How to Burn Fat


How to burn fat? Can it be done in a short period of time?  No matter how many years you’ve spent piling fat on your frame, you can still get it off and reveal a strong, lean body—and you can get it off way faster than you put it on, if you put your mind to it. Here are some tips to get you started.

keeping track of lost weight is important. But if you’re specifically just trying to lose fat, it’s not as straightforward as that—and if you’re disciplined in other ways, you don’t need the scale at all. That’s especially true if you’re training and working out, because you could be building muscle and losing fat simultaneously without the scale shifting.

Sometimes it even goes up! Weigh yourself, but also pay attention to how you feel, how you look in the mirror, and if you’re unsure, what your measuring tape says. If you’re not losing weight but staying the same size or getting smaller, congratulations, you’re losing fat.

Gradual calorie reduction is where it’s at

Your fat is going to come off faster than you put it on, as long as you’re consistent. That said, don’t overdo it and try to get it off yesterday by starving yourself. And we’re not just being prissy—there’s a good reason to cut calories gradually. If you cut calories to starvation levels, fat isn’t going to be the first thing to come off: muscle is.

That’s problematic for several reasons, not the least of which is that it’s not what you want to start with. But it’s also a problem because losing muscle mass equals lower metabolism, which in turn equals having to cut calories even MORE to lose weight. You want to preserve muscle mass in order to get fat off efficiently.

Lift heavy and lift often

how to burn fat

There’s a huge misconception that lifting weights equals being big and bulky. On the contrary, bodybuilders have to do a lot more in their discipline to look the way they do. For the average person, adding some weightlifting to their routine is simply a huge metabolism boost. If you’re eating enough to support your muscles, you’ll find that fat falls off and muscles are maintained rather than growing out of control.

More Protein, More Fat, Less Carbs

We’re not toing to preach low carb as a be all end all to dieting, but regardless of the plan you opt to follow, reducing carbs is almost certainly going to be a good idea. While fat has a higher calorie per ounce ratio, it’s also much more filling—especially when it’s not eaten alongside carbs. Your blood sugar, and therefore your insulin levels, energy levels, and appetite will all remain more stable and steady on a lower-carb diet.

Smaller, More Frequent Meals

how to burn fat

Another way you can keep your blood glucose cruising along at stable levels is to eat smaller meals more frequently, reducing crashes that encourage bunging.

There you have it! Five easy tips to burn more fat!


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