulin would be required to lower the blood sugar to normal. As long as insulin level is beyond normal, health related issues are likely to be provoked and something like weight management becomes an issue.

Plant based proteins are the best

This means cleaning up your diet in the simplest way with natural foods as they are the norm in a healthy diet and plant based foods fit into the category quite well. Swap these with animal based proteins a few times a week. Stuff like rich beans and lentils are high in protein and will nourish your body well enough. Others like soy and nuts are good in supporting healthy blood flow because they are packed with essentials that lower the cholesterol level.

Top with less dressing or make your own

Some people would associate healthy plan eating to inclusion of lots of salads, fruits and other naturally processed foods. This is a right direction to follow especially for beginners. Perhaps what hinders positive results is as simple as using dressings. Processed dressings are prone to chemicals, preservatives and not so good kinds of fat. Go it easy and simply make your own dressings at home. The internet has made almost everything possible with simple clicks. Go to nutritionals websites and search on how to make home-made dressing tops. You’ll find well detailed recipes from start to finish.

Incorporate Low energy density foodstuffs

These foods will fill up your plate though contain fewer calories resulting to equally getting the needed nutrients while you stay healthy. These comprise of green-leafy vegetables like spinach, kales and lettuce. Fruits are also good sources of vitamins and fit into this category very well. This clean eating method ensures you get adequate amount of nutrients and also be energized for a longer period of time because you eat to your full.

Check the labels

All food products do have a list of ingredients at the package at it is therefore easy to know the highly processed foods from clean ones. If it is at those times or places where getting the totally natural is impossible, all you need to do is to check the label of that flavoured drink bottle or that bag of corn chips you are ready to dish out your bucks for. Better still, calculate what percentage of calories they contain in order to determine whether it would be manageable or not.

Make your meals at home

Something as simple as making your own meals and putting in only what you need, has greater benefits that you can imagine. There is no sure way of going it ‘clean’ rather than using fresh ingredients and having a good time in trying out ideas until you come up with something really nice in the end.  It could also be possible that most of the over the counter foodstuffs or easy to reach canned foods may have stayed on the shelf for quite a period of time. So, be your own chef and smile your way to a free, healthy and clean diet.

Adjust the tastes

We should all agree that cleaning up a diet will partly entail fresh products rather than processed stuff. If you were already used to the later’s taste, I am sure it would be a difficult process to fit into the new squad. This is probably because processed foodstuffs entail lots of additives and sweeteners, making them dully tasty. The reason why most people fear this change is probably because they like the comfort zone of nice taste-buds. There is no point to worry because you can cross over with your habit to the next stage of healthy living and weight loss.

Simply start small by including your favourite stuff in large portion while mixing it with some small portion of unprocessed stuff. Take juice for example; mix home-made orange juice with your favourite processed juice in decreasing portions until you adapt to the taste.

Enjoy the move; don’t limit yourself

Cleaning up your diet should not mean that you got to be perfect. Parties will always come up with lots of barbequing and drinking. You surely don’t have to starve yourself at such opportunities because you’ve started the process of cleaning up your diet.  A simple advice is to move on and enjoy every bit of the bite that you can manage. Going off the hook once in a while does not mean that you are losing it out. What happens the following day is what will determine whether you are determinant on getting it right health wise.

Start the following day by a detox and this doesn’t have to be a long term plan; a 24 hour detox plan will help you get rid of the excess calories you added the previous day. Another easy way out is to work out by exercising or visiting the gym to take your weight back to normal. Lastly, calculate your body mass index and know to what level you need to cut off then get back to your usual diet henceforth.

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